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The Shelter Scoop

September 2017 Volunteer Newsletter from Centre County PAWS

Hello <<First Name>>!

Mark Your Calendars


Emergency Preparedness Training

September 19th at 5:30 PM
We will be having a training session for our recently-developed Emergency Preparedness Plan. This would be great for Shift Leaders, Shift Regulars, or any volunteer who wants to know what to do in case of emergency at PAWS. Can't make it to this session? We will be having another training session during the winter months.


12th Annual PAWS Fur Ball

You are cordially invited to join Centre County PAWS for the 12th Annual Fur Ball on Saturday, September 23, 2017, at Centre Hills Country Club. Tickets can be purchased at PAWS, by phone at 814-237-8722, or online at .

Volunteer of the Month: Alysha Kronz

This month's Volunteer of the Month is Alysha Kronz, who is a dog volunteer and pet partner. Congratulations Alysha! Check out the blog to learn more about Alysha here:

The Volunteer of the Month gets a blog feature on our website and their very own parking space!  The Volunteer of the Month can be anyone who logged hours during the previous month or a volunteer who has logged more than 4,000 hours.  The volunteer will be contacted via email.  If a youth volunteer wins, their parent or guardian will be able to use the parking space.  Make sure to log your hours!

Seeking Dedicated Volunteers for Various Roles

We are in need of dedicated volunteers to fill some specific roles within PAWS. Please check out the roles below to see if there are any roles you would be willing and able to fill and let us know! 

Dog Mentors and Trainers Needed

We are in need of mentors who are willing to mentor new volunteers on Tuesday PM, Thursday PM, and Saturday PM shifts. All AM shifts are nicely covered right now. In addition, our Dog Care Training Team is in need of another volunteer to help with training classes. Anyone interested in being a trainer or mentor can contact Kim Sharp at

Cat Shift Leaders and Regulars Needed

We have a pretty urgent need for additional cat shift leaders and regulars on Monday AM and PM, Wednesday AM and PM, and Friday AM. Students, regular volunteering and co-Shift Leading is a great addition to your resume. It shows that you not only volunteer, but you took on a leadership role within your volunteer work. Please contact Lisa ( for any additional information or if you'd like to be added to Volgistics as a regular.

Writing Thank-You's for Guardian Angels

We are seeking a volunteer with nice penmanship who is willing to hand-write thank-you notes to each Guardian Angel once the animal whose fee they have paid is adopted. If this is something you are interested in doing, please contact Megan at

Ideas for Training Classes?

Thanks to everyone who has agreed to teach educational classes for volunteers! Most recently, Sara taught a class on How to Medicate Animals.

Now we would love to hear from YOU! Are there any topics you would like to have a class for? Please let us know your ideas. We would love to expand the classes we are able to offer to volunteers.

Septempurr Promotion

Thanks to a generous donor, we will be waiving all adoption fees for kittens (under one year old) during the month of September! The normal application process still applies. Any cat over one year old can be adopted for just $5 thanks to our permanent Five-Dollar Felines promotion!

We Met Our New Best Friend In August!

Cat Adoptions

Year to Date: 310 placements
Dog Adoptions

Year to Date: 195 placements

Shelter Spotlight: Craig Morgan

Craig is up for adoption!

Craig Morgan has been living in the basement of PAWS since February 2016. Recently volunteers from both sides of the shelter have been discovering what a character he is! Here's a look at his story from arrival at PAWS to now:
When Craig arrived at PAWS, we discovered that he had a few setbacks to deal with: he tested positive for both FIV and FeLV. (See below for more info on both of these conditions.) In addition, he was very scared of humans. Since his diseases preclude him from being included in our general cat population or being released again, he moved into the basement to come around at his own pace and, we assumed, live out the rest of his days at PAWS.

Initially Craig did nothing but hide. It was hard to tell there was even a cat living down there. He had to wear a tracking tile just so that the medical team could find him for check-ups. Once found, he was not a fan of being handled in any way. It seemed Craig would never come around.
Well, thanks to some gradual socializing and committed friends and  Pet Partners, he did come around! He started appearing for feeding times at first. Then he would start following people around at a distance. He would swat at people's legs to get attention. Through lots of patient attention, Craig started to discover how great cuddles with humans can be. Now there's no looking back!
Craig has chosen to become the center of basement attention! He supervises dogs visiting his domain. He helps run all training sessions and meetings by loudly meowing his opinion or selectively taking up residence in laps or on paperwork. Here he can be seen consulting with PAWS President Dave Abler during the latest Board Meeting!
Now Craig is ready and waiting for his Forever Home and potential adopters are welcome and encouraged to be taken to see him in his man cave. If you or someone you know thinks that you are the right home to look past the FIV/FeLV and welcome this handsome and helpful cat into your family, please stop in and meet him in his basement to get to know him. He will most likely greet you at the door and demand your full attention! 

FIV and FeLV

FIV is an immunodeficiency virus that is spread by birth or by deep bite wounds from infected cats. Infected cats can suffer from secondary infections once the disease takes hold, but most cats do not show symptoms for years, and with proper care they can live long and healthy lives. FIV+ cats can be adopted into homes with FIV- cats if they are calm and likely to get along without fighting.

FeLV is the Feline Leukemia Virus, which can be easily transmitted to other cats via saliva and blood. Therefore, PAWS will only adopt a FeLV+ cat into a home with other FeLV+ cats or into a home with no other cats. While FeLV does tend to shorten lifespans a little, it is not an automatic death sentence. We currently have three FeLV+ cats at PAWS: Craig Morgan, Edgar Allan Purr, and Zeke. All three of them have lots of love to give, and any potential adopter is sure to find a wonderfully cuddly companion from any one of these sweet cats!

Adoption Follow Ups

Love following up on our furry friends? Lots of our adopters check back in and while we can't post them all here, we post them on our Facebook page.  Check out the Happy Endings photo album on Facebook.
Cooper's new family checked in to share some stories about him:
"It is such an amazing feeling when we see on his face things we know he is experiencing for the first time! He watches TV! We can't watch anything with dogs on it though. He runs through the house barking and looking for them. So we just avoid Animal Planet.... We brought him ice cream home one evening, and his face just looked as though he found all of the answers of the universe!"

Emmy used to be Graham Flower. She was adopted from PAWS as a kitten and then returned when her owner passed away. She was not happy at PAWS, but a young couple took their time getting to know her, and in their home she has blossomed into a sweet and happy kitty! 

"Lexi has been a welcome addition to our family!  She loves her toys; is great at playing fetch with a ball, and is learning frisbee can be played the same way!  Lexi enjoys her walks and is well exercised daily. She loves to go for rides and we take her along on every adventure we can!  She's a sweet girl; full of life and energy, and also loves to cuddle."

Happy July Birthday!

  • Luke Genovese
  • Philip Decastro
  • Katelyn Williams
  • Ashley Reese
  • Nicolette Hylan-King
  • Roxanne Williams
  • Samantha Terpak
  • Ellen Hermann
  • Kaylana Hoffman
  • Melissa Ling
  • Patricia Santoro
  • Bryce Rigg
  • Emmaline Theobald
  • Caitlyn Smith
  • Jonathan Wallace
  • Beatrice Strelow
  • Colin Betz
  • Keri Ford
  • Darcel Roane
  • Robin Sharp
  • Alissa Hanshew
  • Michael Yi
  • Joshua Hiser
  • Tara Duff
  • Christopher Buccalleto
  • Monica Chung
  • Adam Nedorezov
  • Beecher Watson
  • Maria Auth
  • Yixuan Wang
  • Aimee Ward
  • Elona Myftaraj
  • Chris Caskey
  • Chang Liu
  • Rich Genovese
  • Abigail Tyson
  • Riley Santillo
  • Jenni Hoy
  • Lauren Hoy
  • Lauren Wright
  • Michael Hardy
  • James Jacobsen
  • Wendy Schweitzer
  • Kim Cavanagh
  • Mary Abbott
  • Barbara Hughes
  • Nicole Migliore
  • Kira Wetzel
  • Wanlin Zhu
  • Derek Bannister
  • Katherine Fiegel
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