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February 2016 Volunteer Newsletter from Centre County PAWS

Hello <<First Name>>!

We're starting off this month's newsletter with a Newsletter Feature!  Jim Hermann has logged over 2,000 hours!  So we asked Jim a few questions about his time at PAWS and in Centre County.

How long have you been at PAWS? Since the facility on Trout Rd. opened, about 8 years I believe.

What's your favorite thing about PAWS? Tough to choose between the people and the dogs. No people have ever bitten me, but the dogs are always happy when I spend some time with them.
What's your favorite thing to do at PAWS? Photographing the dogs comes in second to seeing a dog going to a great home that we are certain will give him/her all the love they deserve.
What are your favorite non-PAWS hobbies? Sailing model sailboats.  The local club currently sails the EC-12, a 5’ long replica of the 1962 America’s Cup racing yacht.
Where are you from? Originally, Montreal, Canada, but that was a long time ago.  I’ve lived in Virginia, New York, California, Texas, Arizona, and New Jersey before settling in State College about 16 years ago.
How long have you lived in Centre County? About 16 years on this go-around, and about 7 years in the late 70’s to mid-80’s.

Enjoy the rest of the February Newsletter!

Mark Your Calendars:

                                      Comedy Club

 For the eighth year in a row PAWS is teaming up with  WiseCrackers Comedy Club to bring a great night of laughs to Centre County! So mark your calendar for: Saturday, February 27, Two Shows at 7 pm & 9:30 pm
7 pm Reception and Show The 7 pm show is $70 per person (table of 10 for $700). The doors open at 5:30 pm, and the comedians begin at 7:00 pm. Guests will enjoy lavish hors d'oeuvres and a carving station by Hoags Catering during the reception before the show, and there will be a cash bar. PAWS adoptable pets will be there to mingle.
9:30 pm Show. The 9:30 pm show is $20 per person (table of 10 for $200). The doors open at 9:00 pm, and the comedians begin at 9:30 pm. Free snacks will be available, and there will be a cash bar.

Board Game Night at PAWS!

Join us for a night of board game fun!  Bring your friends and your favorite board game to PAWS on Friday, March 4th.  We'll meet at 6:30 pm and order pizza.  BYOB as long as you're over 21!  Please email Catherine (  with which game/games you'd like to bring!

PAWS' 35th Birthday Party

We had a great time celebrating PAWS' 35th birthday!  The snow held off long enough for us to give out awards, eat food, and chat with new and old friends.  A BIG thanks to Deb Bezilla (pictured left with Leslie Urish) and Karen Grubb, who organized both adult and youth parties.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this whole party a sucess.  Volunteers helped set up, serve food, donate basket items, sell raffle tickets, and make food and cupcakes.  Let's continue to make the next 35 years just as great!  

Outstanding Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of PAWS and we'd be lost without you.  We would like to recognize those volunteers who went above and beyond in 2015, logging 100 or more hours!
1,000-500 Hours
Carylon Albright        
Liz Strickler
Alison Schwartz
Karen Grubb
Ginger Vierck
Diane Keller
Nancy Slaybaugh
Jean Breon
Dave Abler
Nancy Kaye
Diane Kerly
Melody Sharp
Carolyn Lambert
Shelby Barnes
George Chaplin
Beverly Harader
Jackie Wolfe
Donna Clapper

500-250 Hours
Deborah Bezilla
Elaine Weirich
Linda Friend
Marcia Newton
Emily Carrollo
Cathy Barefoot
Russ Souchak
Ellen Hermann
Allison Brown
Barrie Kintner
Patricia Ellenberger
Scott Hawkins
Jim Hermann
Lina Schneider
Michael Warner
Krissie Weimer
Lauren Hess
Sasha Reschechtko
Jennifer Oyler          
Barbara Shuey
Tess Crossen
Holly Snyder
Judy Rayback         
Sara Becker
Heather Mannion
Leslie Urish
Ruth Albright
Suzanne Wills
Lynn Cole
Michele Aukerman
Greg Elliott
Kathleen Raupach
Bob Conn
250-100 Hours
Bob Barry
Jane Ireland
Polly Daniels
Andrew Leavey
Linda Hartman
Alyse Fong
Kelli Gardner
Kira Wetzel
Candace Price
Sarah Grey
Chris Caskey
Kathy Barto
Robin Sharp
Donovan Brocker
Kim Sharp
Muning Wang
KeriAnn Rubin
Ellen Houser
Gregory Marquardt
Kathe Craig
Virginia Ishler
Anne Marie Rodgers
Joseph Turchick
Susan Strohm
Joslyn Stewart
Helen O'Connell 
Kaye Winters
Susan Doran
Joseph Caron
Lynda Narber
Allyson Marianelli
Judy Colburn 
Jennifer Conklin
Anne Gamble
Maria Izquierdo
Phyllis May
Samantha Depinto
Kristin Dunmire
Karen Friedrich
Denise Woodward
Linda Johnson
Anna Morrison
Ashley Sloan
Danae Blasso
Lori Moyer
Kim Reese
Yvonne Riley
Chris Lawrence
Julia Mitchell
Christopher Hails
Katherine Fiegel
Chase Childs
Bob Wolfe
Emily Mengle
Jolie Ballantyne
Stephanie McDonnell
Ana Gonzalez
David Pick
Trina & Steve Bauer
David Pick Jr.
Briana Adams
Jim Houser
Sandra Yohe
Wendy Schweitzer
Kris Williams
Tonya Pick
Suzanne Eckert
Rob Reese

Congratulations Sweetums!

We're happy to say, our girl Sweetums has gotten a second chance at finding her forever home.  Sweetums loved being the center of attention in the cattery.  She liked to follow volunteers around the cattery, often in hopes for treats.  She was even caught trying to sneak food out of another cat's cage. (Click for photographic evidence).  With word from her adopter, she seems to be settling in well.  Despite occasionally being a diva, Sweetums will be missed.  Congratulations to Sweetums!

We met our new best friend in January!

36 cats were successfully adopted in January!
31 dogs were successfully adopted in January!

I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart. Adrian will have a very happy home here with attentive care, however long he has. He's already found a special place in my heart.

I'm attaching one of my favorite pictures of Adrian and John from over break - this one was taken the day we brought the little guy home for fostering. Adrian is adjusting and coming out of his shell - we're slowly starting to push him out of his comfort zone a bit so that he doesn't isolate himself. When he is social of course he is a lovebug. He is eating well - there isn't enough wet food on earth if you ask him!

I want to thank you again for answering all of my medical questions. Also, special thanks to Debbie for all of the work you did for fostering all of the animals out (and pairing us with him!). Wow what a lot of work you did for coordinating, but it ran smoothly and the cats were so lucky to have that opportunity!

What a wonderful place PAWS is. Centre County is so blessed to have the organization and especially, each of YOU to care for and find forever homes for so many cats. We are proud and excited to volunteer here...the dedication and caring is so awesome.

We adopted Frannie on 2/3/2016 and we absolutely adore her! Here is a photo of her enjoying a cozy night by the fire in her new home. Thank you to everyone at PAWS for all the good work you do!

Jack joined my family today (January 31)! Thank you for bringing him into my life.  
Beethoven is now living with three other PAWS dogs.  They spend the day playing, napping, and living the good life.

Happy February Birthday!

  • Christine Faust
  • Kathy Barto
  • Suzanne Wills
  • Amy Kirkpatrick
  • Carolyn Somerville
  • Jamie Gladden
  • Christine Hollern
  • Krissy Pydynowski
  • Nicole Delvecchio
  • Michelle Fedisson
  • Christina Caporale
  • Landon McCartney
  • Christie Huang
  • Christopher Clough
  • Rohit Reja
  • Susan Strohm
  • Sasha Reschechtko
  • Kathleen Miller
  • Olivia Correll
  • Stephanie Genovese
  • Heather Mannion
  • Alex Reid
  • Rucha Pandit
  • Vicky Zayas
  • Christopher Kulick
  • Brooke Ross
  • Anita and Drew Nixdorf
  • Kaitlyn Rakestraw
  • Toni Auman
  • Peter Jackson
  • Kylee Ott
  • Danny Pydynowski
  • Kaitlyn Lopez
  • Megan Calon
  • Barrie Kintner
  • Diane Kerly
  • Kelly Doyle
  • Kelli Gardner
  • Jill Lazorcik
  • David Chong
  • Sushupta Srinidhi
  • Kevin Shock
  • Colby Bartlett
  • Cayden Robbins
  • Matthew Rutschky
  • Corey Fields
  • Alexis Doyle
  • Ronda Reid

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