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We believe every student would benefit from communicating with a mentor. Lehigh Connects, an alum-to-student mentor program, has over 1,000 mentors who are eager to connect with students through messages, phone calls, Skype, or in-person meetings. Log in today to find an alum that can help you.
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The Lehigh network is vast and powerful - but only if you tap into it! 
Still building your career plans? Ask a mentor about how they made career choices and use their educational background in professional roles.
Want to explore an industry or job field? Ask a mentor about their projects, job duties, skills, daily tasks and professional responsibilities.
Looking to make the most of your summer? Set up job shadowing and schedule informational meetings to get a first-hand account of specific jobs and companies.
Job or internship searching? Mentors can provide advice that will connect you to the right people, reveal the hidden job market, grow your network, and better prepare you for your search. Build relationships with mentors who can serve as references and help recommend you to job openings and internship leads.
Need advice on salary negotiations and offer evaluations? Ask mentors for help understanding your worth in the current job market and better understand realistic salary numbers and benefit details.
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