When I was a little girl, I attended Sunday school. I loved it. Our teacher, Ray, was the minister's wife and she was great with kids. One Sunday, whilst in class, she asked us kids (there were about 12 of us) to sit in a circle on the rug. Our lesson on this day was all about angels. We learned a few different types of angels and were told tales about various angels who appeared in stories throughout the bible. As class ended, she asked us to pray to God that we might be allowed to see our guardian angels. She told us that if we were very quiet and really sincere in our requests, that when we opened our eyes, we would see angels. Do you know what? It worked! When I opened my eyes, just outside the ring and standing behind each child was a towering angel in full splendor of white gowns and glowing wings. It is a treasured memory and one of the many reasons I believe, without doubt, we all have our own guardian angel keeping us on track and safe.
This month, in addition to my regular workshops and one to one sessions, I am happy to host Agnes McCluskey while she offers her course on Angel Healing. Read all about the class and get in touch to reserve your place.

Mindfulness Meditation, Sunday March 1st, 1 - 3 pm, £25
Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners is a two hour class that will explain the immense mental and physical benefits of meditation as well as walk you through the process. Yes, you can meditate. I will show you multiple approaches and a variety of techniques to get you started with confidence.

Angel Healing, Saturday March 14th, 10:30 - 5:30 pm, £110
Angel Healing® is not only a form of energy healing for yourself and others, but a spiritual enlightenment program allowing you to access your full potential! It is a high vibrational system that awakens and strengthens your connection to the angels and your inner Source-self within.
In this Level 1 Angel Healing® Course, you will become a fully certified Angel Healing® student giving you the skills to channel and work with the angels to bring about their healing for yourself and for family and friends.

Spring Equinox ReBoot, Saturday, Mar 21st, 7 - 9 pm, £10
During this fun-filled two hour workshop we will participate in some gentle exercises to stimulate your chakras and increase energy flow. We'll follow this up with some tips to enhance your health for the coming Spring-time months. Also, I'll answer any questions you have regarding things you can do to improve your well-being. We will finish the evening with a mindfulness meditation and then a few minutes to chat with eachother. Nibbles and refreshments will be provided.

If this works for your schedule and you would like to attend, please RSVP so I can add you to the list.

One to one sessions 
One to one treatment sessions in Reiki, Aromatheray massage and dream interpretation are available Monday to Friday. Saturday & Sunday morning appointments are also available. Phone or email to schedule your appointment.
Sunrise Holistic Teresa Johnston

Teresa Johnston

Hello! I'm Teresa Johnston, an energy medicine practitioner offering Reiki, Dreamwork, and Aromatherapy massage. With my workshops, you'll find peace, purpose and restore balance in your life. Visit my website, Sunrise Holistic, for more information.

Please contact me with any questions or to book your appointment.
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