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July 2017

We'll get you on page 1 of Google!!

I get so many spam emails, particularly about SEO services, that I thought I'd take the whole newsletter this month to pull one to pieces. If you have an email address you've probably gotten one of these. I get 3-4 a week. Most I delete without looking at. Here's one a client got and asked me to comment on:

From: bhavika <> [1]
Date: Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 8:40 AM
Subject: Audit Report for Your Website !! [2]
To: [removed for privacy reasons by Ian]
Hello, [2]
Out of respect for your time I thought an email would be less intrusive than an unannounced phone call.
We noticed that your Website has a lot of untapped potential. We identified several SEO parameters on which, [3] your site could significantly improve on [3] to not just enhance visibility on search engine [3] but drive traffic that will eventually increase sales.

We have all this in an easy to understand audit report which we would like to share with you and may be [3] a quick 15 minutes free consultation call to help you optimize your site:
•  Meta tags
•  Fixing existing site errors
•  Leveraging social media
•  and content targeting
If you are interested in the free of cost and no obligations [3] audit and keywords recommendation report, please reply to this email and one of our consultants will share the report.
Bhavika [4]
SEO Consultant [5]

[1] Uses a generic email address. Using Gmail, Yahoo, or some other generic email lacks credibility whatever business you're in. I recommend to all my clients that they use one such as <their name@<their domain name>

[2] Your Website - In other words, they NEVER looked at your site, so can't put your domain name or name here, because all they're doing is spamming every email address they have access to.

[3] Grammatical and/or spelling and or punctuation errors. Would you seriously want someone who can't spell, write good grammar or punctuate correctly?

[4] First name only. Don't want to give away any information so you can track them. And no mention of a company name either. Are they not proud of their company or perhaps they don't want you Googling them and finding out how many bad reviews they have?

[5] SEO Consultant. A meaningless phrase which says nothing. Who says they're an SEO Consultant.? What gives them the right to call themselves so?

You're all more than welcome to send me any email you get and have my comment on it free of charge. However, if it's one like this, then you'll get a reply along the lines of what I've just shared.

If you do receive one, you're better not to unsubscribe or reply to these emails. That merely lets them know that they sent an email to a live address. Better to send it immediately to the trash where they belong.

Finally, if you are serious about getting some quality SEO done, then "we have a guy!" We used Matt on our site (and know many others who have used him) with great results. Drop me an email if you want an intro.

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