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To Make Things Better, Make Better Things

Martin Drake-Knight

Ask people about the environment and economy, and many feel the two are opposites. So compromise is necessary: 'It'd be nice to have both, but...'

It's no surprise. The last generation lived through times when the environmental movement pointed at the problem with a familiar graphic (but no solution): a set of scale - dollar signs on one side, planet on the other. It's a simple belief that runs throughout our society and is even taught in schools to children, who grow up to pass on this narrative.

Could the circular economy be the piece be the approach that resolves these oppositions? Read Rapanui's Martin Drake-Knight's thoughts in this article.
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Trucost Identifies $10 Billion Opportunity For Electronics Industry

Recent research conducted by Trucost suggests that there is a significant economic opportunity for the electronics industry in transitioning to a circular economy. Click here to read more...
Are Worms The Answer To Food Waste?
Could ordinary backyard worms be a solution to food waste in urban areas? A German startup called WormUp seems to think so and they've turned it into a workable business model. Click here to read more...

World's First Hybrid Electric Buildings

Tesla's battery storage technology will be used to help power 24 office buildings in California creating the world's first hybrid electric buildings.

LED Li-Fi Technology Could Be Future Of Wi-Fi

Recent research suggests that the bandwidth of Wi-Fi systems could be boosted by as much as ten times by utilising LED lights.

Six Start-up Finalists For Green Alley Awards Announced

Details of the six finalists for the Green Alley Awards, a prize awarded to start-ups innovating towards circular economy projects, have been released.

IoT to Play Important Role in the Future of Agriculture

A new report suggests that Internet of Things technologies will have a critical role to play in an effective agricultural system in the future.
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