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No. 49

November 2017

2017 Knots Drawing Competition

The 2017 Knots Drawing Competition celebrates the life of Knots to raise awareness of Red Knots and Great Knots. The theme is “The Future of the Knots,” to inspire viewers about Knots and their life, their future with people, and call for conservation of the Knots. There were 94 entries in the competition and 15 artworks were chosen for awards. The artworks will be included in the EAAFP 2018 Year of the Knot calendar. Read more.
Welcome, Yoon Kyung Lee, Fundraising Manager!

We are very pleased to announce that Ms. Yoon Kyung Lee will join the Secretariat as Fundraising Manager in late November. Most recently, Ms. Lee worked for the United Nations Development Programme in Rwanda in charge of project management and inter-agency coordination. As a monitoring and evaluation specialist of the Poverty Reduction & Environment Unit, she supported 14 development projects mainly in environment, climate change and disaster risk management. She was also the principal UN focal point on the joint UN programme on the green economy, working with the Rwanda Ministry of Natural Resources and several government agencies. Read more
Partnership News
Flyway Site Network Shorebirds CEPA Avian Influenza Spoon-billed Sandpiper Scarly-sided Merganser
  • Small grants for conservation of Scaly-sided Merganser in 2018
Far-eastern Curlew
From the Secretariat

Upcoming Events

  • 13-14 December 2017: Yancheng International Symposium on the Conservation and Management of the Intertidal Wetlands of the Yellow and Bohai Seas (Jiangsu, China)
  • 6-21 January 2018: Asian Waterbird Census
  • 2 February 2018: World Wetlands Day – materials are uploaded!
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  • 두루미 복원 통해 남북평화 기대했는데…” (Hope of peace with cranes)
  • [시사기획 창] '생태계 보고' 갯벌의 귀환, 생명이 돌아오다 (Restoration of tidal flat means returning of life)
  • [아하!생태!] 멸종위기 도요새들의 휴게소·맛집··· 유부도 갯벌 [EAAFP101] 을 지켜주세요 (Save the Yubu-do Tidal Flat [EAAF101], a resting place of threatened shorebirds)
  • 한국의 저어새가 대만에서 대접 받는 이유? (The conservation of Black-faced Spoonbills in Taiwan)
  • "국내 습지 정보 한 눈에 본다"…국가습지목록 공개 (The National Institute of Environmental Research released the National Wetland Inventory)
  • 눈물나게 아름다운 새들의 군무를 보라 (The beautiful dance of birds)
  • 도요·물떼새 구별법을 알려주마 (How to identify shorebirds)
  • 세계 최고 높이로 나는 줄기러기 파주에 (A Bar-headed Goose visits Paju, RoK)
  • 50억마리 여행비둘기, 30년만에 멸종 ‘미스터리’ (The reasons of extinction of Passenger Pigeon)
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 Year of the Knots © Janet Essley/EAAFP
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The Red Knot, Human, and Nature © Jeongsu Yuk
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Far Eastern Curlew © Eugene Cheah
Naujan Lake National Park © Bob Natural
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Wader Quest the newsletter © Wader Quest
2017 Incheon-Hong Kong International BFS Workshop © Eugene Cheah/EAAFP
2017 Youth Club Presentations for the Conservation of Wetlands and Migratory Waterbirds © Hyukjae Lee
World Wetlands Day © Ramsar Secretariat
EAAFP Internship © Shinhye Han & Eugene Cheah/EAAFP