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April 2015

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) will take place on 9-10 May 2015. It is an annual awareness raising campaign that aims to inspire the worldwide conservation of both migratory birds and their habitats. Local governments and stakeholders will celebrate this special occasion by holding bird watching and education events all over the world.

On this occasion, the EAAFP Secretariat highlights the urgent need to conserve the habitats of migratory waterbirds in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway (EAAF), with the call for action:

‘Save migratory birds and the places they need’

The survival of migratory waterbirds is threatened by loss of habitat at critical places along EAAF. The network of sites that birds have relied upon for generations is getting ever smaller and more fragmented. Every country in the flyway supports migratory waterbirds, and every country needs to ensure that habitats are conserved and maintained to provide that support.

Many people remain unaware of the amazing migrations that are happening all around them every year, and may not realize that protecting habitats in their own countries will have far reaching benefits for this shared natural wonder. The Secretariat encourages its partners and people living in EAAF to join and celebrate WMBD together, and highlight the need to protect habitats supporting migratory birds.

In Incheon, Republic of Korea, a celebration event is scheduled on 19 June by Incheon City Government at G-Tower in Songdo, where the EAAFP Secretariat is located. Please share the story of your WMBD events in the next newsletter.
Spike Millington, Chief Executive

World Migratory Bird Day 2015
Save migratory birds and the places they need
Message for EAAF: Save migratory birds and the places they need Read WMBD flyer
Materials: Posters in 12 languages, Video Statement, Trailer, Press Release
Event registration: Please register your event hereWe welcome a short report for EAAFP newsletter and our WMBD report, to inspire each other!

Partnership News 

Flyway Network Site

  • News from FNS: Tens of thousands of swans and geese depart for migration from Miyajuma-numa, as local residents cheer on (Japan)
  • Photo Updates on EAAFP Flickr: EAAFP 055 Miyajima-numa

From the Secretariat

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Migratory waterbirds and wetlands
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News in other languages

Republic of Korea

  • 2015 세계철새의날 (WMBD) 사이트 오픈!
  • 송도습지 파괴 ‘관통도로’ 철회하라 (Withdraw the proposal of constructing the second outer ring road in Songdo) 
  • 송도 람사르 습지 파괴 위기 (Songdo Ramsar wetlands at risk) 
  • 넓적부리도요 멸종을 막기 위한 보존 행동: 넓적부리도요 기록 정보 (Recording information on Spoon-billed Sandpipers to aid their conservation) 
  • 4대강사업 뒤 흑두루미 북상 경로 바뀌었다 (The migration route of Hooded Crane coming to South Korea has been changed since the four-river project started) 
  • 멸종위기 저어새, 송도에 새둥지생긴대요 (A new artificial island to be built to conserve Black-faced Spoonbill) 
  • 세계 멸종 희귀조 '저어새' 강릉서 관찰 (Black-faced Spoonbill observed in an eastern city of Gangneung, South Korea for the first time in two years) 


  • 干潟環境の見えない価値を都市計画に組み込む:持続可能な将来のために (Planning Invisible Landscapes: Making Invisible Tidal Flat Landscapes Visible for Future Sustainability) 
  • 「モニタリングサイト1000」ガンカモ類調査およびシギ・チドリ類調査の第2期とりまとめ報告書が公表されました 読む(Second Summary Report of long-term monitoring on Anatidae and shorebirds published in Japan)
  • 拯救勺嘴鹬! 海报用作宣传勺嘴鹬保育,由香港观鸟会制作、国际鸟盟"欢迎鸟儿节"活动支持。 (Spoon-billed Sandpiper Poster) 

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