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No. 28
January 2016

Bar-tailed Godwits under assault. The plight of migrating shorebirds as a consequence of rapid shoreline habitat loss in the Yellow Sea is well illustrated by these staging Bar-tailed Godwits roosting on an active dredge-dumping site on 20 April 2012. The material was being excavated from a channel to improve access to the Donggang Fishing Port, Liaoning Province. The infilled area is planned to be part of an industrial park to be built on an area of intertidal mudflat that was excised from the Yalujiang National Nature Reserve by a boundary adjustment in 2012. Photo by David S. Melville.

From MOP8 to MOP9

To our Partners and Supporters,
One year ago, following the Eighth Meeting of EAAFP Partners (MOP8) in Kushiro, Japan, the EAAFP Secretariat sent out the first monthly newsletter. Generally the newsletter, along with web postings and social media messages, has been well-received, although we still lack contributions from partners and collaborators. The success of these communication tools is largely due to the untiring efforts of EAAFP’s Communication Officer, Ms. Tomoko Ichikawa, together with a succession of bright and enthusiastic interns.

Although MOP8 seems a long time ago, two important recommendations from that meeting are in full swing. The first is an independent review to assess the effectiveness of EAAFP structures and mechanisms in achieving our goals of conserving migratory waterbirds and their habitats in the Flyway. As EAAFP marks its tenth anniversary, this timely review will not only look at current structures, programs and processes but also draw lessons from other types of partnerships elsewhere that bring together diverse stakeholders to reach a common goal. The review, which will be forward-looking and participatory, has already begun and recommendations will be presented before MOP9 in a year’s time.

Also at MOP8, a Finance Committee, drawn from Partners, was established to come up with recommendations to increase and diversify funding sources for EAAFP and its operations, to provide a more sustainable basis for future activities. The Committee has met several times and come up with a series of draft options and recommendations papers. These still need to be distilled into concrete recommendations for MOP9. Due to the busy commitments of Committee members, we are a little behind schedule, but discussions have so far been very productive.

One of the major successes of MOP8 was the development of workplans by Partners, Working Groups and Task Forces, indicating concrete actions to be taken before MOP9. The Secretariat has consolidated these and will send out to enable the responsible parties to check on progress in implementing the plans. This will facilitate reporting at MOP9.

The EAAFP Secretariat had the benefit of continuity of staffing during 2015, as well as continued and greatly appreciated support from Incheon Metropolitan City and the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, as well as others. We look forward to strengthening the activities of the Partnership and facilitating improved communication in the year leading up to MOP9 in January 2017.
Spike Millington, Chief Executive


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  • Watching over the universal worth of Tubbataha Reefs’ paradise of blue, Philippines
  • On-line exhibition to mark World Wetland Day by Hunter River Ramsar Site [EAAF010]





Black-faced Spoonbill 

Spoon-billed Sandpiper 

Scaly-sided Merganser 

  • Ageing of Scaly-sided Merganser females

Yellow Sea


From the Secretariat 

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  • 京都の冬 ユリカモメを追う―北に過去に (A note about Black-headed Gulls and conservationists in Kyoto, Japan)
  • ダーウィンが来た!2月7日の回は、コウノトリの野生復帰の取り組みについて (A documentary on the reintroduction and the habitat expansion of Oriental Stork in Japan will be on air on 7 Feb)
  • 黄海,候鸟迁徙路线上逐渐被扼住的“咽喉”要道 (The Yellow Sea, a narrowing bottleneck for migratory birds)
  • 中国“湿地危机”:湿地保护迫在眉睫 (‘Wetland Crisis’ in China: in urgent need of protection) (Read in Chinese)
  • 沿海水鸟调查这8年 (Relevant post: Decade-long Citizen Science project counts China’s waterbirds)
  • 中华人民共和国野生动物保护法》26年来首次修订,草案向社会公开征求意见至1月底 (China mulls first amendment to wildlife law in 26 years) 
  • 【短片】消失的黄海滩涂——黄海滩涂的重要性 ([Video] Birds of the Yellow Sea, by Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
  • 【保育案例】大连庄河黑脸琵鹭繁殖栖息地及鸟类保护项目 (A BFS conservation programme in China: Protection of Black-faced Spoonbill (BFS) and its breeding habitat)
  • 安徽升金湖自然保护区[EAAFP068]跻身“国际重要湿地名录” (Shengjin Hu NNR [EAAFP068] has been designated as a Ramsar site since Oct 2015)
  • 候鸟迁飞之痛:探访中越边境的捕鸟黑链条 (Poaching of migratory birds at the border between China and Vietnam, by Chinese National Geography)
  • 亟待救赎的滨海湿地 (Coastal wetlands in China are in danger, an article by China Science Daily) 
  • 洞庭湖疯狂毒杀保护动物团伙案”1月21日在岳阳开庭审判 (Seven suspects were prosecuted of poisoning 68 protected birds at East Dongting Lake NNR)
  • 我国湿地将进入全面保护新阶段 (China's new aim for wetland conservation: maintaining no less than 800 million mu (53.33 million ha) of wetlands)
  • 野生动物保护法》绝对不能鼓励“野生动物利用” ([Voice] Wildlife Law should not encourage the use of wildlife )
  • 在天津获救的两只东方白鹳放飞鄱阳湖 (Two Oriental storks rescued and returned to Nanjishan Wetland Nature Reserve [EAAFP087])
  • 编号“956”白鹤近日意外死亡 长眠赣鄱故土 (The tagged Siberian Crane '956' found dead at Poyang Lake)
  • 我国多地观测到青头潜鸭 ([collection of spotting] Baer's Pochard were spotted at many sites in China)
  • 我国首次开展全国冬季水鸟同步调查:共记录各种鸟类381种203万余只 (Preliminary results of the First National Waterbird Census of China in Winter)

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Crane birdwatching ©Eunjin Yu
Thailand Bird Fair ©Eugene Cheah
Asian Dowitchers & Black-tailed Godwit ©Sayam U. Chowdhury & BSCP 

Dead Common Murres ©Jeremy Irons
Black-faced Spoonbill brochure ©Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association
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