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Beste Nicolette,

Sweet sixteen? Christy is 16 jaar ondernemer.
Met meer dan 1500 opdrachten. Thanks guys!!
Lees meer over 3 nieuwe én 3 oude & vertrouwde opdrachtgevers.
Nieuwe website al gezien? Benieuwd naar mijn blog?


Vertaalwerk Nederlands - Engels.
Nieuwsberichten en 10 edities van het e-dossier, het online magazine van TinQwise over leren. Bijvoorbeeld over onboarding, het effectief inwerken van nieuwe medewerkers. Samen met Serena Lyon. Zie blog.

Wedding contract

Liefde maakt blind. Maar trouwen is een zakelijke overeenkomst.
Christy tolkt regelmatig bij internationale huwelijks-voorwaarden o.a. al 13 jaar voor Kooijman Lambert notarissen.

Accountancy & Tax

Engelse vertaling over de financiële en fiscale
aspecten van een bedrijf opzetten in het buitenland en buitenlandse medewerkers in dienst nemen in Nederland.
Samen met Rob Bradley.

Women in the Frontline

Sinds 2008 is Hivos een grote opdrachtgever. Allerlei vertaalwerk. Een mooi voorbeeld is: Hivos Women in the Frontline
Over mensenrechten en gelijke rechten voor vrouwen.

"De pagina is dood”

Inspirerende artikelen over dynamic design van de Creative Director van internetbureau Mirabeau. 
Serena Lyon en ik vertaalden vanuit het Nederlands en maakten een internationaal magazine in aantrekkelijk en helder Engels.

Learning English

Dankzij het Language & Training Centre geeft Christy al meer dan 10 jaar taaltrainingen Engels aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam: writing & presenting in English.


Even voorstellen…

Anna Roelofsz

Specialist transcreation Engels - Nederlands

Anna: "Sommige mensen houden van Sudoku; geef mij maar een complexe vertaalopdracht. Ik hou van teksten waarbij iets extra's nodig is: sprankelend Nederlands maken van dodelijk saai Engels, specialistische Engelse teksten vol jargon geschikt maken voor een breed Nederlands publiek, (taal)grapjes en reclame vertalen... Dat soort werk doet een beroep op mijn creativiteit en daar word ik gelukkig van."

Christy: "En onze opdrachtgevers, zoals Hivos en Vapiano dus ook ;-)"



On storytelling and learning

Delen is vermenigvuldigen – it’s a trendy phrase and we regularly translate it for our clients. (A nice challenge by the way – what would your play on words be?) Seriously though, it is good to give something to others, in this case to professionals in our network. This is why I am sharing these tips and anecdotes with you.

My colleague Serena and I recently worked on atranslation for a new client, TinQwise, a company that provides online learning solutions.

Here’s a small part that I would like to share with you:

“A good story will get you a long way, as stories motivate, teach, persuade and entertain.

Storytelling (and digital storytelling) also plays an important role in learning. If you want people to learn something, you first need to show them its relevance. This means that you need to package the message in an exciting story that interests people and to which they can relate, as this helps them to process the information. A good story releases emotions and creates involvement in the story; it arouses people’s curiosity so that they want to help or contribute themselves.”

Source:TinQwise E-dossier Learning Campaign
Written by Linda Peeters and translated by Serena Lyon

“People are suckers for stories” is one of the many, many tips I give in my Presentation Skills workshops and language training courses when we discuss ‘Involving the audience’ and ‘Using your voice’. Regardless of whether I am teaching university students or professionals in the world of business.

I mentioned it in May 2015 when I gave 2 Presentation Skills workshops to a group of 11 PhD students at Erasmus University. The students are getting ready to present their doctoral research (and the progress they are making).

I was struck by the incredible difference between a purely theoretical talk and a presentation in which the speaker adds a story, a case study or an example. It was simply amazing to see what the students achieved in terms of involving the audience – creating rapport. We truly listened and we really understood what they were telling us. In excellent English.

What’s more, by adding a story, the speakers themselves found it much easier to engage in their own presentation. They spoke with passion and dedication about their topic, which in turn was very appealing to us.

And the final proof that the audience felt involved: there were lots of questions. The people asking questions even quoted exact phrases from the stories (the lively examples and metaphors).

I hope this story will inspire you to use storytelling in your work too!



Blended working

My work often inspires me. One example that sticks in my mind is when Serena and I were translating texts about education and learning recently. These were for our new client TinQwise, a company that provides online learning solutions:

How to be a blended teacher?

Blended learning: we talk of nothing else.However, not every trainer is also a blended teacher. Want to be a pro in the new way of learning? Then make sure you have the following skills:

1. Be flexible
Be prepared to improvise and to be flexible.

2. Learn from your students
They learn from you and you learn from them.

3. Make sure you have enough tools
You will need a ‘toolbox’ full of traditional and digital learning resources.

More tips? Please visit the TinQwise website.

Source: TinQwise E-dossier on Blended Learning
Written by Linda Peeters and translated by Serena Lyon

It’s wonderful when this happens. When what happens? When my skills and experience come together. I’m also a language trainer, so when I’m translating I can really identify with these tips. In fact, being flexible (tip 1) and learning from my students (tip 2) are precisely the reasons why I enjoy teaching so much. It can be very rewarding.

And let me tell you, tip 3 about having plenty of tools also rings true: like many other teachers, I have a number of favourite classroom activities that always work, no matter what. Things like a grammar auction, a 3-sentence writing exercise, the mystery definition game or analysing a speech by Barack Obama, to mention just a few. One new tool that I added to my toolbox recently is the free online interactive tool Kahoot!

Every student joins in, using his or her own mobile phone or tablet in the classroom. This achieves two goals, thanks to Kahoot:
A.    the students’ knowledge is activated in a fun way (with a quiz) and
B.    the teacher gets a quick and accurate impression of the students’ current level.

Research shows that people learn more when they are having fun and enjoying themselves.
You should try Kahoot! sometime (if you haven’t already)!

Apart from the example above about teaching and translating texts about e-learning, there are other occasions when my experience and skills as a language trainer, interpreter and a translator meet. Such as when I was recently asked to develop a Business & Legal English course for a civil law notary’s office where I occasionally work as a legal interpreter.

Another recent example is being asked to check the English language usage and writing in the new corporate brochure of engineering & consultancy company AAB in Naaldwijk. I gave 2 language training courses there in 2013 and 2014, and it’s great to see how much these business professionals have improved when writing English texts.

Teaching. Interpreting. Translating.
Blended indeed.

P.S. This is what I love about having my own business. The sheer range of projects and questions that clients come to me with. And if it’s not my 'cup of tea', then there is always an excellent language professional in my network who is the best person for the job. Thanks guys!!

Finding my tribe

Christy staat dit voorjaar in de spotlights bij Noella,
Omdat zij flexibele kantoorruimte huurt bij Good Place 2 Work.
Christy: "Bij Noella op kantoor voel ik mij altijd welkom. En ik ontmoet er gelijkgestemde vrouwelijke ondernemers."

Hartelijke groeten,
Christy de Back
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