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Dear Friends,

Many of you know how Philanthropy Connections was born out of a desire to help those who would not otherwise get help – finding community-based 'Hidden Projects' that are overlooked by others and have no easy access to external support.

The current very worrisome situation in Myanmar underscores the importance of seeking out and supporting those who are in the most vulnerable circumstances. Our projects there are very remote, and whilst at the moment they have not been directly affected by the turmoil,  we are keeping in frequent contact with them just in case. 

The people of Myanmar face many challenges, with many children losing out on a year of school due to COVID. Keep reading to learn how some of their most underserved communities are making progress for their future.

We wish our friends in Myanmar all the strength they need in these very difficult times. You are on our minds and we hope that the troubled period you are going through will soon come to a peaceful end.

For people in vulnerable situations, 2020 was just the beginning of ripple-down challenges that they will face. But with supporters like you alongside us, we are determined to continue to FIND, HELP AND EMPOWER PEOPLE IN NEED.  

Schools Rise in the Remotest Parts of Myanmar 

Several new schools have been constructed recently, and many rundown or damaged schools have been rebuilt, and all with their communities' help.

So even with Myanmar's uncertain future, children will have a chance to get an education that their parents never had access to.

Empowering those in the most vulnerable situations by giving access to good education and other tools to create an independent life is what we do, and that is where we will continue to focus on.

A Hidden Project that is Creating Change in Myanmar

Recent graduates of the Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre, which equips promising young people with leadership skills and community development knowledge, are now making an impact in the wider world:

5 work for community development organisations in Myanmar and Thailand 
3 are teachers in refugee camps
5 are studying at universities in Myanmar
2 are involved in healthcare

Without the chance to attend the BNSCLC programme, these achievements would have been impossible for these young people. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Edwin Wierda of Wierda Vermogensbeheer, the impossible is now a reality!

Making a Difference, Even When You're Also Struggling…

"Doing what you can to help people... means more to me now than ever before..." Even as his own business was facing the many challenges of the economic downturn, Simon Bradshaw of Perfect Homes Chiang Mai wanted to help people most affected by the pandemic. So, with his family, he helped PCF make a difference for literally hundreds of people.

Watch the video and see what we did together with Simon to help families affected last year.

From Intern To Vocal Supporter

In 2019, Marit Lamers interned at PCF for five months, where she was able to truly experience PCF's impact during her visits to our projects. We miss her very much and are truly grateful for her continued passion promoting and supporting PCF, attending fundraising events on our behalf in the Netherlands, and talking about PCF in this new interview (in Dutch with English subtitles).

Many thanks to Marissa de Wit, Stan Vlasman, Ilan Kesnar and Ian Peters for their work in producing this video and the support they provided to us as part of their remote internships!

"Dear Grandad... to create a school... is a great legacy..."

One of our long-term supporters, Tony Mann, was kind enough to donate on behalf of three of his grandchildren during our holiday campaign.

After reading about one of the schools that Tony had funded and dedicated to his late wife Nancy, Tony's grandson (Arran, age 13) wrote back...

"Dear Grandad & Sallo, I have studied the pdf you sent me and I was fascinated to see what your generosity can create and the amazing benefits that can happen on a quite small budget (mum said it was about £20.000). To create a school that will benefit many generations of children is a great legacy to you and Nancy. It also is a great project because it lifts the whole community via employment and new toilets. Now I understand more, and I am even prouder of the donation made in my name, and I would like to say such a huge thank you. Keep up the good work. lots of love. - Arran xx"

Students Helping Students

Recently two students from Stenden University in the Netherlands were remotely interning with PCF. One of the ways they have contributed was by selling facemasks that they paid to get made (EUR 222) and then styled with our logo.

After a great deal of work, they raised EUR 1.000 for the lunches at Loi Sam Sip School - a school we support with modest teachers' salaries; and basic educational needs, operational costs, and food for 44 children from several ethnic groups. 

We thank Jasper Assen and Alex de Raat for making a difference half a world away!
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