Read all about our new project, Safe Haven, our collaboration with a Dutch tour operator, a fundraiser in the Netherlands and our Thai colleague ‘Noona’, in our latest newsletter
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Dear Friends,

In April I asked for the most beautiful birthday present ever; sufficient monthly donations to strengthen our team. Purpose? Simple: to be able to do more for more people.

It’s wonderful to see how appealing our approach is to so many people. Although we are far from the required total of € 3,000 per month, thanks to generous one-time donations we very recently reached the desired annual amount. I am enormously grateful to all the donors.

Now we can start looking for an enthusiastic new colleague to help us achieve more of our ambitious goals. And ambitious we definitely are!

Thanks to a new sponsor we were able to continue our three preschools in Cambodia starting the 1st of November. Although this is great news, many villages still don’t have preschools. This is something we want to change.

For a refuge with seventy traumatised children in Thailand, we expanded the boys’ dormitory. The next step is to coordinate with the project and find out what other needs they have so we can expand our support.

The seven village libraries/learning centres in Cambodia have been running, but without sufficient means. We are working hard to find funding to prevent their closure.

This is just a small selection of our challenges.

Every time we achieve something the effect is immediately clear. Direct and visible results; to give effective support, even with limited resources, that is what I envisioned when I started Philanthropy Connections. It’s great to see that we, thanks to your help, can make this possible.

What do we do and how do we do it? In this restyled newsletter, please take a peek into our world.

I hope you will continue to support us to help people in need realise their dreams of a dignified existence.

Warm greetings,

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Project Update

‘Safe Haven’, Safe Haven, a refuge for parentless children, urgently needed an extension of the boys’ dormitory. We could take care of that. Read more

In the Picture

Meet Noona, our dedicated Thai project coordinator and wonderful colleague. Read more

Did You Know?

Dutch tour operator 333TRAVEL raises funds for one of our projects. And: Tax advantages, now also for donations to PCF in the USA and Italy.  Read more

About Us

Sallo will attend a fundraiser in the Netherlands and three Dutch schools are committed to help us! Read more

Santa Claus would be very welcome here

Mae Tawo is a Thai village situated on the banks of the Moei river which separates Thailand from Burma. In this village, a woman named Tasanee supports seventy children who have been traumatised, each one of them in a different way.

A few months ago we visited her refuge, Safe Haven that was founded for children who have no other place to go.

Nong Kaung, is one of those kids. At barely three months old, her mother didn’t have any other choice but to sell her baby, since she was not capable of taking care of her. Fortunately her fate was spared when Tasanee took her in. She now enjoys daily care, love and attention from her new 'brothers' and 'sisters' at Safe Haven.

Kwan is another girl; she is seven and was sexually abused. She is now in the loving arms of Tasanee and Safe Haven’s caretakers, surrounded by the warmth of the other children. Together with the police and child rights organisations, Tasanee is committed to Kwan’s case.

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the suffering that some children face at an early age.

During our visit we walked around with growing admiration for this passionate woman who gets so much done with so few resources. At the same time we felt saddened to see the poor conditions she was operating under. We asked ourselves, where do we begin?

Thanks to your help we have been able to already make a difference. We found a sponsor to support the extension of the boys' dormitory. The extension was necessary because six new boys arrived to the orphanage but there wasn’t enough space for them.

After Safe Haven received recent attention on Thai television, almost 6.500 followers joined their Facebook page. We are currently discussing with Tasanee the possibility to interest these followers to do more for Safe Haven by donating to the project. This is just one thing we do; make connections between valuable projects and interested parties that want to help.

For every project we support we offer customised support. We start from what’s already there and work to increase and strengthen that base.

This is Noona, our Thai Project coordinator:

My name is Arusa Panyakotkaew (Noona) and I'm a local from Chiang Mai. Apart from working at Philanthropy Connections, I am a graduate student in sociology and anthropology at Chiang Mai University.

Before I joined PCF, I have been involved with a lot of volunteer work during my school years. I have also worked for a Thai NGO called the Center for the Protection of Children's Rights Foundation before shifting myself to academic field as a graduate student and research assistant for several studies.

These experiences have allowed me to travel and meet local people, and most importantly, to learn from them. My interests have always relied on cultural diversity and issues of inequality. The quest for such knowledge to understand those issues, as well as working to reduce inequality is my passion, and that is something that I hope I am doing at PCF.

My job as PCF's project coordinator has brought me in touch with several interesting local NGOs and projects working to empower marginalised people in Thailand and Cambodia. The shared goals of their activities are to see better living conditions in communities at the fringe of society. The lack of financial means has obstructed implementation of these projects. I see myself working, as part of thePCF team, to seek for these needy projects in order to deliver them such resources.

With your valuable support, the goals of our local partners are materialised and I am hoping that the outreach will expand.

Bahn Ruam Jai receives support from 333TRAVEL

You should really meet her, Khun Seewigaa Kittiyoungkun. You may be familiar with her from our stories about this passionate, powerful woman who rescued many children that were severely damaged by abuse or drug related problems within their families.

For the last two years, thanks to generous sponsors, we were able to ensure that she could continue her work and take care of these disadvantaged children at the shelter she founded, Bahn Ruam Jai.

When this support ended, her job became a lot more difficult. Not only did we continue to look for sponsors for the third year, we also encouraged Seewigaa to look for opportunities to become more self-reliant. We continued to exchange ideas with her about how to do this. It now looks as though the forty children living at Bahn Ruam Jai are safe again for the coming year.

While looking for new sponsors we met with the CEO of a Dutch travel agency, 333TRAVEL. Through us, he became acquainted with the work of Seewigaa and met some of the children at the project. This introduction led to a collaboration between Philanthropy Connections and 333TRAVEL with the aim of supporting Bahn Ruam Jai.

On the 7th of November, two of our dedicated volunteers visited the employees of 333TRAVEL in the Netherlands to inform them about our work and the project Bahn Ruam Jai. Thanks to their presentation, 333TRAVEL employees have the information needed to inspire their customers to support this project. Customers now have the opportunity to make a donation while booking a trip or through the 333TRAVEL website.

We are very grateful for this help and hope for great results.

Do you know? We have tax exempt status in the USA and Italy

Philanthropy Connections supporters are based all over the world. To make things easier to donate, we have been working on gaining tax exempt status in two new countries, the United States and Italy.

After extensive research on American tax exemption, (501c3 status), we decided not to pursue this avenue because of the long and expensive process. We’d much rather use the time and money for our projects.

Luckily we found a better option! The King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS), which has 501c3 status, helps American donors support European non-profits in an efficient, tax deductible and secure way.

By registering PCF with KBFUS, American based donors will now receive tax deduction on all donations made to Philanthropy Connections. Click here if you want to read more about KBFUS or if you would like to make a donation.

In a number of European countries tax-efficient donations to PCF are already possible through our cooperation with Transnational Giving Europe (TGE). As of October it is now also possible for our Italian friends to make tax-efficient donations. Please visit our website for more information and for further instructions.  

Artists for Philanthropy Connections and Sallo is going to the Netherlands

As you know, we often achieve a lot with minimal resources, and we’re getting better at it every day. This didn’t go unnoticed by ‘De Heeren van Sminia’, a Dutch service organisation for entrepreneurs and governors. For their 2014 gala dinner, held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands on December 14th, they have invited Sallo to speak about our work. All proceeds of the evening will go to Philanthropy Connections. What a wonderful encouragement for our endeavours and a great opportunity to generate extra support for our projects, so that we can do more, for more people.

The evening itself has all the ingredients to become special. Various outstanding Dutch artists will perform, including opera singer Ernst Daniel Smid and Iris Kroes, the winner of the Voice of Holland 2012. Furthermore, during the evening an auction will be held to generate more funds for our work. We are so glad to be supported by this renowned group of people!

Due to its great success, continued and extended! Jij de Baas! (You the Boss!)

Last year we were invited to participate in a Dutch school project for first graders; ‘Jij de Baas’ (You the Boss). At a ‘charity fair’ the invited charities had the opportunity to inform the students about their organisation and its activities. The students then selected their charity of choice and created an original business plan to support ‘their’ organisation.
That first year we participated at only one school, the ‘A. Roland Holst College’. It was a great success for the 25 students who chose us and therefore very successful for us too. Through, among others, a sponsor run, the sale of waffles, pancakes and beautifully decorated glass bottles they were able to raise more than €1,600. The students, rightfully so, were really proud and happy, and we were very grateful for their support.
This year, we have been invited to four schools. Volunteers Marleen Laverman and Gideon Polak represented us again, now at two schools. Supporters Adrienne Kranendonk and Dick Stevens were our delegates at the third school. We can’t wait to hear about the business plans the students will produce this time and we hope they will achieve great results again this year.
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