February 2023
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Internal webinar on the EU Disability Card

Only for EUD Full Members (National Associations of the Deaf)

EUD is hosting its first webinar of 2023 on Tuesday, 28th February! The webinar will focus on the European Disability Card - a flagship initiative of the European Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030. The EU Disability Card has the potential to be a very important tool for the deaf community to enjoy their right to freedom of movement. The webinar will be recorded and published on EUD's website on a later date. 

EUD President’s participation in the European Parliament Disability Intergroup's New Year Reception

On 2nd February, EUD attended the European Parliament's screening of the Academy Award-winning Apple Original Film "CODA". As it was the first film with a predominantly deaf cast to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards, the screening of "CODA", EUD President, Ms Sofia Isari, was given the opportunity to share her experiences of having her daughter as a CODA. We enjoyed networking with other representatives from the EU NGOs, Apple and the European Parliament. 

Apple's Breakfast Meeting

On 3rd February,  EUD President, Ms Sofia Isari and Executive Director, Mr Mark Wheatley attended a breakfast meeting hosted by Apple in Brussels, Belgium. The discussions were focused on the implementation of accessibility for deaf persons when it comes to ICT devices. 

The Disability Platform: meeting of the Subgroup on the Employment Package

On January 19th, EUD attended the meeting of the Disability Platform subgroup on the Employment Package, of which EUD is a member. The meeting was an occasion to discuss the Catalogue of Positive Actions for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the labour market.

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EUD's Feedback for the European Commission on the EU Disability Card

The EU Disability Card must facilitate the right to freedom of movement for deaf persons

EUD welcomed the European Commission's initiative to establish an EU Disability Card. The Card entails several benefits for persons with disabilities in different the culture, sports, and leisure sectors. Most importantly, EUD acknowledges the potential of the Card to guarantee accessibility to deaf persons, including sign language interpreting services, whenever they move between EU Member States.
EUD shared detailed feedback with the European Commission on how the Card could be improved to be an important tool to ensure deaf persons' right to freedom of movement across the EU.

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Report: "Towards Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities"

MEP Anne-Sophie Pelletier calls to remove barriers for persons with disabilities by promoting accessibility in national sign languages

On 13th December, MEP Pelletier presented the report - "Towards Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities" at the European Parliament. When she started presenting the report, MEP Pelletier was using French sign language but she was asked to use "one of the official EU languages". In doing so, MEP Pelletier highlighted that the European Union is yet to recognise its national sign languages at the EU level.

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European Commission

Web Accessibility Directive Review by the European Commission

In 2016, the European Commission implemented Directive EU 2016/2102, also known as the Web Accessibility Directive (WAD). At the end of 2022, the European Commission produced an evaluation report on the adoption of the WAD legal requirements in Member States over a period of three years since its enforcement. EUD has analysed the review and provides specific recommendations to ensure the accessibility of Information and Technology Communications (ITCs) for deaf persons.

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