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Table of Contents

2485/18 Leaker of secret report on Russian hacking sentenced
2486/18 China is hacking the same countries it trades with
2487/18 CIA informants inside Russia are going silent, say US sources
2488/18 The Populist War Against Intelligence
2489/18 Exclusive - U.S. accuses China of 'super aggressive' spy campaign on LinkedIn
Hot Spots/Wars
4290/18 Will more sanctions drive Iran to a cyberattack?
2491/18 Four suspected militants killed in attack on Egyptian police in Sinai
4292/18 North Korean newspaper condemns 'double-dealing' US after Pompeo trip called off
4293/18 North Korea is still developing nuclear weapons, says IAEA
2494/18 US ready to drive Iranian oil exports to zero, says US national security adviser
2495/18 Other News From Hot Spots
NSA Special/Edward Snowden Leaks
2496/18 NSA approves tablet and communicator for Five Eyes special forces
2497/18 Trump hat den Einsatz von Cyberwaffen vereinfacht
2498/18 Other NSA News
2499/18 Boko Haram’s Deadly Impact
2500/18 Poisoning of ex-Russian spy an "advertisement" to terrorists, expert says
2501/18 Gut vernetzte Dschihadisten
2502/18 Other Terrorism News
2503/18 US spies warn of increase in supply chain vulnerabilities
2504/18 Trump’s Untested Authority to Revoke Security Clearances
2505/18 Government’s Getting Faster at Sharing Unclassified Cyber Threat Indicators
2506/18 'McCarthy-era tactics': ex-spy chiefs round on Trump in Brennan row
2507/18 Watchdog says administration officials made misleading statements on FBI headquarters
2508/18 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
2509/18 Putin Makes a Move for Peace Through Force
2510/18 Russia sanctions take effect Monday over nerve agent attack on former spy
2511/18 Russia, US, deny conducting mystery airstrikes in Tajikistan
2512/18 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
2513/18 Aide Of Ukrainian Prime Minister Goes On Trial As Alleged Russian Spy
2514/18 Kazakhstan’s secret services harass activists in Ukraine, Russian political refugee says
2515/18 Man jailed for plotting to kill Russian reporter Arkady Babchenko
2516/18 Rebel leader Alexander Zakharchenko killed in explosion in Ukraine
2517/18 Russland stellt Friedensprozess für Ostukraine infrage
2518/18 Other News From Ukraine
2519/18 EXCLUSIVE: US tip-off helped Turkey target PKK leader in Sinjar
2520/18 Türkische Regimekritiker fliehen vor Erdogan nach Griechenland
2521/18 Die langen Arme des Erdogan-Regimes
2522/18 Suspect accused of espionage in Cyprus 'took 201 photos of Turkish soldiers in 16 days'
2523/18 Other News From Turkey
2524/18 Israeli companies sell information and security equipment to Gulf
2525/18 The Shin Bet thought I was easy prey
2528/18 Erdan allows firearms permits for combat and security veterans
2529/18 Schüchtert Israels Geheimdienst politische Gegner ein?
2531/18 Other News From Israel
Near/Middle East
2532/18 The hunt for Hezbollah’s weapons and the limits of civil–military cooperation
2533/18 Google shuts down dozens of Iranian government-affiliated accounts
2534/18 Egypt spy chief reportedly in Tel Aviv as Hamas-Israel deal draws near
2535/18 US arrests two Iranians on spying charges
2536/18 Reporters Without Borders slams Egypt’s ‘surveillance’ law
2537/18 Egyptian authorities cracking down on dissidents
2538/18 Irans Geheimdienst verkündet Festnahme von "dutzenden Spionen"
2539/18 Palestinians sent intelligence delegation to US for CIA-talks: report
2540/18 Concern over 'UAE use of Israeli firms to spy on Qatar'
2541/18 Verbündete bewaffnet: Iran stationierte Raketen im Irak
2542/18 Other News From Neme
IS Battleground
2543/18 Will ISIS make up for lost territory virtually?
2544/18 Islamic State leader downplays territorial losses in new audio message
Turmoil in Yemen
2545/18 Hezbollah’s Nasrallah meets with Houthi leadership
2546/18Wanted AQAP bomb maker rumored killed in US drone strike
2547/18 This Is the Political Moment to Stop Supporting the Saudi War in Yemen
2548/18 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
2549/18 Navigating the Syrian endgame
2550/18 The US Will Spend Billions in Syria—Just Not on Rebuilding It
2551/18 63,000 Russia troops fought in Syria since 2015
2552/18 US, UK, France vow response to new Syria gas attacks
2553/18 US delegation met secretly with Syrian intelligence chiefs, newspaper claims
2554/18 Other News From Syria
2555/18 US military targets Shabaab north of Kismayo
2556/18 Islamic State releases photos from deadly raid on military base near Lake Chad
2557/18 Former SA spy chiefs warned Zuma of Gupta family links
2558/18 Other News From Africa
2559/18 China’s charm offensive in the South China Sea
2560/18 Huawei and 5G: clarity in an uncertain world
2561/18 How the Defense Department views China’s cyberthreat
2562/18 China Is Going to New Lengths to Surveil Its Own Citizens
2563/18 China’s Growing Power Is Bringing Military Drills Center Stage in Asia
2564/18 China 'ejects' US journalist known for reporting on Xinjiang repression
2565/18 China is 'rapidly' expanding bomber training, probably for US strikes – Pentagon
2566/18 China's Dismantling Of CIA Spy Ring Highlights Growing Dystopian-Like Surveillance State
2567/18 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
2568/18 India still wary of the Quad amid its own China ‘reset’
2569/18 NATO touts efficacy of Afghan crisis response unit
2570/18 Analysis: Gen. Nicholson says US strategy in Afghanistan ‘is working,’ despite the facts
2571/18 A Year On, Pakistan Still the Weak Link in US South Asia Strategy
2572/18 Afghanistan: national security adviser quits, sparking cabinet resignations
2573/18 US military confirms $300m cut in aid to Pakistan
2574/18 Afghan government in crisis as senior security and spy chiefs tender mass resignations
2575/18 Other News From API
2576/18 Myanmar's military accused of genocide in damning UN report
2577/18 Vietnam jails two Americans for 14 years for trying to 'overthrow state'
2578/18 Suspected CIA black site in Thailand to become tourist destination
2579/18 Australian filmmaker accused of spying 'made enemies'
2580/18 ‘NPA, not CIA, source of threat to President’
2581/18 Prozess um Mord an Kim-Halbbruder: Gericht glaubt Angeklagten nicht
2582/18 Australian filmmaker imprisoned in Cambodia for spying
2583/18 Network Wiretapping by Intelligence Agencies Ruled Unconstitutional
2584/18 Japan defence ministry seeks record budget over North Korea threat
2585/18 Malaysia charges senior intelligence officials with stealing government funds
2586/18 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
2587/18 Finding Australia’s soft power
2588/18 Australian spy's lawyer Bernard Collaery threatened with jail over book
2589/18 Australia banned Huawei from 5G network due to security concerns
Europe (Geograph.)
2590/18 Could land swap between Serbia and Kosovo lead to conflict?
2591/18 Lithuania says will not appeal European court ruling over CIA jail
2592/18 Brussels will ‘not comment’ on reports Britain is spying on EU Brexit committee
2593/18 Brüssel, die neue Hauptstadt der Spione
2594/18 Der Balkan wird zum Versuchslabor geopolitischer Interessen
2595/18 Verdecktes russisches Spiel
2596/18 Litauen: Medien und Regierung arbeiten gegen russische Hacker
2598/18 US-backed Kosovo land-swap border plan under fire from all sides
2599/18 Das Land, das es nicht gibt
2600/18 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
2601/18 Sovereignty, Brexit and the Irish border
2602/18 Hunt rejects request for inquiry into UK non-intervention in Syria
2603/18 Fatal lorry crash near GCHQ Cheltenham 'not suspicious'
2604/18 Other News From the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
2605/18 UDA leader Stitt facing court over possession of stun gun found in raid
2606/18 Bomb planted under officer's car was packed with high grade explosives, court told
2607/18 John Gilligan ordered out of country 'under death threat', court told
2608/18 Old IRA disappearances ‘off the scale’ compared with PIRA
2609/18 Omagh Bombing 'could have been prevented'... it's time for full public inquiry to get answers, says ex-Police Ombudsman O'Loan
2610/18 Other News From Northern Ireland
2611/18 Putin's shadow falls on Austria secret services
2612/18 German ex-spy chief tells West to stop sharing intelligence with Austria
2613/18 Gericht bewertet Razzia bei Geheimdienst als unverhältnismäßig
2614/18 Austria’s far-right ordered a raid on its own intelligence service. Now allies are freezing the country out.
2615/18 Snowden-Papier: Heeresdienst liefert der NSA Infos
2616/18 BVT: Salvini betont gutes Verhältnis zu Österreich
2617/18 Bundesheer bekommt zusätzliche "Black Hawks"
2618/18 Opposition beantragt dritte Sondersitzung zur BVT-Affäre
2619/18 Bereitschaftseinheiten für jedes Bundesland
2620/18BVT-Affäre: Hofer ortet "Dissonanzen" in Koalition
2621/18 BVT: Kickl nennt Urteil des Oberlandesgerichts "weltfremd"
2622/18 BVT-U-Ausschuss: Vorwürfe von Datenweitergabe
2623/18 Ministerielle Tipps bei Terror: "Flüchten, Verstecken, Verteidigen"
2624/18 Die Augen verschließen bringt keine Lösung
2625/18 BVT-Analyse: Suche nach den Schuldigen
2626/18 Licht ins Dickicht des BVT-Skandals
2627/18 Causa BVT: Nach dem Staat wird noch der Rechtsstaat beschädigt
2628/18 Other News From Austria
2629/18 Deutscher soll Salafisten für Auslandsgeheimdienst bespitzelt haben
2630/18 „Behörde für Demokratie“ statt Verfassungsschutz
2631/18 Palantir-Ausschuss kommt in Gang
2632/18 «Staatstrojaner»: Verfassungsbeschwerde von Journalisten
2633/18 Verfassungsschutz gerät in Amri-Skandal weiter unter Druck
2634/18 Other News From Germany
Central/ South America and Caribbean
2635/18 Vom Geheimdienst belastet
2636/18 Venezela: Weitere Festnahme wegen mutmasslichen Attentats
2637/18 Maduros letzte Chance
2638/18 Eklat in Sekten-Kolonie: Opfer lassen Treffen mit deutschen Diplomaten platzen
2639/18 Other News From South America
2640/18 Lawyer for alleged extremist recruiter Peshdary questions basis of CSIS warrant
2641/18 Jailed spy granted escorted leaves for church, banking: parole board
2642/18 Other News From Canada
The Cyber Battlefield
2643/18 3 trends in the future of cyber conflict
2644/18 Microsoft says Russian hackers continue targeting 2018 midterm elections
2645/18 North Korea-linked Ryuk Ransomware used in a targeted campaign
2646/18 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
2647/18 Defence against the dark arts: giving ‘fake news’ the boot
2648/18 Why too much attention on foreign actors and voting machines can hurt cybersecurity
2649/18 US Air Force tests ‘base in a box’ in Poland to prep for future wars
2650/18 How the US Is Preparing to Match Chinese and Russian Technology Development
2651/18 Microwave weapons suspected in US embassy ailments – report
2652/18 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
2653/18 'No point living': diary reveals Japan emperor's second world war anguish
2654/18 Alles schlief, als die Panzer in Richtung Prag rollten
2655/18 Wie die Stasi in Übersee spionierte
2656/18 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History
Hot Docs Online, Conferences & Literature
2657/18 History: “Informing President Truman” A Series of Declassified Releases” From the CIA
2658/18 Japan releases files on 1942 Tokyo spy ring that helped USSR win World War II
2659/18 How to Cipher Like a Soviet


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