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Table of Contents

2327/18 “A thought-provoking and sensible analysis”  – Internationales und positives Echo auf Studie des ACIPSS-Forschers Jeremy Stöhs
2328/18 Vorbote in Sachen Skripal? So aktuell ist ein 56 Jahre alter österreichischer Spionagekrimi
2329/18 Controversial FBI Agent Who Sent Anti-Trump Texts Is Fired
2330/18 Ex-CIA officer faces arrest over alleged Montenegro coup plot
2331/18 Venezuela's Maduro says would take FBI help over 'murder plot'
2332/18 Gina Haspel CIA Torture Cables Declassified
2333/18 Suspected Russian spy worked at US Embassy in Moscow: Report
2334/18 Trump revokes ex-CIA chief's security clearance, slamming critic
2335/18 Israel’s Mossad suspected of assassinating Syria weapons chief
Hot Spots/Wars
2336/18 Trump brings back Iran sanctions after exiting nuclear deal
2337/18 Two Ways to Read the Newest Intelligence on North Korea
2338/18 Islamic State in Libya: Fighters are regrouping in the lawless desert
2339/18 Canada: Libya’s elections must be based on its constitution
2340/18 North Korea's nuclear programme has not been halted, says UN
2341/18 Other News From Hot Spots
NSA Special/Edward Snowden Leaks
2342/18 How long is too long for a cyber operation? NSA has an idea
2343/18 Why NSA Has Its Eye on ‘Girls Who Code’
2344/18 NSA Director: The Agency 'Sells Itself' to Potential Recruits
2345/18 The NSA routinely fails to protect privacy, but no one is fixing it
2346/18 Other NSA News
2347/18 US designates 3 members of Lashkar-e-Tayyiba as terrorists
2348/18 Trump’s Secret War on Terror
2349/18 Other Terrorism News
2350/18 Quiet Skies, TSA surveillance program targets Ordinary U.S. Citizens
2351/18 US braces for possible cyberattacks after Iran sanctions
2352/18 New election security bill would require fast action from feds
2353/18 Julian Assange 'seriously considering' request to meet US Senate committee
2354/18 Revelations of suspected spy at US embassy in Moscow could be tip of the iceberg
2355/18 Feinstein’s spy staffer a big deal
2356/18 Trump trolls Dianne Feinstein for having Chinese spy on her staff
2357/18 ‘New spy war’ in Silicon Valley
2358/18 Brennan hits back at Trump and calls denials of Russian collusion 'hogwash'
2359/18 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
2360/18 How Russian Hackers Amplified the Seth Rich Conspiracy Until it Reached Donald Trump and the CIA
2361/18 US to impose sanctions against Russia over Salisbury nerve agent attack
2362/18 How the GRU spy agency targets the west, from cyberspace to Salisbury
2363/18 Maria Butina’s alleged backer linked to Kremlin-financed bank and Putin associates
2364/18 Extent of Butina's influence on the NRA still being explored
2365/18 «Recherchen über die Wagner-Gruppe scheinen gefährlich»
2366/18 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
2367/18 Russian Supreme Court to review Ukrainian citizen Sushchenko's espionage conviction on Sept 12
2368/18 Korruption ruiniert die Ukraine
2369/18 Other News From Ukraine
2370/18 Erdogan says Turkey has become 'target of economic war'
2371/18 Appeal rejected for CHP deputy sentenced in espionage case
2372/18 Wie die Türkei Gülenisten verfolgt
2373/18 Turkey releases Greek soldiers accused of spying
2374/18 Other News From Turkey
2375/18 Shin Bet says prominent author’s claim of border interrogation is not true
2376/18 Israel's Shin Bet has barred 250 people from entering country this year: report
Near/Middle East
2377/18 Three members of Jordan's security forces killed in raid on 'terrorist' cell
2378/18 Egypt security forces thwart church bombing- state television
2379/18 Official: US asked Saudi Arabia for information on arrest of activists
2380/18 Other News From Neme
IS Battleground
2381/18 Assailants in Tajikistan swore allegiance to Baghdadi before attack
2382/18 US has launched over 500 strikes against the Islamic State since May
2383/18 Jordan army clashes with Islamic State militants fleeing Syrian forces
Turmoil in Yemen
2384/18 Did IRGC commander say Houthis were ordered to strike tankers?
2385/18 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
2386/18 Syria: what if?
2387/18 Syrian army warplanes engage 'enemy target' near Damascus: State media
2388/18 Syrian Kurdish force denies HRW report that it recruits displaced children
2389/18 Russia military police deployed in demilitarised zone in Golan Heights
2390/18 Former Mossad chief doubtful Russia can force Iran out of Syria
2391/18 Other News From Syria
2392/18 China chases Africa’s resources
2393/18 US airstrike hits Shabaab north of Mogadishu
2394/18 US-Somalia forces ‘take over’ Al-Qaeda hideouts
2395/18 Zimbabwe activists go into hiding as security crackdown intensifies
2396/18 Nigeria gets new spy chief after parliament's 'seizure'
2397/18 Zimbabwe election: Former spy takes presidency
2398/18 Other News From Africa
2399/18 Stronger but with enduring weaknesses: China’s military turns 91
2400/18 China accused of using Belt and Road Initiative for spying: Report
2401/18 The CIA falsely believed it was 'invincible' in China
2402/18 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
2403/18 Resolute Support invents new terms to obfuscate Taliban control
2405/18 Taliban routs Afghan Commandos while overrunning remote district in Ghazni
2406/18 Taliban says Islamic State has been ‘completely defeated’ in Jawzjan
2407/18 Gunmen attack intelligence service center in Afghan capital Kabul
2408/18 Other News From API
2409/18 The analysis of the code reuse revealed many links between North Korea malware
2410/18 Malaysia shuts down Saudi-backed anti-terrorism centre
2411/18 Top Vietnam security official fired over fugitive spy links
2412/18 China Jailing Japanese Citizens for ‘Espionage’ is Unacceptable
2413/18 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
2414/18 Planning Australia’s Plan B: increasing defence spending will only provoke China
2415/18 Australia’s Plan B: time for some tough realism
2416/18 Director Peter Weir flies to the defence of accused spy and filmmaker James Ricketson in Cambodia
2417/18 Other News From ANZ
Europe (Geograph.)
2418/18 Russian troll factory suspected to be behind the attack against Italian President Mattarella
2419/18 French armed forces minister reveals arms export details, roadblocks to lawmakers
2420/18 Norwegian minister resigns over security protocol breach during Iran trip
2421/18 Senior member of European far-right group quits over neo-Nazi link
2422/18 We've been expecting you: fugitive tries to hide in French spy HQ
2423/18 Kosovo President sacks deputy head of Intelligence Agency
2424/18 Alter Entführungsfall löst schwere Regierungskrise in der Slowakei aus
2426/18 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
2427/18 A ‘weakness of the West’? UK defense minister warns of lack of grand strategy
2428/18 British army unit will tackle threat from female suicide bombers
2429/18 UK poised to ask Russia to extradite Salisbury attack suspects
2430/18 GCHQ chief says procurement ‘best practice’ is vital
2431/18 EU says it won't comment on suspicion MI6 is spying on its Brexit negotiators
2432/18 Other News From the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
2433/18 Inside the INLA - Crime machine bent on a reign of terror
2434/18 LVF called end to campaign 20 years ago – here is how it was born
2435/18 British police spied on republicans in 90s
2436/18 Dissidents believed to use children in petrol bomb attack on Lurgan railway line
2437/18 Other News From Northern Ireland
2438/18 Wien als Zentrum des iranischen Geheimdienstes
2439/18 Opposition geht wegen "Sabotage" zum VfGH
2440/18 Eurofighter dürfen ohne Update nur noch bis 2021 fliegen
2441/18 Erneut Anzeigen-Minus im Halbjahresvergleich
2442/18 Ausgerechnet die FPÖ fährt beim Bundesheer einen knallharten Sparkurs
2443/18 Putin bei Kneissl-Hochzeit: Hunderte österreichische Beamte im Einsatz
2444/18 Other News From Austria
2445/18 German cyberwarriors assert right to ‘hack back’ when attacked
2446/18 Germany arrests Jordanian intelligence operative who spied on mosque
2447/18 AfD-Aussteigerin bringt Frauke Petry in Erklärungsnot
2448/18 Verfassungsschutz warnt vor Islamisten-Nachwuchs
2449/18 Datenschützer klagen gegen Staatstrojaner
2450/18 Bundesnachrichtendienst kämpft mit Datenlecks
2451/18 Other News From Germany
2452/18 Dissertation zur P-26: Meiers Fakten verdrängen Behauptungen
Central/ South America and Caribbean
2453/18 Venezuelan president vows to punish 'terrorists' behind alleged drone attack
2454/18 Crackdown feared after Venezuelan president survives alleged drone attack
2455/18 Other News From South America
2456/18 Canada is asking its allies to help cool dispute with Saudi – report
2457/18 Canada seeks to take away passports from children of Russian spies
2458/18 Other News From Canada
The Cyber Battlefield
2459/18 Alleged Iran-linked APT group RASPITE targets US electric utilities
2460/18 Google introduced G Suite alerts for state-sponsored attacks
2461/18 Facebook reported and blocked attempts to influence campaign ahead of midterms US elections
2462/18 In contemporary warfare, cyber trumps nukes
2463/18 Why hacking - successful or not - can lead to a crisis of confidence about election security
2464/18 How hackers can defeat cyber deception methods
2465/18 NATO’s tougher approach to cyberthreats is all about operationalization
2466/18 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
2467/18 Time for an about-face? Flaws in facial recognition plan
2468/18 Innovation in policing: culture and cognitive diversity are key
2469/18 How could artificial intelligence help the intelligence community? (Hint: 这不是你猜的方式)
2470/18 An explosion in Venezuela brings gimmick drones to the political battlefield
2471/18 Who’s Leading the Western Response to Russia’s Warbots? Estonia
2472/18 Spies in the suburbs: Inside the CIA's secret defector unit
2473/18 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
2474/18 The Marshall Plan That Failed
2475/18 How McKinley’s Assassination Spurred Secret Service Presidential Protection
2476/18 The Unbelievable Story of North Korea's Most Celebrated Propagandist
2477/18 Ex-Colombia spy boss convicted in satirist's 1999 killing
2478/18 Ausgespäht: Historische Spitzeltechnik im Deutschen Spionagemuseum
2479/18 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History
Hot Docs Online, Conferences & Literature
2480/18 From the bookshelf: ‘Intelligence and the function of government’
2481/18 New Defense One eBook: Defense Technology
2482/18 Christopher Andrew’s history of spying shows how undercover ops have changed history
2483/18 UK intelligence agency GCHQ to publish new puzzle book
2484/18 Document: President Trump’s Statement Revoking Former CIA Director Brennan’s Security Clearance


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