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Table of Contents

2660/18 Das deutsche Pendant zu „Ultra“: Funkaufklärung in Jugoslawien 1943–1944
2661/18 Die Mussolini-Befreiung und der geltungssüchtige Österreicher
2662/18 OPEN ACCESS: Vom Lavanttaler Aristokratensohn zum amerikanischen Geheimdienstagenten – Die außergewöhnliche Kriegsbiographie von Oliver Schneditz-Rockhill
2663/18 Die Attentate von Ebensee
2664/18 US moves to expose North Korea’s malicious cyber activity
2665/18 Skripal case: Russian 'spies' targeted Swiss chemical weapons lab
2666/18 British Investigative Group Claims Spy Poisoning Suspect Is a Russian Intelligence Officer
2667/18 Russian at Oslo IT conference held on suspicion of spying
2668/18 The CIA is returning its central focus to nation-state rivals, director says
2669/18 China Accuses Taiwan of Using Students for Espionage
2670/18 Swiss intelligence helped foil alleged Russian plot to spy on government lab
2671/18 GCHQ data collection regime violated human rights, court rules
Hot Spots/Wars
2672/18 Deterrence debate ignores the hard questions about nuclear war
2673/18 Denuclearising the Korean peninsula: the price keeps going up
2674/18 Could political agreement between North and South Korea actually defuse tensions?
2675/18 Libya urges 'effective' UN action to end Tripoli violence
2676/18 Trump plans new Kim summit a year after threat to destroy North Korea
2677/18 Other News From Hot Spots
NSA Special/Edward Snowden Leaks
2678/18 NSA employee who brought hacking tools home sentenced to 66 months in prison
2679/18 The terror in a label
2680/18 On 9/11 anniversary, DHS says cyber threat has eclipsed terrorism
2681/18 Somalia remains ‘a terrorist safe haven,’ State notes
2682/18 Al Qaeda is very much alive, and widely misunderstood
2683/18 US designates al Qaeda’s branch in Mali as terror organization
2684/18 Remove terror content or be fined millions, EU tells social media firms
2685/18 Other Terrorism News
2686/18 If it wants to keep secrets, the intelligence community needs a new vision for cyber
2687/18 Top national security figures deny writing anonymous op-ed critical of president
2688/18 Trump’s Order to Reveal Docs Could Undermine Secret Court System
2689/18 US violent crime and murder down after two years of increases, FBI data shows
2690/18 Alleged Russian spy may not have offered sex for job, prosecutors concede
2691/18 The FBI will investigate accusations against Brett Kavanaugh
2692/18 A Chinese Man Is Facing Charges for Spying and Recruiting American Scientists
2693/18 Gina Haspel's CIA looks to recruit more foreign spies
2694/18 Trump Reverses Course on Release of Russia Probe Documents
2695/18 US intelligence reevaluates safety of Russian defectors in light of Skripal poisoning
2696/18 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
2697/18 Vostok 2018: sending a powerful message to NATO and its partners
2698/18 Combat robots and cheap drones obscure the hidden triumph of Russia’s wargame
2699/18 Russia in Review: August 28 - September 13, 2018
2700/18 Russia Is Co-opting Angry Young Men
2701/18 Revealed: Russia’s secret plan to help Julian Assange escape from UK
2702/18 Russia main suspect behind illnesses of US staff in Cuba and China – report
2703/18 Putin signed decree on freelance spies days before Skripal claims
2704/18 Novichok poisonings: what is the GRU and how does it operate?
2705/18 Wersilow macht Geheimdienst für mutmaßliche Vergiftung verantwortlich
2706/18 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
2707/18 Stanislaw Asejew
2708/18 Tod in der Stammbeiz
2709/18 Ukrainian counterintelligence gets ex-official out of 'Donetsk People's Republic'
2710/18 Turkish intelligence arrests bombing suspect in Syria
2711/18 Gericht setzt türkischen Oppositionellen Berberglu auf freien Fuß
2712/18 German politicians slam smartphone application used for spying on Erdoğan critics
2713/18 15 Greek Cypriots probed in Turkish Cyprus in espionage case
2714/18 Other News From Turkey
2715/18 The 'significant expansion' of Israeli spyware use in the Gulf and beyond
2716/18 Israel-Russia military cooperation continues, claim Israeli sources
2717/18 Israel’s Mossad demands budget increase
2718/18 Shin Bet will no longer ask would-be entrants to Israel about their politics
2720/18 ANALYSIS: More details revealed about Mossad operation in Tehran
2721/18 Accusing IDF of deception, Russia blames Israel for downing of spy plane
2722/18 Other News From Israel
Near/Middle East
2723/18 Domestic Kitten – An Iranian surveillance operation under the radar since 2016
2724/18 Analysis: Tehran’s push to force US exit from Iraq
2725/18 AQAP claims Saudi spy network targeted its leaders
2726/18 US Launches Farsi Information Service to Reach Iranians
2727/18 Joint military counter-terror training operation between Egypt and US
2728/18 Jailed dual nationals may be victims of Iranian agents' rivalry, row suggests
2729/18 Other News From Neme
IS Battleground
2730/18 ISIS Sees Opportunity as Syria’s Rebellion Falls
2731/18 ISIS Never Went Away in Iraq
2732/18 Other News From The IS Battleground
Turmoil in Yemen
2733/18 US conducts 6 strikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen
2734/18 The UAE Will Shape the Future of Yemen
2735/18 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
2736/18 Mission impossible: getting Iran out of Syria
2737/18 Bolton: US troops staying in Syria until Iran leaves
2738/18 Putin says Russia perfected weapons based on Syria campaign
2739/18 Official Iran-Syria military argreement highlights symbiotic relationship
2740/18 Update: Pro-Regime Forces Setting Conditions to Attack U.S. Forces in Eastern Syria
2741/18 Russia to supply Syria with anti-aircraft system after spy plane downed
2742/18 Russia’s first Krasukha-4 electronic warfare unit lands in Syria. It can jam spy satellites, enemy radar
2743/18 Other News From Syria
2744/18 Shabaab launches another attack on US and partner forces
2745/18 The ‘War on Terror’ Still Grows in Somalia
2746/18 Russia Is the Latest World Power Eyeing the Horn of Africa
2747/18 Macron honours Algerian agents after decades of disdain from France
2748/18 Algeria: dismissal of security leaders in preparation for the presidential elections
2749/18 Nigerian army claims 'normalcy restored' after Boko Haram attack
2750/18 Nigeria names new spy chief
2751/18 Other News From Africa
2752/18 Huawei and the ambiguity of China’s intelligence and counter-espionage laws
2753/18 Chinese military ‘likely training’ for strikes on US
2754/18 Strategic implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative too big to ignore
2755/18 China’s crackdown could push Muslim minorities to extremism
2756/18 The China Hype
2757/18 Beijing complains as US 'orders Chinese media to register as foreign agents'
2758/18 China steps up spying on U.S. military
2759/18 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
2760/18 Mapping Taliban controlled and contested districts in Afghanistan: LWJ vs US military assessments
2761/18 Pakistan continues to harbor Taliban, including al Qaeda-linked Haqqanis
2762/18 The US-China Cold War Is Now Playing Out in Pakistan
2763/18 NSA Mohib Meets Indian, Russian Counterparts and Chinese Official
2764/18 The Indian spy scandal that never was
2765/18 Other News From API
2766/18 Where are the nukes? See what North Korea displayed at its military parade
2767/18 Here are some key details from hacking complaint against North Korean
2768/18 James Ricketson to seek Cambodian king's pardon after spying conviction
2769/18 Ex-NIS official behind bars for allegedly fabricating spy charges
2770/18 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
2771/18 Other News From ANZ
Europe (Geograph.)
2772/18 Serbia looks to acquire Chinese drones and the technological know-how
2773/18 New Swedish government advocates for greater defense spending
2774/18 French joint chief calls for coordinated European force
2775/18 Why Russia Is Trying to Stop Macedonia From Changing its Name
2776/18 'Act of espionage': France accuses Russia of trying to spy on satellite data
2778/18 US-backed Kosovo land-swap border plan under fire from all sides
2779/18 Das mazedonische Fake-News-Problem der EU
2780/18 Schweden: Geheimdienst warnt vor Cyberangriffen
2781/18 Govt expected to appoint new intelligence agency boss
2782/18 The Finnish secret services operation in the Turku Archipelago
2783/18 Parliament to vote on expanded surveillance powers
2784/18 Dutch intelligence services may continue to receive intelligence from foreign agencies
2785/18 Poland charges ex-govt employee with spying for Russia
2786/18 Estonia says it arrests two on suspicion of spying for Russia
2787/18 Latvian counterintelligence warns against opening KGB archives
2788/18 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
2789/18 Tom Watson: UK on frontier of 'new cold war' that Russia is winning
2790/18 British spies 'hacked into Belgian telecoms firm on ministers' orders'
2791/18 Russian passport leak after Salisbury may reveal spy methods
2792/18 Sajid Javid lodges secrecy application at Russian whistleblower inquest
2793/18 Grossbritanniens Militär will Cyber-Truppe aufrüsten
2794/18 Westminster inquests: Downgrading risk of attacker was 'sound decision' MI5 officer says
2795/18 GCHQ and MoD to form £250m ‘joint cyber-force’
2796/18 Other News From the United Kingdom
2797/18 Österreich drohte Rausschmiss aus Geheimdienst-Klub
2798/18 Die fünf wichtigsten Erkenntnisse aus dem BVT-Ausschuss
2799/18 BVT-Ausschuss geht in eine heiße Phase
2800/18 BVT-Affäre: "Lädt Justiz die gesamte Verantwortung auf sich?"
2801/18 Eine "kollegiale Serviceleistung"
2802/18 Austria asked to take 'trust building measurements'
2803/18 Experte: Strengere Strafen bei Sexualdelikten "völliger Unfug"
2804/18 Kickls Angriff auf die Medienfreiheit
2805/18 Verbot von Wolfsgruß und kroatischen Nazi-Symbolen geplant
2806/18 Brieger will Österreichs Militär als "die bewaffnete Macht" positionieren
2807/18 BVT-U-Ausschuss: Akten-Nachforderung an alle Ministerien beschlossen
2808/18 Other News From Austria
2809/18 Germany unveils growth plan for the Bundeswehr
2810/18 German Cabinet approves new cybersecurity agency
2811/18 Ein Berliner Polizist steht im Verdacht, für die Türkei spioniert zu haben
2812/18 AfD-Mann arbeitet bei Verfassungsschutz
2813/18 "Im Verborgenen Gutes tun"? So arbeitet der Verfassungsschutz
2814/18 Wie der Verfassungsschutz funktioniert
2815/18 German coalition reaches new deal on disputed spy chief
2816/18 Turkey's DİTİB reportedly on German intelligence agency's agenda
2817/18 Other News From Germany
2818/18 Beziehungen Schweiz-Russland bleiben angespannt
2819/18 Äthiopischer Geheimdienst in Berner Amtsstuben?
2820/18 Arglos gegenüber den Agenten
2821/18 Germany drops espionage case against senior Swiss intelligence official
2822/18 Other News From Switzerland
Central/ South America and Caribbean
2823/18 No One’s Supplanting US Military Influence in Latin America
2824/18 Venezuela: is a US-backed 'military option' to oust Maduro gaining favour?
2825/18 Trump officials met with Venezuelan officers to discuss Maduro coup – report
2826/18 Jair Bolsonaro stabbing: knife attack plunges Brazil's election into disarray
2827/18 Other News From South America
2828/18 CSIS spying on anti-pipeline activists? Feds try to pull cloak of secrecy over court case
2829/18 Judge orders indefinite delay in CSIS compensation trial, orders Crown to pay legal costs
2830/18 CSIS looks to shield identities of employees testifying in Abdelrazik case
2831/18 Other News From Canada
The Cyber Battlefield
2832/18 CrowdStrike uncovered a new campaign of GOBLIN PANDA APT aimed at Vietnam
2833/18 Iran-Linked OilRig APT group targets high-ranking office in a Middle Eastern nation
2834/18 Keeping up with the Pentagon in the information age
2835/18 The White House cyber strategy: words must be backed by action
2836/18 Has a cyberattack constituted an act of war? Probably not yet
2837/18 Geheimdienste bloßstellen
2838/18 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
2839/18 ‘Accelerated Warfare’ requires creative responses to new threats
2840/18 South Korean military to upgrade ‘friend or foe’ ID capability
2841/18 Dulles Airport Surprises Passengers with Facial-Recognition Boarding
2842/18 University is now offering degree on how to become a spy
2844/18 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
2845/18 Josef Frantisek: The Battle of Britain's Czech hero
2846/18 Trump Is Repeating Soviet Leaders’ Intel Mistakes
2847/18 "Zilk-Affäre": Ex-Spion Bittman in den USA gestorben
2848/18 Wofür die Stasi sieben Kilometer NS-Akten hortete
2849/18 The KGB Stalked A Snap-Happy French Tourist For Eight Years. But Was He A Spy?
2850/18 Cold War city: A KGB guide to London's Russian spy site
2851/18 The CIA joke-book: US declassifies cache of Soviet jokes
2852/18 Seoul's spy agency drew up report about N.K. involvement right after 1987 KAL bombing
2853/18 Telegram exposes Mossad chief's warnings about Yom Kippur War
2854/18 Nazi spies awarded fake medals after war by their MI5 controller
2855/18 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History
Hot Docs Online, Conferences & Literature
2856/18 From the bookshelf: ‘The perfect weapon’
2857/18 Egypt releases Camp David Accords’ documents for first time
2858/18 Preventing Palestine review: a fine history of Israel's negation of a nation
2859/18 Huge historical archive of mail from captured ships to go online
2860/18 SAS spy's memoir claims he 'probably saved Gorbachev's life'
2861/18 New book looks at CIA program that aided Poland



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