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Table of Contents

1/19 ACIPSS Direktor, Paul Schliefsteiner, mit Beitrag in neuem Jahrbuch Terrorismus 2017/2018
2/19 “Kampfeinsatz für das Gastland” – Journalistischer Beitrag im Geschichtsmagazin DAMALS von Florian Traussnig
3/19 Book Review: The Decline of European Naval Forces: Challenges to Sea Power in an Age of Fiscal Austerity and Political Uncertainty
Hot Spots/Wars
4/19 Is diplomacy on North Korea leading up the garden path and over the cliff?
5/19 China, Huawei, and the Coming Technological Cold War
6/19 The Biggest Nuclear Threats of 2018 Will Follow Us into the New Year
7/19 Egypt: Sinai ‘top priority’ for new military intelligence head
8/19 North Korea: secret missile HQ uncovered as nuclear summit nears
9/19 Other News From Hot Spots
11/19 How the US and China collaborated to get nuclear material out of Nigeria — and away from terrorist groups
12/19 Analysis: Islamic State expanded operations in Somalia in 2018
13/19 Algeria suffers no terrorist bombings in 2018, first time in 26 years
14/19 Other Terrorism News
15/18 Mattis is out, and Blackwater is back: ‘We are coming’
16/18 The Pentagon Has More than 250 Cyber Gaps in Its Networks, Watchdog Says
17/18The US Isn’t Really Leaving Syria and Afghanistan
18/19  Iran's State-Run English TV Channel Claims Its U.S. Anchorwoman Has Been Arrested by the FBI
19/19 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
20/19 Paul Whelan Isn’t a Spy, and Putin Knows It
21/19 Moscow’s Little-Noticed Islamic-Outreach Effort
22/19 Russia in Review: December 12, 2018 - January 16, 2019
23/19 Russia's New Tool for Wielding Information
24/19 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
25/19 Warning Update: Russian Preparations for Military Operations in Ukraine Continue
26/19 Pressefreiheit in der Ukraine: Verschärfungen in Kriegszeiten
27/19 Other News From Ukraine
28/19 Rückkehr nach Thessaloniki
29/19 «Ja, den kenne ich» – türkischer Spion packt aus
30/19 Other News From Turkey
31/19 Israel company admits spying on Emir of Qatar
32/19 Israelischer Ex-Minister gibt Spionage für Iran zu
33/19 Israel nimmt Jugendliche unter Terror- und Mordverdacht fest
Near/Middle East
34/19 America’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East is Not What Pompeo Claimed
35/19 Report: Iran Is Likely Setting Stage for International Phishing Campaign
36/19 EU approves sanctions on Iran’s intelligence service
37/19 Jordanien geht milde mit seinen Salafisten um – denn die Justiz steckt in einem Dilemma
38/19 FBI releases new information on alleged Iranian deep-cover spies
39/19 Alleged Iran-linked APT groups behind global DNS Hijacking campaign
40/19 Other News From Neme
Turmoil in Yemen
41/19 US strike that killed USS Cole plotter first in Yemen in 3 months
42/19 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
43/19 Jihadist group consolidates control in northwestern Syria
44/19 Russia and Iran Prepare For New Syria Battlefield
45/19 Islamic State militants living ‘final moments’ in Syria enclave, SDF official says
46/19 ‘Illusion of safety’ blamed for deaths of four US service members in Syria
47/19 Other News From Syria
48/19 Counterterrorism strikes in Somalia continue, despite reports of a drawdown
49/19 Islamic State arm reportedly seizes Nigerian town
50/19 Sudan denies Russian mercenaries’ involvement in quashing protests
51/19 Suspects in Rwandan spy chief's death 'linked to government'
52/19 Other News From Africa
53/19 New defense intelligence assessment warns China nears critical military milestone
54/19 3 ways China’s military could use cyber in war
55/19 'If you enter a camp, you never come out': inside China's war on Islam
56/19 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
57/19 Taliban publicly rejects talks with Afghan government, again
58/19 Pashtun nationalism and the American withdrawal from Afghanistan
59/19 Indian Forces kill top terror commander wanted in Jammu and Kashmir
60/19 SAS member helped secure Nairobi hotel complex
61/19 Afghanistan vor dramatischer Wende
62/19 Other News From API
63/19 Personal details of roughly 1000 North Korean defectors leaked in hacking case.
64/19 Is ‘radar feud’ sign of future military confrontation between South Korea and Japan?
65/19 South Korea: hackers compromised Defense Acquisition Program Administration PCs
66/19 CIA has maintained secret communication with North Korea for 10 years
67/19 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
68/19 Intelligence oversight or out of sight? Recommendations for legislative review
Europe (Geograph.)
69/19 EU sanctions senior Russian intelligence officials over Salisbury poisonings
70/19 British charity worker arrested on spying charges in Greece
71/19 Iran soll verantwortlich für zwei Morde in den Niederlanden sein
72/19 EU setzt iranischen Geheimdienst auf Terrorliste
73/19 North Korean ambassador to Rome missing since November, says Seoul
74/19 Slowakischer Ex-Geheimdienster in Mali entführt
75/19 Spanish judge broadens probe into 20-year illegal wiretap network
76/19 Huawei fires Chinese employee arrested in Poland for spying
77/19 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
78/19 MI5 named among top LGBT-inclusive employers
79/19 Russia accuses BBC of promoting terrorist propaganda
80/19 Hunt warns Russia not to play games with Briton on spying charge
81/19 Home Office under fire for blocking new spy watchdog
82/19 UK academic says was forced by UAE to confess to spying charges
83/19 GCHQ sets up all-female cyber-training classes
84/19 Hundreds of MI5 officers prepare for Brexit violence in Northern Ireland
85/19 Other News From the United Kingdom
86/19 Spionagefall: Ex-Offizier bleibt weiterhin in Haft
87/19 Gehring neuer Verdächtiger in BVT-Affäre
88/19 Neue BVT-Führungspositionen ausgeschrieben
89/19 Mehr Überwachung durch Militär und BVT sorgt für Kritik
90/19 BVT-Ausschuss macht einen Monat Pause
91/19 Die besondere Arbeit des Herrn P.
92/19 Other News From Austria
93/18 Daten von Hunderten Politikern veröffentlicht
94/19 Einzeltäter hinter Hackerangriff
95/19 Spione studieren jetzt woanders
96/19 Der Hackerangriff bringt Deutschlands Cyber-Abwehr in Erklärungsnöte
97/19 Partei unter der Lupe
98/19 Bundesanwaltschaft ermittelt gegen mutmaßliche Iran-Agenten
99/19 AfD empört über Veröffentlichung ihres Geheimdienst-Gutachtens
100/19 Other News From Germany
101/19 Ehemaliger Geheimdienstchef sagt, die Schweiz sei für schönes Wetter aufgestellt
Central/ South America and Caribbean
102/19 Brazil’s oil revenue is set to fuel multibillion-dollar warship program
103/19 Venezuela claims it has foiled attempted military uprising
104/19 Geheimdienst verhaftete Parlamentschef
105/19 Venezuelan government quells armed uprising by National Guard troops in Caracas
106/19 General to head Brazilian spy agency in Bolsonaro’s military-dominated cabinet
107/19 Other News From South America
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
108/19 The FBI is Trying Amazon’s Facial-Recognition Software
109/19 US Spies Want to Know How to Spot Compromised AI
110/19 Russia’s Special Operators Are Getting Futuristic Mini-Subs
111/19 Neuer Geheimdienst-Studiengang in München
112/19 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
113/19 The Truth About the Soviet War in Afghanistan
114/19 Soldier, spy: more details of Vladimir Putin's past revealed
115/19 Coups and murder: the sinister world of apartheid’s secret mercenaries
116/19 For Your Spies Only: Cold War Prisoner Swaps
117/19 The Nazi Spy Tactic That Almost Destroyed Britain’s Economy
118/19 The Extraordinary Bravery That Made This Woman One of World War II's Most Remarkable Spies
119/19 Tony Mendez, the real CIA spy behind Argo, dies aged 78
120/19 BND, Chile-Putsch und viele offene Fragen
121/19 Wahrsagerin Helen Duncan als „Hexe“ verhaftet
122/19 Wie die Stasi die westdeutsche Neonazi-Szene unterwanderte
123/19 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History


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