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Table of Contents

724/18 Interview: "Jeder Dienst spielt nur sein Ministerialspiel"
725/18 BVT-Affäre: Sorge um Ruf der Geheimdienste
726/18 Je mehr private Waffen, desto wahrscheinlicher ein Amoklauf
727/18 "Zuviel an Polizeiarbeit macht Dauerstress"
728/18 Staatskrise? Nicht doch
729/18 Mittag in Österreich – Siegrfried Beer über Geheimdienste
730/18 Ö1 Mittagsjournal - Was ist das BVT?
731/18 Ö1 Morgenjournal - Geheimdienst-Experte: Kein Sicherheitsproblem
732/18 Report: Geheimdienst im Zwielicht
733/18 Steiermark Heute - BVT-Affäre sorgt für Aufregung
734/18 Russian spy: What we know so far
735/18 Woman poised to become first female CIA chief, ran controversial ‘black site’ prison
736/18 Turkey refuses to release Greek border guards in spy row
737/18 I5 agents can commit crime in UK, government reveals
738/18 Ex-President Lee admitted to having accepted money from spy agency: prosecution
739/18 Venezuela jails Hugo Chavez's ex-spy chief
740/18 Die Chronik einer Geheimdienstaffäre
Hot Spots/Wars
741/18 'Disastrous' Libyan intervention was France's Iraq war, says aid veteran
742/18 4 Egyptian troops killed amid Sinai operation
743/18 War games: a timeline of North Korea’s nuclear weapons development
744/18 Denuclearization roadmap should be made before April summit
745/18 Other News From Hot Spots
NSA Special/Edward Snowden Leaks
746/18 Leaked NSA dump contains tools developed by NSA Territorial Dispute to track state-sponsored hackers
747/18 CYBERCOM Chief Nominee Plans Recommendation on NSA Split Within Three Months
748/18 NSA director nominee promises not to hide spying programs from Congress
749/18 Other NSA News
750/18 European Commission requests IT firms to remove ‘Terror Content’ within an hour
751/18 Podcast: The Rise of African Jihadism
752/18 US lists Shabaab’s leader in Kenya, wanted commander as global terrorists
753/18 Other Terrorism News
754/18 Trump CIA pick’s links to torture to fuel confirmation battle
755/18 Reddit infiltrated by Russian propaganda in run-up to US election
756/18 Who to believe on UK spy attack: official condemnation or Trump's equivocation?
757/18 Coats rolls out overhaul of top intelligence office
758/18 GOP senators demand special counsel to probe FBI-Steele dossier decisions
759/18 Pro Publica retracts waterboarding claim about Trump’s CIA pick Gina Haspel
760/18 Devin Nunes: US intelligence agencies 'spinning in circles' on Russia
761/18 Who Is Mike Pompeo? CIA Director, Kansas Congressman Named Secretary Of State
762/18 The Nunes memo fiasco shows how politicians troll the media
763/18 FBI deputy director is fired two days before retirement
764/18 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
765/18 Can Russia easily take the Baltics? Not likely, says US general
767/18 If War Comes, Russia Could Disconnect from the Internet. Yes, the Entire Country
768/18 Russians’ view of spy poisoning: ‘We are the world’s scapegoat’
769/18 Russian broadcaster RT could be forced off UK airwaves
770/18 Putin: Russia will 'never' extradite 13 nationals indicted by Mueller
771/18 Spy poisoning: why Putin may have engineered gruesome calling card
772/18 Moldovan ex-MP sentenced to 14 years in prison for espionage for Russia
773/18 Russia: the counter-intelligence state
774/18 Moldova’s Conflict: Unfreezing, In a Good Way?
775/18 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
776/18 Neo-Nazi groups recruit Britons to fight in Ukraine
777/18 Kiev plans to prevent Russians in Ukraine from voting in Russian election
778/18 NATO provides Ukraine with aspirant country status
779/18 Peacekeeping in Ukraine’s Donbas: Opportunities and risks
780/18 Ukraine accuses war hero lawmaker of planning attack on parliament
781/18 Other News From Ukraine
782/18 Denmark charges Turkish informants as spies
783/18 Turkey’s top court says journalist Dündar should be tried on espionage charges
784/18 US priest Brunson faces prison for espionage, aiding FETÖ, PKK terrorist groups
785/18 Other News From Turkey
786/18 Top secret document about IDF capabilities posted online
788/18 Mossad venture arm makes first investments in spy tech
790/18 Israeli Watchdog: Poor Coordination Among Police, Army and Security Service Hurts West Bank Investigations
791/18 Other News From Israel
Near/Middle East
793/18 Iraq's Abadi inducts Iran-linked militias into security forces
794/18 Lebanon Special Tribunal says enough evidence to proceed in case against Hezbollah suspects
795/18 Al Jazeera dismisses calls to be registered as foreign agent
796/18 Egypt publishes phone numbers for citizens to report ‘media lies’
797/18 Other News From Neme
IS Battleground
798/18 IS Might Plan an Attack on Kirkuk: Report
Turmoil in Yemen
799/18 UAE ‘Operation Sweeping Torrent’ unleashed in Yemen
800/18 Johnson: UK, Saudi to strengthen UN inspection regime for Yemen
801/18 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
803/18 Russia’s Favorite Syrian Warlord
804/18 Other News From Syria
805/18 JNIM confirms deaths of co-founder, senior leaders in French raids
806/18 African Union Bugged by China: Cyber Espionage as Evidence of Strategic Shifts
807/18 State surveillance labelled threat to journalism after local reporter spied on
808/18 Other News From Africa
809/18 China’s big-data big brother
810/18 What we know about China’s increased defense spending in 2018
811/18 Suspected Chinese Cyber Espionage Group (TEMP.Periscope) Targeting U.S. Engineering and Maritime Industries
812/18 Chinese Intelligence Agencies Are Doctoring the Country's Vulnerability Database
813/18 New spy images reveal shocking extent of UNCHECKED Chinese expansion in South China Sea
814/18 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
815/18 Turkistan Islamic Party highlights joint raids with the Afghan Taliban
817/18 Other News From API
818/18 North Korean Hidden Cobra APT targets Turkish financial industry with new Bankshot malware
819/18 Analyse South Korea before turning to North Korea
820/18 Muslim Cyber Army: a 'fake news' operation designed to derail Indonesia's leader
821/18 US says North Korea assassinated Kim Jong-nam with chemical weapon
822/18 Spy Chief Briefs Abe on Meeting with Kim Jong-un
823/18 Japan will also have chance to normalize relations with N. Korea
824/18 Tending to the neighbors
825/18 Moon to Send Spy Chief, Security Adviser as Special Envoys to N. Korea
826/18 Park's Former Spy Chiefs Stand Trial over Bribery Charges
827/18 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
828/18 Defence says no to WeChat
829/18 Australia and Timor-Leste sign historic maritime border treaty
830/18 Espionage bill still threatens many despite defences for media, Law Council says
831/18 Australian spy who revealed bugging of Timor-Leste cabinet under 'effective house arrest'
832/18 Other News From ANZ
Europe (Geograph.)
833/18 Danish defense minister: Deterring Russia on the cyber battlefield
834/18 Czech protesters inflamed by police role for Communist MP
835/18 Italy police arrest man suspected of making bombs for possible kindergarten attack
836/18 Dutch intel agency: Volume, complexity of cyberattacks rises
837/18 Spy stories to forget the fight against corruption?
838/18 Tech-savvy Green MP does about-face on expanded intelligence proposal
839/18 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
840/18 EXCLUSIVE: Huge rise in Britain's secretive arms sales to Saudi Arabia
841/18 Amber Rudd orders inquiry into Russia-linked deaths in UK
842/18 The sleepy medieval city at the heart of the Russia spy attack is a UK military hub
843/18 Cold War Tactics Return to Britain
844/18 Ex-GCHQ boss: All the ways to go after Russia. Why pick cyberwar?
845/18 Other News From the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
846/18 How many murders can a police informer get away with?
847/18 Previously secret guidance on MI5’s use of agents who engage in crime published
848/18 Threat level to Great Britain from Northern Ireland-related terrorism downgraded
849/18 Northern Ireland parents giving kids drugs before being shot by paramilitaries, says police chief
850/18 PPS appeals jail term for loyalist supergrass Gary Haggarty
851/18 Ombudsman clears former RUC commander of collusion over Loughinisland killings
852/18 Man charged with murder of Colin Horner granted bail
853/18 Counter-terrorism powers affected by Brexit outlined by Government
854/18 Kathleen Thompson inquest: Ballistic experts attest to impossibility of Soldier D's account Kathleen Thompson
855/18 Man ‘active in IRA service unit’ is granted bail
856/18 One man charged and another arrested over Vinnie Ryan murder
857/18 PSNI seize electronic devices in Derry as part of INLA investigation
858/18 Dessie O'Hare to stand trial accused of false imprisonment and threatening a man's life
859/18 Dissident ‘intended to plead guilty to charges’
860/18 Ex-UDA boss Boreland 'executed' outside home by loyalist paramilitaries, court hears
861/18 Daniel Hegarty: Court quashes 'no prosecution' ruling
862/18 Northern Ireland man Robinson pleads not guilty to murder of prison officer Adrian Ismay
863/18 Other News From Northern Ireland
864/18 Warum Kickl den BVT-Chef nicht leicht loswird
865/18 Geheimdienst: Sondersitzung am 19. März
866/18 Hausdurchsuchung dürfte Fall für die Gerichte werden
867/18 Innenminister Kickl zu BVT: "Wir wollen keine Superbehörde"
868/18 Nach der Affäre: So angeschlagen ist das BVT
869/18 Heeresvertre­ter: "Brauchen zusätzliche 500 Stichschutzwes­ten"
870/18 Gridling: "Bin mir keiner Schuld bewusst"
871/18 Wachsoldat erschoss Messerangreifer in Wien
872/18 Polizei: Brisanter Prozess um Telefonüberwachungen
873/18 Other News From Austria
874/18 Merkel besetzt Geheimdienst-Posten neu – Sicherheitsbehörden skeptisch über „Greenhorns"
875/18 Cyber-Espionage Hits Berlin
876/18 Germany weighs up Vietnam spymaster link to abduction
877/18 Fehlende Unterstützung: Landtag bricht Wahl des Datenschützers ab
878/18 Streit um AfD-Beobachtung
879/18 Geheimdienste erwägen Materialsammlung
880/18 „Das Krisenmanagement ist katastrophal“
881/18 Anschläge auf Kulturzentren
882/18 Integrationsbeauftragter wertet Anschläge auf Moscheen als Terror
883/18 CDU-Geheimdienstexperte will AfD-Auslandskontakte durch BND aufklären lassen
884/18 Other News From Germany
885/18 Dozens of asylum seekers posed a threat, says intelligence service
886/18 More spies visiting Switzerland as diplomats
887/18 Other News From Switzerland
Central/ South America and Caribbean
888/18 Argentina's ex-president Fernández to face trial over alleged bombing cover-up
889/18 Berta Cáceres murder: ex-Honduran military intelligence officer arrested
890/18 Other News From South America
891/18 Wark: What Canada should do about Russia's new aggression
892/18 Ottawa’s privacy watchdog wants limits on spies’ information collecting powers
893/18 CSIS forced to show hand to Peshdary defence team on eve of terrorism trial
894/18 Other News From Canada
The Cyber Battlefield
895/18 DPA Report: Russia-linked APT28 group hacked Germany’s government network
896/18 Kaspersky – Sofacy ‘s campaigns overlap with other APT groups’ operations
897/18 Olympic Destroyer, alleged artifacts and false flag make attribution impossible
898/18 How will new cybersecurity norms develop?
899/18 Cyber-enabled information and influence operations—it’s not just Russia
900/18 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Anti-Terror Law and Human Rights
901/18 Whatever Happened to Trump’s Counterterrorism Strategy?
902/18 UK terrorism arrests soar but most released without charge, figures show
903/18 EXCLUSIVE: How police counter-terror chief was courted by 'Islamophobic' think tank
904/18 Spanish anti-terror law has 'chilling effect' on satire, says Amnesty International
905/18 EU will Zusammenarbeit der Großstädte bei Terrorabwehr
906/18 Other News Concerning Anti-Terror Legislation
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
907/18 Novichok: nerve agent produced at only one site in Russia, says expert
908/18 Has the cold war idea of 'spy etiquette' disappeared?
909/18 What does the poisoning of a former spy say about modern espionage?
910/18 US intel chief: North Korea is the ‘hardest intelligence collection target’
911/18 Are Cold War Spy-Craft Norms Fading?
912/18 How Russia spies in the UK
913/18 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
914/18 ‘We lost half our embassy’: how Russia retaliated in 1985 spy row
915/18 Russia's Lab X: poison factory that helped silence Soviets' critics
916/18 Poisoned umbrellas and polonium: Russian-linked UK deaths
917/18 Egypt Intelligence Service provided weapons to rogue Qatari officers in failed 1996 coup attempt Jazeera
918/18 International Women's Day: The 93-year-old spy still keeping war secrets
919/18 Ausspioniert und bespitzelt: Skandale im staatspolizeilichen Dienst
920/18 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History
Hot Docs Online, Conferences & Literature
921/18 Feinstein calls on CIA to declassify documents detailing Haspel’s ties to torture program
922/18 The treacherous relationship between Pakistan’s intelligence agency and the CIA
925/18 OSCE PA President Tsereteli’s statement on Skripal case in United Kingdom
926/18 Luke Harding picks five books that expose the secret world of spies
927/18 The CIA, the Vietnam deserters and the aptly named Operation Chaos
928/18 REINHARD GEHLEN : Der Mann hinter der Maske



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