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Table of Contents

1122/18 19. 4. Neue Forschungen zur Rolle von Widerstand und Geheimdiensten im Zweiten Weltkrieg
1123/18 Zeitgeschichtetag 2018: Staat und Terrorismus im Kalten Krieg
1124/18 After Cambridge Analytica Facebook COO Sandberg admits other possible misuses
1125/18 Kosovo parliament to probe arrest and deportation of Turkish nationals
1126/18 Novichok used in spy poisoning, chemical weapons watchdog confirms
1127/18 Justice Department Watchdog Faults McCabe for Lack of Candor
1228/18 GCHQ reveals ISIS was the target of its first major cyber attack
1129/18 Declassified documents reopen wounds of secret police ‘parallel state’ in Romania
1130/18 Russia spied on Skripal and daughter for at least five years - UK
1131/18 Syria: US, UK and France launch strikes in response to chemical attack
Hot Spots/Wars
1132/18 20 dead, civilians protest following Indian counter-terror operation in Kashmir
1133/18 'Gaddafi has come back to haunt him': In Libya, all eyes on the Sarkozy affair
1134/18 North Korea will discuss denuclearization, US official says
1135/18 US State Secretary Nominee: Resolving N. Korea Nuke Issue Top Priority
1136/18 Other News From Hot Spots
NSA Special/Edward Snowden Leaks
1137/18 Cyber Command has a role, but Pentagon leaders struggle to define it
1138/18 Alleged NSA leaker seeks to subpoena major cybersecurity companies, intel agencies
1139/18 Other NSA News
1140/18 Counterterrorism Yearbook 2018: West Africa and the Sahel
1141/18 Counterterrorism Yearbook 2018: Southeast Asia
1142/18 Counterterrorism Yearbook 2018: the Philippines
1143/18 Other Terrorism News
1144/18 Trump’s new national security team
1145/18 Mike Pompeo confirms he was interviewed by Robert Mueller
1146/18 Trump not considered criminal target in Mueller's Russia inquiry – reports
117/18 Gina Haspel’s nomination to head CIA faces some opposition in Senate
1148/18 Congressional Hearing Focuses on Espionage
1149/18 Ex-Russian spy reportedly worked on Moscow Trump Tower deal as Donald ran for president
1150/18 A Suspected Russian Spy, With Curious Ties to Washington
1151/18 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
1152/18 In AI, Russia Is Hustling to Catch Up
1153/18 How to Deal With Russian Information Warfare? Ask Sweden’s Subhunters
1154/18 Moscow court bans Telegram messaging app
1155/18 Facebook removes more than 100 accounts linked to Russian troll factory
1156/18 Russian counter-propaganda exploiting UK weaknesses over spy poisoning
1157/18 Alice in Wonderland and Midsomer Murders: Moscow's alternative theories for Skripal case
1158/18 Russland ist in Wahrheit stark verwestlicht"
1160/18 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
1161/18 Former Trump aide approved 'black ops' to help Ukraine president
1162/18 Wer zündelt im Karpatenvorland?
1163/18 Other News From Ukraine
1164/18 Kosovo is only the start of anti-Gülen operations – opinion
1165/18 Draft agreements on protection of classified information and intelligence service coordinated by service men of Kazakhstan and Turkey
1166/18 Turkish secret services extradite Gülenists from Gabon
1167/18 Jailed journalist Ilıcak appears in court on espionage charges
1168/18 Turkish secret services seized 80 Gülenists overseas – government
1169/18 Arrest warrant, red notice issued for Can Dündar in espionage case
1170/18 Russischer Geheimdienst: Türkei half bei Verhinderung eines Terroranschlags in Russland
1171/18 Bericht: Türkei übergab Mohamed M. dem IS
1172/18 Other News From Turkey
1173/18 Ex-Mossad agent: Egypt benefits from Israel’s intelligence capabilities
1174/18 Mossad chief: 100% certain Iran seeks nuclear bomb
1176/18 Israel says slain journalist was a Hamas spy. The U.S. had just approved a grant for his company.
1177/18 Other News From Israel
Near/Middle East
1178/18 APT33 devised a code injection technique dubbed Early Bird to evade detection by anti-malware tools
1179/18 Analysis: An Iranian SAM in the Arabian Peninsula
1180/18 Other News From Neme
IS Battleground
1181/18 US-led coalition says ‘much work remains to defeat’ to ISIS
1182/18 Analysis: A premature declaration of victory in Syria?
1183/18 Other News From The IS Battleground
Turmoil in Yemen
1184/18 Houthi leader says group developing its military capabilities
1185/18 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
1186/18 Israel kills Iranian Guard Corps members in Syria
1188/18 Mattis Confirms Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria, But No Trump Decision to Strike Yet
1189/18 Report: Russia has been jamming US drones in Syria for weeks
1190/18 Syria chemical attack 'staged' with help of foreign secret service: Russia
1191/18 CIA Director: 'Couple Hundred Russians' Killed In February U.S. Assault In Syria
1192/18 Other News From Syria
1193/18 Inhofe wants new adviser brigade in Africa
1194/18 US continues to disrupt Shabaab’s attack campaign
1195/18 French forces confirm joint operation against Islamic State-loyal militants
1196/18 Tuareg alliance reports more clashes with Islamic State-loyal militants
1197/18 North Africa: Cyber Spies Targetting Middle East, North Africa
1198/18  Other News From Africa
1199/18 Careful what you wish for—change and continuity in China’s cyber threats (part 1)
1200/18 Careful what you wish for—change and continuity in China’s cyber threat activities (part 2)
1201/18 Expose — and Hinder — China’s Actions in the South China Sea
1202/18 'Impossible': China denies planning military base in Vanuatu
1203/18 Will China turn Taiwan into the next Crimea?
1204/18 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
1205/18 Afghan mission releases district-level assessments
1206/18 Islamic Jihad Union conducts joint raid with the Taliban
1207/18 India backs down over plan to ban journalists for 'fake news'
1208/18 Punjab Police foils ISI-backed agents' attempt to disrupt IPL: Intelligence sources
1209/18 Meerut: Intelligence agencies on high alert ahead of Ambedkar Jayanti
1210/18 Other News From API
1211/18 North Korea-Linked Lazarus APT suspected for online Casino assault
1212/18 South and North Korea wrap-up first round of working-level talks on summit preparations
1214/18 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
1215/18 Australia’s offensive cyber capability
1216/18 'Intelligence activity' warning
1217/18 Malcolm Turnbull concedes tensions with China over foreign interference laws
1218/18 Other News From ANZ
Europe (Geograph.)
1219/18 How Italy should streamline its military, according to one think tank
1221/18 Leftwing 'anarchist terror cell' is fiction, French judges rule
1222/18 EU urged to act over social media and fake news
1223/18 Head of Kosovo Intelligence Agency resigns
1224/18 FYR Macedonia apologises to German man over CIA rendition
1226/18 Danish intelligence agency storing sensitive data in secret database
1227/18 First trial of a Chinese citizen spying on the Tibetan Diaspora in Sweden
1228/18 Mit Spionen gegen Ungarns Zivilgesellschaft
1229/18 Französische Geheimdienste: Besorgnis über Polizisten und Soldaten in ultrarechten Gruppierungen
1230/18 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
1231/18 Belhaj case: UK ordered to hand over file on Libyan torture
1232/18 REVEALED: UK admits contact with Libyan group linked to Manchester bomber
1233/18 GCHQ chief condemns ‘reckless’ Kremlin over Salisbury attack
1234/18 Facebook among 30 organisations in UK political data inquiry
1235/18 Russia tested nerve agent on door handles before Skripal attack, UK dossier claims
1236/18 Spy poisoning: minister defends not sharing full intelligence with Corbyn
1237/18 Salisbury attack: what has the UK said and what evidence does it have?
1238/18 Other News From the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
1239/18 British Army Knew About IRA ‘Unknowns’ Months Before Disappearances Began
1240/18 Five arrests in "significant" anti-INLA operation
1241/18 Breakaway dissident group issues 'execution' threat
1242/18 Police officers and soldiers connected to loyalist killings, court told
1243/18 UVF, UDA and Red Hand Commando 'are turning backs on crime'
1244/18 IRA victim's dad loses bid to charge 'Stakeknife'
1245/18 Exclusive: Face of ex-soldier who murdered Patrick Kielty's dad
1246/18 Man who went on run while facing trial for murder of dissident republican arrested in Spain
1247/18 Seven men charged over dissident march in Lurgan
1248/18 UDA threatens Belfast-based journalist
1249/18 Other News From Northern Ireland
1250/18 Why Austria seems to be cozying up to Russia
1251/18 U-Ausschuss zum BVT: Noch keine Einigung der Oppositionsparteien
1252/18 Terror-Prozess: "Deradikalisierung ist kein Sprint"
1253/18 Kickl beharrt auf Verlängerung der Grenzkontrollen
1254/18 Sicherheitspaket bekommt nur ein "außerparlamentarisches" Hearing
1255/18 BVT-Affäre: Neos nehmen das Innenressort ins Visier
1256/18 Other News From Austria
1257/18 Journalistenverband: Behörden müssen türkische Journalisten in Deutschland schützen
1258/18 MAD führt mehr als 430 Ermittlungen wegen Rechtsextremismus
1259/18 Auch islamistische Verdachtsfälle
1260/18 Die Zahlenspiele des Verfassungsschutzes
1261/18 Maaßen: Bedrohung durch Wirtschaftsspionage hat zugenommen
1262/18 Razzia in Deutschland gegen Reichsbürger
1263/18 Other News From Germany
1264/18 Swiss intelligence service to be led by senior military
1265/18 Eine neue Behörde kontrolliert den Nachrichtendienst – die Frage ist nur, wie effektiv
1266/18 Künftiger NDB-Chef sollte «von aussen» kommen
1267/18 Neuer Chef beim Nachrichtendienst
1268/18 Other News From Switzerland
Central/ South America and Caribbean
1269/18 Other News From South America
1270/18 Canada fails to grasp scale of social media 'bot' use in politics, academics warn
The Cyber Battlefield
1271/18 Cyber needs to be centre stage for every world leader, minister and business CEO
1272/18 Iran hit by cyber attack that left US flag on screens
1273/18 Cyber-Espionage Groups Are Increasingly Leveraging Routers in Their Attacks
1274/18 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Anti-Terror Law and Human Rights
1275/18 Inside the Google of Counter-Terrorism
1276/18 Other News Concerning Anti-Terror Legislation
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
1277/18 A rare insight into cyber espionage: Dutch intelligence and two Russian bears
1278/18 Technology investors can profit from the new Cold War
1279/18 Killer robots': AI experts call for boycott over lab at South Korea university
1280/18 Foreign Spies on Target US Colleges in Search of Secrets
1281/18 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
1282/18 5 Of The Most Dangerous Spy Plane Missions In US Military History
1283/18 The secret on the ocean floor
1284/18 Politischer Horror und private Melancholie – Julia Kristeva war eine äusserst schwierige Geheimdienstmitarbeiterin
1285/18 Carlos – der Schakal des Kalten Krieges in Budapest
1286/18 Tolle Spione
1287/18 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History
Hot Docs Online, Conferences & Literature
1288/18 From the bookshelf: Understanding India and China’s evolving Indian Ocean roles
1289/18 This Pentagon Paper Explains Why the Trump Administration Is Reining In Tech Trade with China
1290/18 The key points from James Comey's explosive book


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