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Table of Contents

1291/18 8.-10.6. Konferenz: New Perspectives on the Role of Intelligence in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe
1292/18 Trump backtracks, delays release of JFK assassination records until at least 2021
1293/18 Mike Pompeo narrowly approved for secretary of state by Senate committee
1294/18 Report: Hit on Hamas engineer was ordered by Mossad to hinder N.Korean-related project
1295/18 Senate Democrats demand information on Trump CIA nominee
1296/18 CIA Director Pompeo secretly met with Kim Jong Un in North Korea
1297/18 Security leak about spy agency referred to AFP, Labor raises concerns with Government
1298/18 Golan: Bundesheersoldaten ließen Syrer in den Tod fahren
Hot Spots/Wars
1299/18 5 lessons Trump can take from the Iran deal for the North Korea summit
1300/18 ANALYSIS: Could Haftar's illness spark a new power struggle in Libya?
1301/18 Egypt fight against Islamic State could spark humanitarian crisis, says HRW
1302/18 US and Russian nuclear arsenals set to be unchecked for first time since 1972
1303/18 Blauhelme bleiben immer wieder nur Zeugen großer Verbrechen
1304/18 Other News From Hot Spots
NSA Special/Edward Snowden Leaks
1305/18 Senate confirms new head of Cyber Command, NSA
1306/18 NSA Responds to ISO Crypto Standard Furore
1307/18 New NSA Director Could Turn Out to be a Reformer, But We Need More Answers
1308/18 Other NSA News
1309/18 Counterterrorism Yearbook 2018: the Middle East
1310/18 Counterterrorism Yearbook 2018: North Africa
1311/18 Other Terrorism News
1312/18 CIA rethinks how to protect operatives’ digital lives
1313/18 Pompeo’s Secret Korea Trip May Not Save His Nomination, But It Could Save Trump’s Summit
1314/18 Rep. Conaway: Intel agencies ‘over-redacted’ Russia investigation findings
1315/18 Gina Haspel assumes role of acting CIA director after Pompeo confirmation
1316/18 Gina Haspel must give answers before becoming the CIA boss
1317/18 Fixing a weakened espionage brand
1318/18 Wray: FBI's brand 'couldn't be higher' outside the Beltway
1319/18 CIA Defends Haspel’s Role in Destruction of Tapes
1320/18 Alleged NSA leaker seizes on Comey memos
1321/18 CIA nominee to pledge not to restart detention, interrogation programs: sources
1322/18 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
1323/18 US and UK blame Russia for 'malicious' cyber-offensive
1324/18 Russia blocks millions of IP addresses in battle against Telegram app
1325/18 Russia spread fake news via Twitter bots after Salisbury poisoning – analysis
1326/18 Moscow accuses British secret services of poisoning ex-spy
1327/18 Ein Messenger führt die russischen Behörden vor
1328/18 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
1329/18 How Yanukovych facilitated the annexation of Crimea
1330/18 Other News From Ukraine
1331/18 Bosnia rejects Turkish extradition request against alleged 'Gulenists'
1332/18 Turkey sentences 14 Cumhuriyet journalists to prison
1333/18 Turkish court rejects appeal for release of Greece's spy soldiers
1334/18 FETÖ's Gabon trio formally arrested for espionage, terrorism
1335/18 Other News From Turkey
1336/18 Alleged Israeli spy sentenced to death in Algeria
1337/18 Israeli secret service ran fake luxury beach resort as front for smuggling Jewish refugees from Sudan
1338/18 Want to join the Mossad?
1339/18 Other News From Israel
Near/Middle East
1340/18 Middle East most dangerous region for journalism
1341/18 Iran warns Israeli bases are within reach as pair lock horns over Syria
1342/18 Bahrain: New Evidence in Qatar Spy Case, Verdict Expected in June
1343/18 Other News From Neme
IS Battleground
1344/18 No ISIS targets is no longer a problem for Central Command
1345/18 Analysis: Islamic State spokesman says ‘new phase’ of jihad has begun
1346/18 Other News From The IS Battleground
Turmoil in Yemen
1347/18 As Senate probes Yemen role, US quietly continues strikes
1348/18 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
1349/18 Missile strikes are not a Syria strategy
1350/18 Syria a symptom of a broken international order
1351/18 Who learned more from the strikes in Syria ― America or Russia?
1352/18 Other News From Syria
1353/18 African Land Forces Summit bolsters partnerships in fight against transregional threats
1354/18 Islamic State-loyal militants claim attacks in Burkina Faso
1355/18 Angolan president sacks armed forces, spy bosses in latest purge
1356/18 Other News From Africa
1357/18 Incoming US Pacific Command chief wants to increase presence near China
1358/18 China using students as spies
1359/18 China wants to catch foreign spies with an English spy catcher site
1360/18 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
1361/18 In Helmand, Taliban dominates security situation
1362/18 State urges Taliban yet again to ‘run for office’
1363/18 Pakistan moves jailed doctor who helped track bin Laden
1364/18 Other News From API
1365/18 How to negotiate with North Korea
1366/18 Why DoD is starting a new cyber cell on the Korean Peninsula
1367/18 Court upholds prison term for ex-NIS head
1368/18 Cambodian journalists charged with espionage denied bail
1369/18 Reuters: Korean Intelligence Chiefs Arrange Pompeo's Visit to N. Korea
1370/18 South Korea's spy chief plays key role in historic meeting with North
1371/18 As two Koreas shake hands, Hidden Cobra hackers wage espionage campaign
1372/18 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
1373/18 Do we need ‘command historians’ in the ADF?
1374/18 Content and ideas + cyber—the sleeper in our national security defences
1375/18 The Defence Industrial Capability Plan—two steps forward
1376/18 ANALYSIS: NZ lacks informed public debate on spying
1377/18 New Zealand Security Intelligence Service recruiting new spies
1378/18 ASIS boss Paul Symon defends handling of top-secret Balibo documents
1379/18 Other News From ANZ
Europe (Geograph.)
1380/18 Czech intelligence works out report on Novichok for Zeman
1381/18 Former president Basescu: Protocols with intel service SRI, not outcome of generals' thinking
1382/18 Lawyer: Spy-accused Frode Berg does not plead guilty, but admits being courier
1383/18 KP Director Shpend Maxhuni appointed as head Kosovo Intelligence Agency
1385/18 Former Polish MP charged with spying for Russia, China: report
1386/18 Tibetan Charged in Sweden Denies Spying For China
1387/18 Dutch spies tipped off NSA that Russia was hacking the Democrats, new reports claim
1388/18 Der ungesühnte Mord
1389/18 Niederländische Kontrollkommission sieht Defizite in der europäischen Geheimdienstkooperation
1390/18 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
1391/18 UK intelligence could be used for unlawful drone strikes, warns Amnesty
1392/18 RT faces seven new investigations in aftermath of Salisbury poisoning
1393/18 Fake news inquiry raises concerns over targeting of voters in Brexit referendum
1394/18 GCHQ warns public ‘absolute protection not possible’ as it briefs power and transport firms on cyber attacks
1395/18 Scotland shores up cyber defences after intelligence agencies issue warning about Russian hackers
1396/18 Other News From the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
1397/18 The Last Testament of a Former I.R.A. Terrorist
1398/18 Probe into murder of SDLP woman's dad reopened after loyalist killer passes on information
1399/18 Former soldiers to stand trial for killing of Official IRA man.
1400/18 Brother of murdered British soldier set for access to police documents in investigation bid
1401/18 Alleged UDA boss to face trial on terror charges
1402/18 Raymond McCreesh: the man behind IRA playground row
1403/18 Former soldiers willing to assist Ballymurphy massacre inquest
1404/18 '158 security-related deaths' since Good Friday Agreement
1405/18 Teenager Marian Brown 'most likely shot dead by soldier'
1406/18 €1.1m seized from associates of 'Slab' goes to State
1407/18 Other News From Northern Ireland
1408/18 Neue Anzeige von Pilz gegen Moscheeverein ATIB
1409/18 Linzer FPÖ-Vizebürgermeister hat Einreiseverbot in der Ukraine
1410/18 Zwei U-Ausschüsse im Parlament fix
1411/18 Hausdurchsuchungen bei Rechtsextremen
1412/18 BVT-Zeugen mit FPÖ-Nähe
1413/18 2017 gab es mehr als 1000 rechtsextreme Straftaten
1414/18 Zeugen in BVT-Affäre: ÖVP-Klub hat Daten nicht bekommen
1415/18 Fall BVT: "Eine Art Verfolgungswahn"
1416/18 Tote am Golan: "Befehl lautete: nicht einmischen"
1417/18 Other News From Austria
1418/18 Vietnamese on trial in Berlin over kidnapping of ex-oil executive
1419/18 Vietnamesischer Geheimdienst plante Entführung über Monate
1420/18 Datenpanne beim Verfassungsschutz
1421/18 NSU-Umfeld plante weitere Anschläge in Nürnberg
1422/18 Der Feind im Netz Spionage auf LinkedIn! So erkennen Sie Fake-Profile
1423/18 Other News From Germany
1424/18 Switzerland: Campaign against 'welfare detectives' gets support of thousands
Central/ South America and Caribbean
1425/18 Other News From South America
1426/18 Canada to pull diplomats' families from Cuba embassy amid mysterious illness
1427/18 Goodale deflects questions about former terror suspect's lawsuit
The Cyber Battlefield
1428/18 Portugal, Australia to join NATO cyber center
1429/18 Future cyber threats will come from inside the architecture
1430/18 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Anti-Terror Law and Human Rights
1431/18 TERROR CRACKDOWN: 'New powers for police and MI5' after London and Manchester attacks
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
1432/18 Here’s how AI can act as a deterrent in future conflicts
1433/18 CIA agents in 'about 30 countries' being tracked by technology, top official says
1434/18 Intelligence Services Warning: Chinese Cell Phones Being Used For Spying
1435/18 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
1436/18 Unit 731: Japan discloses details of notorious chemical warfare division
1437/18 Leni Riefenstahl archive to throw new light on Hitler's film-maker
1438/18 Revealed: MI5 vetted BBC staff right up to the 1990s
1439/18 The Fraught Cold War History of Novichok
1440/18 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History
Hot Docs Online, Conferences & Literature
1441/18 Report: Released JFK Docs Reveal Oswald's 'KGB Handler'
1442/18 Gina Haspel’s CIA Torture File
1443/18 A Higher Loyalty by James Comey – review
1444/18 Cyber Brief: FBI and the San Bernardino iPhone
1445/18 Diplomacy Without Diplomats



pdf ACIPSS Newsletter 08, 18
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