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Table of Contents

1446/18 8.-10.6. Konferenz: New Perspectives on the Role of Intelligence in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe
1447/18 Zweiter Weltkrieg: Internationale Tagung an der Landesverteidigungsakademie
1449/18 Trump says he’s withdrawing US from Iran nuclear accord
1450/18 Revealed: Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal
1451/18 Gina Haspel must atone for her past to become CIA director
1452/18 Ex-CIA contractor pleads guilty to stealing classified data
1453/18 Trump's CIA pick promises no more harsh interrogation program
1454/18 Mossad agents snuck nuclear files out of Iran with authorities ‘on their tails’
Hot Spots/Wars
1455/18 What to expect from the Trump–Kim summit
1456/18 The US and Iran: back to square one
1457/18 Analysis: Conflict within a conflict in Mali’s northern Menaka region
1458/18 Other News From Hot Spots
NSA Special/Edward Snowden Leaks
1459/18 Nakasone takes helm at NSA and newly elevated Cyber Command
1460/18 Cyber Command, NSA open new $500 million operations center
1461/18 NSA Warrantless Searches Jump Over 40%
1462/18 Other NSA News
1463/18 Terrorists Are Going to Use Artificial Intelligence
1464/18 Basque separatist group Eta announces dissolution
1465/18 Spanish PM says Eta's crimes will not go unpunished
1466/18 In Afghanistan wird es immer schwieriger, zu bestimmen, wer hinter einem Anschlag steckt
1467/18 Other Terrorism News
1468/18 The Pentagon bans Huawei and ZTE phones from stores on military bases
1469/18 A Criminal Gang Used a Drone Swarm To Obstruct an FBI Hostage Raid
1470/18 Trump says CIA pick Haspel 'under fire because she was too tough on terror’
1471/18 'Great power competition': Nato announces Atlantic command to counter Russia
1473/18 McCain unlikely to tank Trump’s CIA pick
1474/18 Who is Gina Haspel? Donald Trump's pick for CIA chief linked to torture site
1475/18 2 top Comey advisers resign from FBI
1476/18 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
1477/18 The 7 takeaways from the Senate report on Russia’s election interference
1478/18 Pro-Kremlin Cossack troops to ‘ensure public safety’ at World Cup
1479/18 Obama martial law scare was stoked by Russian bots, say ex-director of CIA
1480/18 Oligarch linked to Cohen payment was flagged by FBI for possible ties to Russian intelligence
1481/18 The CIA Spy Who Became a Russian Propagandist
1482/18 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
1483/18 Ukrainian Security Service prevents assassination of judge contracted by Russian intelligence agency
1484/18 Ukraine verbietet vier FPÖ-Politikern die Einreise
1485/18 Other News From Ukraine
1486/18 Turkey arrests 150 soldiers in latest crackdown on coup network
1487/18 How far will Turkey's anti-PKK operation in northern Iraq go?
1488/18 US pastor jailed in Turkey claims innocence amid trial delay
1489/18 Other News From Turkey
1490/18 Israel’s prime minister can now declare war
1491/18 Report: Israel tried to assassinate Iranian nuclear program official
1492/18 Haniyeh: We thwarted hundreds of Israeli intelligence schemes in Gaza
1496/18 Other News From Israel
Near/Middle East
1497/18 3 ways US and Mideast special ops could better counter regional threats
1498/18 Pentagon reiterates support for Lebanon's military as Hezbollah makes electoral gains
1499/18 Five takeaways from the Lebanese elections
1500/18 Egypt forces Uber to share data with security agencies
1501/18 Al Batsh hit may shine light on North Korean tie-up with Hamas
1502/18 Other News From Neme
IS Battleground
1503/18 The ISIS tactics that have left Iraqi special forces weakened
1504/18 Analysis: Islamic State ramps up attack claims in Somalia
1505/18 ISIS targets elections in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya
1506/18 Islamic State continues to battle Assad regime, allies
1507/18 Auf den Spuren des IS
1508/18 Other News From The IS Battleground
Turmoil in Yemen
1509/18 Two spies among three sentenced to death in Yemen: Houthi media
1510/18 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
1511/18 Population movement in Syria: the link between Idlib and Afrin
1512/18 UK drones in Syria using controversial 'vacuum' bombs
1513/18 Mit dieser Liste jagen Assads Geheimdienste ihre Gegner
1514/18 Other News From Syria
1515/18 Did military hide the real mission of the Niger ambush from Congress?
1516/18 Algeria Remains Africa’s Biggest Military Spender
1517/18 US, Libya sign security cooperation deal
1518/18 Other News From Africa
1519/18 A new report sheds the lights on state-sponsored Chinese APTs under Winnti umbrella
1520/18 Two US airmen injured by Chinese lasers in Djibouti, DoD says
1521/18 China's anti-spy campaign: cash rewards and warnings of 'dangerous times'
1522/18 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
1523/18 Taliban activity in Ghazni City highlights deteriorating security in Afghanistan
1524/18 ‘Desperate’ Taliban ‘has lost ground,’ Pentagon spokesperson wrongly claims
1525/18 Mattis claims Taliban ‘cannot win at the ballot box’
1526/18 Taliban control of Afghan districts remains unchanged despite increased US military pressure
1527/18 Intelligence agencies on high alert in MP after reports of farmer agitation
1528/18 Im Vorfeld der Wahlen gerät Pakistans Regierung von mehreren Seiten unter Druck
1529/18 Other News From API
1530/18 ISIS claims its ‘soldiers’ are responsible for prison riot in Indonesia
1531/18 Malaysia opposition leader investigated under fake news laws
1532/18 Eight warrants for ex-Special Branch officer
1533/18 Defectors claim Seoul official tricked them into leaving North Korea
1534/18 CIA seen engaging in behind-the-scenes coordination for Trump-Kim summit
1535/18 Dismantling of North Korea nuclear site 'well under way', satellite images show
1536/18 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
1537/18 Sovereignty and self-reliance: the new Defence Industrial Capability Plan
1538/18 How vulnerable is Australia’s national identity data?
1539/18 Australian assistance to the Philippines: beyond the here and now
1540/18 Other News From ANZ
Europe (Geograph.)
1541/18 France aims to bolster relations between military, cinema industry through Cannes
1542/18 'A bit too James Bond': Belgian diplomat goes on trial for spying for Russia
1543/18 Appeals court convicts two Czechs of espionage
1544/18 Belgium has a platform to fight economic espionage
1545/18 US Embassy issues security alert for US citizens in Finland, Finnish intelligence says no added threat
1546/18 France arrests Norwegian ex-spy in Lafarge-IS inquiry
1547/18 Parliamentary committee: Czechs never made Novichok
1548/18 EU and US clash on Iran: an ex-spy's view
1549/18 AfD-Vertrauter wird wegen Spionage angeklagt
1550/18 Sergei Skripal briefed European intelligence services, reports say
1551/18 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
1552/18 UK parliament launches inquiry into RAF strikes on Mosul and Raqqa
1553/18 UK admits for first time it killed civilian in anti-IS campaign
1554/18 Abdul Hakim Belhaj: The documents trail that nailed UK's secret role in rendition
1555/18 Billionaire Christopher Chandler denies spy claims
1556/18 Other News From the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
1557/18 Ted Heath ordered cover-up of SAS training for undercover Army unit, new book claims
1558/18 IRA unit killed by SAS had been monitored for weeks, court told
1559/18 Second UVF sniper fired at civilians in Ballymurphy massacre
1560/18 PSNI agrees to release Walker Report
1561/18 Operation Mincemeat: The part played by a man from Belfast
1562/18 Donaldson killer ‘confesses’
1563/18 Three men assaulted with sledgehammer in suspected loyalist paramilitary attack in Londonderry
1564/18 Dissident weapons seized in Lurgan and Benburb
1565/18 Notorious loyalist killer Gary Haggarty released from jail
1566/18 Trio sentenced over destruction of car used in murder of UDA chief John Boreland
1567/18 Disappeared victim Seamus Ruddy was shot in the head and dumped in France, court hears
1568/18 British Government launches legacy consultation to deal with Northern Ireland's past
1570/18 Ex-soldier Dennis Hutchings will face trial over killing
1571/18 Other News From Northern Ireland
1572/18 Regierung legt Standorte für "Sicherheitsinseln" fest
1573/18 Kroaten-Treffen in Bleiburg: Sieben Festnahmen nach Verbotsgesetz
1574/18 Blauer Heeresminister nimmt SPÖ-Reform zurück
1575/18 Tote am Golan: UNO-Chef vertraut österreichischen Untersuchungen
1576/18 Graz: Anklage gegen zehn Mitglieder der "Identitären"
1577/18 Der aktuelle Stand der BVT-Affäre, so einfach wie möglich erklärt
1578/18 Causa BVT: "Den musst behalten, der weiß zu viel"
1579/18 BVT-Zeuge: Datenlöschung verspätet und im Paket
1580/18 BVT-Affäre: Kloibmüller wird nun als "Beschuldigter" geführt
1581/18 BVT-Affäre: Extremismus-Chefermittlerin erhebt schwere Vorwürfe
1582/18 Other News From Austria
1583/18 Polizei erwartet Tausende zum Protest gegen das neue Polizeigesetz
1584/18 Per Online-Tool dem BND die Metadatenspeicherung untersagen
1585/18 Verfassungsschutz-Leck: Kontrollgremium kritisiert IT-Sicherheit
1586/18 "Sachsensumpf": Hauptanklagepunkte gegen Aufklärer fallengelassen
1587/18 Geheimdienst warnt vor kaukasischen Islamisten
1588/18 Der NSU-Prozess ist auf der Zielgeraden
1589/18 Geheimdienste warnen vor Einflussnahme durch Russland
1590/18 Journalistin klagt gegen Verfassungsschutz
1591/18 Other News From Germany
1592/18 Swiss eye stealth-nixing radar to protect Alpine valleys
1593/18 Linksextreme verübten im vergangenen Jahr 14 Brandanschläge
Central/ South America and Caribbean
1594/18 USA führen militärische Übungen in Argentinien durch
1595/18 Other News From South America
1596/18 The toxic legacy of Canada's CIA brainwashing experiments: 'They strip you of your soul'
1597/18 Did Google breach national security at CSIS HQ in Ottawa?
1598/18 Trudeau promotes Five Eyes spying as CSE gets more money
1599/18 Head of Canada's cyber spy agency to become PM's new national security adviser
The Cyber Battlefield
1600/18 The NATO team is the winner of the cyber defence exercise Locked Shields 2018
1601/18 We Need a NATO for Infowar
1602/18 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Anti-Terror Law and Human Rights
1603/18 The AFP and CT: it matters who watches the watchers
1604/18 Half of ‘terror suspects’ arrested in Spain are Moroccan
1605/18 Other News Concerning Anti-Terror Legislation
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
1606/18 Navigating the balance between privacy and security
1607/18 Time to bring ‘Five Eyes’ in from the cold?
1608/18 ‘National defense believes in you’: French fund makes its first investment in chip maker
1610/18 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
1611/18 'Astonishing' CIA memo shows Brazil's ex-dictator authorized torture and executions
1612/18 NIS denies existence of intel related to civilian massacres during Vietnam War
1613/18 Israel's Mossad spy agency shrouded in mystery and mystique
1614/18 Mythen für den Machterhalt
1615/18 Rätselhafte Strandbilder - Erich Mielkes vergessene Spione
1616/18 Fünfeichen: NKWD-Lager vor 70 Jahren geschlossen
1617/18 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History
Hot Docs Online, Conferences & Literature
1618/18 Records on CIA nominee will not be made public - key U.S. lawmaker
1619/18 Hundreds of CIA Email Accounts Deemed Permanent Records
1620/18 MI5 and Me review: How Charlotte Bingham became a spy in the swinging sixties
1621/18 Declassified CIA Documents—Studies in Intelligence


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