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Table of Contents

124/19 „Kampfeinsatz für das Gastland“ – ACIPSS-Forschung im Geschichtsmagazin DAMALS
125/19 Ab sofort erhältlich: JIPSS Jahrgang 12, Nummer 1
126/19 ACIPSS-Projekt "Ritchie Boys":
127/19 Tagungsbericht: Erstmals ACIPSS Arbeitstagung an der FH Campus Wien
128/19 Jeremy Stöhs im Podcast
Hot Spots/Wars
129/19 India and Pakistan: inching towards war
130/19 The looming Taiwan crisis
131/19 Kashmir attack a deadly blow to India–Pakistan ties
132/19 India strikes Jaish-e-Mohammad camp inside Pakistan
133/19 The Inevitable Return of Muddling Along in North Korea
134/19 Conflict erupts for control of Libya's largest oil field
135/19 Other News From Hot Spots
136/19 What the UK’s ‘Islamic State bride’ case means for Australia’s foreign fighters
137/19 Serious flaws in EU plan to automate detection of terror material online
138/19 IRGC-led Afghan, Pakistani militias criticize US terror designation, stop short of direct threats
139/19 The Dangerous Spread of Extremist Manifestos
140/19 Sunni Jihad Is Going Local
141/19 This ISIS Citizenship Case Could Set a Terrifying Precedent
142/19 Trump Calls For More Biometric Scans, Data Sharing To Stop Terrorism
143/19 Counterterrorism yearbook 2019: Western Europe
144/19 How White-Supremacist Violence Echoes Other Forms of Terrorism
145/19 Other Terrorism News
146/19 NSA-Cyber Command Chief Recommends No Split Until 2020
147/19 Security Clearance Delays Are Hurting the Pentagon’s Tech Workforce
148/19 Former Air Force Intelligence Officer Charged with Spying for Iran
149/19 Trump Renews Attacks on US Intelligence Community for Contradicting Him
150/19 US surveillance scheme unlikely to be renewed, says key adviser
151/19 CIA-Überfall auf Botschaft Nordkoreas in Madrid?
152/19 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
153/19 Russia is going to disconnect from the internet as part of a planned test
155/19 Russia suspends participation in nuclear arms treaty with US
156/19 Putin: Russian counterintelligence stopped 465 agents of foreign security services in 2018
157/19 Russlands schrumpfende Freiräume
158/19 Other News From Russia
Crisis in Ukraine
159/19 EU position on Nord Stream 2 spells disaster for Ukraine
160/19 Other News From Ukraine
161/19 Turkey: Terrorism at home, abroad to be defeated
162/19 China urges ‘objective’ view of Xinjiang after Turkey criticism
163/19 Syrian Kurdish leader: border force needed to protect us from Turkey
164/19 Turkish court acquits Syrian pilot over spy charges
165/19 Other News From Turkey
166/19 Netanyahu declares Al-Aqsa TV channel terrorist organization
167/19 Israel extends intelligence document classification period to 90 years
168/19 Mossad chief met Sudanese counterpart on sidelines of Munich summit, report says
170/19 Ex-Israeli minister gets 11 years in prison for spying for Iran
173/19 Mossad pulled its agent out of Iran, MI6 smuggled him to UK on dinghy – report
174/19 Israel needs new laws to limit intel services’ powers to eavesdrop online — IDI
175/19 Rockets fired from Gaza target Tel Aviv for first time since 2014
176/19 Other News From Israel
Near/Middle East
177/19 Iran’s “New” Land-Attack Cruise Missile In Context
178/19 Egypt rights defenders face government-backed ‘phishing’ attacks
179/19 European Court rejects Hamas appeal against the decision of classifying it as a terrorist movement
180/19 Algeria: Ruling party’s website hacked
181/19 Parliamentarians in Tunisia file a lawsuit to reveal the truth behind the ‘secret apparatus’ and political assassinations
182/19 Egypt, Tunisia agree to strengthen counterterrorism cooperation
183/19 Egypt intelligence reaps huge profits from ‘media development’
184/19 US weapons given to UAE and Saudi Arabia are diverted to al-Qaeda-linked groups
185/19 Saudi-Kronprinz drohte mit Mord
186/19 Geht Irans Geheimdienst gegen Oppositionelle in Berlin vor?
187/19 Other News From Neme
IS Battleground
188/19 ISIS Re-Establishes Historical Sanctuary in Iraq
189/19 ISIS Is ‘Waiting for the Right Time to Resurge’: CENTCOM Commander
190/19 ‘The fighting was intense’: witness tells of two-day attempt to kill Isis leader
191/19 Analysis: Women becoming growing force inside Islamic State, says expert
192/19 Im Geheimdienst des IS
193/19 Other News From The IS Battleground
Turmoil in Yemen
194/19 UK foreign secretary: Yemen peace needs promises kept
195/19 US lawmakers vote to end US support for war in Yemen
196/19 Yemen and Houthi rebels agree to withdrawal deal
197/19 Other News From Yemen
Civil War in Syria
198/19 Analysis: The budding insurgency in southern Syria
199/19 Zawahiri criticizes jihadists in Syria for clinging to territory under Turkey’s protection
200/19 As ISIS Fight Winds Down in Syria, Detainee Numbers Are Rising
201/19 Mutmaßliche Folterer des Assad-Regimes in Deutschland festgenommen
202/19 Russian special forces train Palestinian militia in Syria
203/19 Other News From Syria
204/19 US airstrikes kill dozens of Shabaab fighters
205/19 US military hits Shabaab in haven south of Somali capital
206/19 'Alarming' Burkina Faso unrest threatens west African stability
207/19 Libya gave French ex-president Sarkozy $8 million, says Gaddafi’s spy chief
208/19 US on track to nearly triple airstrike record in Somalia
209/19 AQIM official calls for sharia governance in Algeria
210/19 Other News From Africa
211/19 Exposed MongoDB revealed facial recognition abuse for tracking the Uyghur Muslim minority in China.
212/19 Suspicion for parliamentary hack must fall on China
213/19 Researcher: The West Isn’t Ready for the Coming Wave of Chinese Misinformation
214/19 China accuses detained Canadian of stealing state secrets
215/19 Chinese surveillance company tracking 2.5m Xinjiang residents
216/19 Firm founded by ex-Blackwater boss to operate in China’s Xinjiang province
217/19 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
218/19 Were India’s airstrikes in Pakistan a strategy for public approval?
219/19 Taliban and Islamic State cause majority of civilian casualties in Afghan war, UN finds
220/19 ‘Tired’ Taliban fights on as US is desperate to leave Afghanistan
221/19 Taliban continues to host foreign terrorist groups, despite assurances to the contrary
222/19 What Will Follow a U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan?
223/19 Pakistan launches major crackdown on extremist groups
224/19 Pakistan’s ex-spy chief stripped of army pension for writing controversial book
225/19 Pakistan dismantled ‘major international spy network’, say media reports [updated]
226/19 Other News From API
227/19 South Korea Becomes a Testing Ground for Trump’s Grievances With Allies
228/19 US commits to aiding Philippines in South China Sea
229/19 North Korea-linked hackers growing in reach and sophistication, McAffee warns
230/19 Japanese police investigate online sale of uranium on Yahoo! auction website
231/19 State-sponsored espionage group Whitefly behind Singapore cyberattack: report
232/19 North Korea's Kim shuffles nuclear talks team after defections, spying allegations
233/19 Moon Urges Active Reform of Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies
234/19 Angeklagte im Mordprozess Kim Jong Nam überraschend frei
235/19 Southeast Asia’s looming drug crisis threatens regional security
236/19 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
237/19 What should a Plan B for Australia’s military strategy look like?
238/19 Espionage or interference? The attack on Australia’s parliament and political parties
239/19 Other News From ANZ
Europe (Geograph.)
240/19 The US-China Tech War Is Being Fought in Central Europe
241/19 Senior Belgian spy accused of sharing secrets with Russia
242/19 Holland recalls Iran ambassador after Tehran expels Dutch diplomats
243/19 Dutch counterterrorism report sees rise in Islamist recruitment in the West
244/19 Sweden confirms arrest of second person on spying charges
245/19 Lithuania widens espionage probe, several now in custody for spying for Russia
246/19 Hundreds of foreign spies in Brussels, European diplomatic agency warns
247/19 Italy's intelligence agency warns of rise in racist attacks
248/19 „Geheimdienstinfos“ über Klimademos: Ministerin trat zurück
249/19 Tschechischer Geheimdienst warnt vor Moskauer Agenten
250/19 Erstes Treffen einer europäischen „Geheimdienst-Akademie“ in Paris
251/19 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
252/19 RAF says it harmed just one civilian out of 4,000 enemy fighters in Iraq and Syria
253/19 Jeremy Hunt vows to step up fight against election cyber-attacks
254/19 Former MI6 director says schoolgirl who joined Isis should be 'given a chance'
255/19 Alleged third suspect in Skripal poison attack identified by investigative website
256/19 Hundreds of MI5 officers prepare for Brexit violence in Northern Ireland
257/19 GCHQ: Chinese tech 'threats' must be understood
258/19 May’s spy chief resigned over link to pedophile friend
259/19 British MI6 spy chief set to stay on to steer through Brexit - The Times
260/19 Bloody Sunday: Derry awaits decision on possible murder trial
261/19 Other News From the United Kingdom
262/19 Ex-Verfassungsschutzvize berät FPÖ-Innenminister Kickl
263/19 Ukrainischer Geheimdienst bestätigte Wehrschütz-Einreiseverbot
264/19 Verdecktes Spiel um Reform von Österreichs geheimen Diensten
265/19 BVT-AusschussTierschützer Balluch sah sich von VP-Kreisen verfolgt
266/19 Wolfsgruß, Hamas und Hisbollah: Neue verbotene Symbole sind da
268/19 Mittelmäßiges Zeugnis des Rechnungshofs für Wehrdienstreform
268/19 Generalstabschef warnt: Heer kann Verfassungsauftrag nicht mehr erfüllen
269/19 „Massives antisemitisches Potenzial“
270/19 Neue Asylagentur 2021 in Vollbetrieb
271/19 SoKo Bekleidung im Fokus
272/19 Mutmaßlicher IS-Kämpfer ist Österreicher
273/19 Überwachungspaket beschäftigt Verfassungsrichter
274/19 Wickel um Zeugenladungen
275/19 Fehlende Qualifikationen im BVT
276/19 Die besondere Arbeit des Herrn P.
277/19 Fall BVT: WKStA hat „Nordkorea“-Ermittlungen abgeschlossen
278/19 Other News From Austria
279/19 Germany makes its cyber capabilities available for NATO alliance
280/19 Germany investigates why deported 9/11 terrorist was given prison wages
281/19 World’s biggest intelligence headquarters opens in Berlin
282/19 German far-right party wins lawsuit against domestic intelligence agency
283/19 Merkel seeking no-spying deal with China over Huawei issue: magazine
284/19 Bundeswehr suspendiert Offizier wegen Reichsbürger-Verdachts
285/19 Hessischer Verfassungsschutz ohne Kontrolle
286/19 BND-Präsident Kahl verspricht weitere Geheimdienst-Reformen
287/19 Gute Aufklärung hat ihren Preis
288/19 Angela Merkel soll NSA-Überwachung als PR-Problem gesehen haben
289/19 Geheimdienst enttarnte mehr rechtsradikale Soldaten als bisher bekannt
290/19 USA stellen Geheimdienstzusammenarbeit mit Deutschland infrage
291/19 Umstrittener BND-Ausbilder darf weiter lehren
292/19 Other News From Germany
293/19 Der Machtkampf der Geheimdienstaufseher
295/19 Cyber-Abwehr gewinnt an Bedeutung
295/19 Sicherheitsforscher finden kritische Lücke in Schweizer E-Voting-System
296/19 Other News From Switzerland
Central/ South America and Caribbean
297/19 Venezuela: what’s the mission, Mr President?
298/19 Report: Venezuela to deport U.S. journalist detained Wednesday
299/19 Venezuela: prominent journalist taken by intelligence service
300/19 Other News From South America
301/19 Canada's cyber security agency says it responds to thousands of 'incidents' on government networks — but no actual attacks
The Cyber Battlefield
302/19 Facebook dismantled a vast manipulation campaign tied to Iran
303/19 New ExileRAT backdoor used in attacks aimed at users in Tibet
304/19 Microsoft says Russian APT28 espionage group hit Democratic Institutions in Europe
305/19 U.S. Cyber Command disrupted blocked Russian troll factory during 2018 midterms
306/19 Facebook’s and Google’s ad-blocking changes: why the national security community should care
307/19 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
308/19 China’s Rapid AI Development Has Its Limits: Report
310/19 "Wir überschätzen Desinformation in sozialen Medien maßlos"
311/19 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
312/19 Malcolm X at Oxford: 'They're going to kill me soon'
313/19 How daughter of ‘Dutch Schindler’ proved his heroism
314/19 Morton Sobell, convicted of conspiracy in the Rosenberg espionage case, dies at 101
315/19 Der mächtigste Häftling der Türkei
316/19 Wie Siemens die Stasi unterstützte
317/19 Von den Anfängen des Cyberwars
318/19 Wie die CIA im Kalten Krieg heimlich ein U-Boot der Sowjets barg
319/19 Der Streit um 1934: Bürgerkrieg auf österreichisch
320/19 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History

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