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Table of Contents

2862/18 Spionage: Das sind die neuen Gegner der Geheimdienste
2863/18 Vienna, nest of spies: Why Austria is still centre for espionage
2864/18 ACIPSS-Experten im „Doppelpack“ über die Causa Prima in Sachen Spionage in Österreich
2865/18 Das Österreich der 50er Jahre als „Highway der Intelligence Services“
2866/18 Spionage-Affäre: „Das ist eine Blamage“
2867/18 UAE to consider ‘clemency’ for Briton sentenced to life for spying
2868/18 Trump denies CIA implicated Saudi crown prince in Khashoggi murder
2870/18 CIA doctors considered using 'truth serum' on terror suspects
2871/18 Slovakia Expels Russian Diplomat for Espionage
2872/18 Cyber threats, spying bigger threat to Canada than terrorism - spy chief
Hot Spots/Wars
2873/18 US foreign policy and the start of a new cold war
2874/18 Trump’s floundering North Korea strategy
2875/18 Pompeo backs away from North Korea denuclearisation timeline
2876/18 US-China tensions soar as 'new cold war' heats up
2877/18 North Korea's Nuclear, Missile Activity Continues Even After US Summit: Seoul
2878/18 North Korea: secret missile site revealed in new satellite images
2879/18 Other News From Hot Spots
2880/18 The Battle of Marawi, one year on
2881/18 Why Haven’t Terrorists Hit the US with a Devastating Cyber Attack?
2882/18 If Not Pipe-Bombs, What Counts as Terrorism in 2018?
2883/18 UK minister warns of chemical, biological terrorism
2884/18 Hate crime surge linked to Brexit and 2017 terrorist attacks
2885/18 US terror attacks are increasingly motivated by right-wing views
2886/18 The terror–cyber–crime nexus and terrorists’ innovation
2887/18 Other Terrorism News
2888/18 Google dorks were the root cause of a catastrophic compromise of CIA’s communications
2889/18 Pentagon official: Cyber Command and NSA may split infrastructure
2890/18 Military Intelligence Spending Just Posted Biggest Spike in a Decade
2891/18 What Happens When the US Starts to ‘Defend Forward’ in Cyberspace?
2892/18 US charges Russian woman with interfering in 2018 midterms
2893/18 Russian man at Trump Jr meeting had links to businessman with alleged Soviet intelligence ties, US investigators said
2894/18 Senior Chinese official charged with stealing US trade secrets
2895/18 US charges seven Russian spies over cyber-hacking
2896/18 US presses allies to stop using equipment from Chinese firm amid spy fears
2897/18 Accused Russian spy negotiating with prosecutors for 'potential resolution'
2898/18 CIA chief Haspel to brief US Senate leaders on Khashoggi's death
2899/18 Other News From The United States
Former Soviet Union
2900/18 Canada blames Russia for cyber attacks against its structures
2901/18 US DoJ indicted 7 Russian Intelligence officers for attacking Anti-Doping Organizations
2902/18 Deciphering Russia’s Middle East strategy
2903/18 Russian Intel Chief: Internet Should be Controlled By ‘Proper Authorities’
2904/18 Russia summons Dutch ambassador over hacking revelations
2905/18 Russia unlikely to reduce aggressive spying, analysts warn
2906/18 Russia accused of cyber-attack on chemical weapons watchdog
2907/18 Head of Russian spy agency linked to Skripal case dies suddenly
2908/18 Skripal poisoning: further video released of suspects – video
2909/18 Nerve agent used in Skripal attack ‘could have killed thousands’ say experts
2910/18 Recent Russian intelligence “failures” weren’t failures, say ex-spies
2911/18 Suicide bomber who attacked Russian spy agency identified as ‘anarchist-communist’
2912/18 Russian intelligence services and special forces
2913/18 Drei Mann gegen den Geheimdienst
2914/18 Ukraine’s SBU: Russia carried out a cyberattack on Judiciary Systems
2915/18 Ukraine: Intercepted Communications Suggest Kremlin Directed Azov Sea Crisis
2916/18 Other News From Russia
2917/18 Turkey shares 'all' Khashoggi murder evidence with CIA chief
2918/18 Germany, France, UK, US and Saudi Arabia 'have Khashoggi tapes'
2919/18 ISIS using Turkey as strategic base to reorganize, Dutch intelligence report says
2920/18 Other News From Turkey
2921/18 Israel Defense Forces were searching systems to spy on private social media messages
2922/18 Israel court extends remand of PA Jerusalem intelligence chief
2923/18 Revealed: Israel has become a leading exporter of tools for spying on civilians
2924/18 Mossad helped foil Hezbollah attack on Jewish targets in Argentina: report
2925/18 A former head of the Mossad has joined controversial Israeli spy firm Black Cube
2926/18 Shin Bet chief says it thwarted 480 terror attacks in last year
2927/18 Other News From Israel
Near/Middle East
2928/18 Analysis: New pattern of Iran-backed assassinations abroad?
2930/18France blames Iranian intelligence for attempted bombing, but questions remain
2931/18 Russia is Winning the Information War in Iraq and Syria: UK General
2932/18  US-Backed Forces in Iraq, Syria May Face Challenges for Years
2933/18 Iran jails Foreign Ministry official for spying
2934/18 Edward Snowden: Saudi used Israel spyware to target Khashoggi
2935/18 US-PA plan to arrange visit of CIA chief to Ramallah
2936/18 Fake 'reporter' tries to hack into prominent Saudi dissident's computer: Report
2937/18 Bahrain court gives opposition figures life sentences for spying
2938/18 Evidence suggests crown prince ordered Khashoggi killing, says ex-MI6 chief
2939/18 Italy investigating 5 Egyptians secret service members in student’s murder
2940/18 Other News From Neme
Turmoil in Yemen
2941/18 Mattis and Pompeo call for Yemen cease-fire, political talks
2942/18Yemen strikes wane, but AQAP still poses “a significant threat”
2943/18 US stops refuelling of Saudi-led coalition aircraft in Yemen war
Civil War in Syria
2944/18 Analysis: Jihadists in Syria react to Sochi agreement
2945/18 Why the Idlib Deal Matters
2946/18 Ex-parliament president among 8,000 Jordanians wanted by Syria security
2947/18 France issues arrest warrants for 3 Syria intelligence officials
2948/18 US: Israel, Syria agree to reopen Golan crossing
2949/18 Other News From Syria
2950/18 AFRICOM continues to strike Shabaab strongholds
2951/18 Shabaab executes alleged spies in southern Somalia
2952/18 China is Exporting its Cyber Surveillance to African Countries
2953/18 Haftar forces say ready to secure Libya elections
2954/18 US airstrikes fail to weaken al-Shabaab's grip on Somalia
2955/18 Congo spy agency informant, army colonel deny role in U.N. experts' killing
2956/18 US strikes target al Qaeda in Libya, Somalia
2957/18 Other News From Africa
2958/18 Cyber mercenaries and insiders hired by Chinese intelligence to hack aerospace and tech firms
2959/18 Mapping China’s ‘re-education’ camps: the power of open-source intelligence
2960/18 China’s military has one aim in sending its scientists to study in the West
2961/18 Beijing Tells South China Sea Command: Prepare for War
2962/18 Interpol says no option but to accept China's removal of its chief
2963/18 UK confirms reports of Chinese mass internment camps for Uighur Muslims
2964/18 China dismisses claim it eavesdropped on Trump's iPhone calls
2965/18 Missing Interpol chief resigns as it emerges he is being held in China
2966/18 Other News From China
Afghanistan, Pakistan and India
2967/18 US military continues to spin a Taliban victory against Islamic State as its own
2968/18 Half of Afghan population living in districts outside government control
2969/18 It’s a ‘religious duty’ to oppose Afghan elections, Taliban says
2970/18 US: Afghan Security Strategy Is ‘Working,’ Despite Insider Attacks
2971/18 Wie China und Indien im Hintergrund die Strippen ziehen
2972/18 Analysis: US military grossly underestimates Taliban, al Qaeda force levels in Afghanistan
2973/18 Who Will Prevent the Next India-Pakistan War?
2974/18 Other News From API
2975/18 ‘Weaponisation’ of religious sentiment in Indonesia’s cyberspace
2976/18 Watching the North Korea watchers
2977/18 South Korea could soon take control of its own wartime operations from the US
2978/18 Philippines: scores of Islamic State fighters on Mindanao island
2979/18 S. Korea's Spy Agency: Inter-Korean Summit to be Held Soon
2980/18 N. Korea developing ballistic missiles at 16 secret bases, NY Times reports
2981/18 Other News From Asia-Pacific
Australia and New Zealand
2982/18 What are Australia’s strategic objectives?
2983/18 Planning for the worst: Victoria’s new counterterrorism strategy
2984/18 Australia's spy agency warned government Israel embassy move could provoke violent unrest
2985/18 Other News From ANZ
Europe (Geograph.)
2986/18 How Estonia Secures Its Electronic Elections From Kremlin Attacks
2987/18 How to Fight Russian Infowar in Central Europe
2988/18 Macron calls for 'real' European army at start of war centenary tour
2989/18 Polish security agency opens probe into Open Dialogue group
2990/18 A spy school grows in Athens
2991/18 Norwegian spy service seeks right to break law during espionage operations
2992/18 Vlaams Belang leader De Winter accused of meetings with Chinese spy
2994/18 Denmark will respond to suspected Iranian attempted attack - foreign minister
2995/18 Slowakisches Außenministerium von ausländischen Hackern attackiert
2996/18 Czechs accuse Moscow of ‘most serious wave of cyberespionage’ in years
2997/18 Other News From Europe
United Kingdom
2998/18 The Belgacom hack was the work of the UK GCHQ intelligence agency
2999/18 UK's MI5 in court for covert policy allowing agents to commit serious crimes
3000/18 REVEALED: How government feud shaped UK's counter-extremism strategy
3001/18 EXCLUSIVE: UK spy agencies knew source of false Iraq war intelligence was tortured
3002/18 UK refusal to cooperate with Belgian hacking inquiry condemned
3003/18 Britain's MI5 missed 'opportunities' to prevent Manchester terror attack
3004/18 London has become a hotbed for Russian spies, report reveals
3005/18 Matthew Hedges says UAE asked him to spy on Britain
3006/18 MI6 spy chief outlines ‘fourth generation espionage’ in rare public speech
3007/18 Other News From the United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
3008/18 Man and woman arrested over Belfast boiler house weapons find
3009/18 Mob boss Whitey Bulger was 'beaten to death in his cell'
3010/18 IRA informer's actions in foiling arms shipment from mobster saved many lives
3011/18'Mad Dog' Johnny Adair's secret return to Northern Ireland - defies death threat after mum's death
3012/18 Ballymurphy inquest: Claims UVF sniper fired at civilians
3013/18 Extradition hearing over 1972 IRA car bomb murders adjourned
3014/18 Revealed: 180 terror arrests in Northern Ireland, 13 charged
3015/18 Secret plan to use chemical weapon gun during Northern Ireland Troubles
3016/18 Gareth Hutch murder: Three found guilty
3017/18 Ex-IRA man Sean Murray will not face gun running charges, PPS confirms
3018/18 Other News From Northern Ireland
3018/18 Austria arrests second spy for Russia in a week: media reports
3019/18 Austrian court orders release of suspected Russian spy pending trial
3020/18 Diplomatic fallout from espionage row shakes Austria’s relations with Russia
3021/18 Ex-Geheimdienst-Chef: "Das BVT ist zerstört"
3022/18 Kickl will BVT aufstocken und neue Einheit aufbauen
3023/18 Britischer Geheimdienst soll Spion enttarnt haben
3024/18 U- Ausschuss zur BVT-Affäre gerät in die Kritik
3025/18 Das rechtsextreme Sicherheitsleck: Küssel-Kamerad als Securitymann im Parlament
3026/18 KURIER: Asyl-Skandal in Österreich um syrischen Geheimdienst-General
3027/18 BVT: Österreich trat „freiwillig“ aus Berner Club aus
3028/18 Goldgruber im BVT-Ausschuss mit schlechter Erinnerung
3029/18 BVT-Affäre: Amon fordert Suspendierung von Goldgruber
3030/18 Kickl im BVT-Ausschuss: "Es ist kein Verschulden, das mein Haus betrifft"
3031/18 Österreichische Behörden können problemlos iPhones hacken
3032/18 BVT - "Um die Server ging es nicht"
3033/18 IT-Experte weiß nicht, wonach gesucht wurde
3034/18 Other News From Austria
3035/18 Exclusive: German prosecutors charge Chinese-born engineer in industrial espionage case
3036/18 Controversial German domestic spy chief sent into retirement
3037/18 Verstößt der BND gegen das Grundgesetz?
3038/18 Deutscher soll für Jordaniens Geheimdienst in Salafistenkreisen spioniert haben
3039/18 Mögliche Maaßen-Nachfolge sorgt für Kritik
3040/18 Fast 200 Rechtsextremisten aus Militärdienst entlassen
3041/18 Verfassungsschutzchefin verliert nach Spitzelpanne ihren Job
3042/18 Gute Noten für Maaßen-Nachfolger Haldenwang
3043/18 Germany Develops Offensive Cyber Capabilities Without A Coherent Strategy of What to Do With Them
3044/18 Türkischer Geheimdienst soll versuchen, deutsche Behörden zu unterwandern
3045/18 Neuer Hackerangriff auf Abgeordnete und Bundeswehr
3046/18 Other News From Germany
3047/18 Switzerland has ‘no evidence’ of Russian espionage
3048/18 Other News From Switzerland
Central/ South America and Caribbean
3049/18 Assange must follow new Ecuador embassy rules, says judge
3050/18 Judge convicts Chile's former army chief in deaths of 15 during Pinochet's regime
3051/18 Julian Assange launches legal action against Ecuador
3052/18 Brazil battles fake news 'tsunami' amid polarized presidential election
3053/18 Venezuela names new spy chief after uproar over politician's death
3054/18 Other News From South America
3055/18 Federal appeals court upholds ruling blocking CSIS from conducting certain forms of spying on foreign states
3056/18 A life of spying puts Iraqi double agent in a Canadian conundrum: his cloak-and-dagger means he can neither stay nor be deported
3057/18 Foreign espionage of Canadian research a risk to ‘national interests,’ CSIS warns
3058/18 Other News From Canada
The Cyber Battlefield
3059/18 Twitter deletes over 10,000 accounts that aim to influence U.S. voting
3060/18 Russia-linked APT group DustSquad targets diplomatic entities in Central Asia
3061/18 Five Eyes Intelligence agencies warn of popular hacking tools
3062/18 APT28 group return to covert intelligence gathering ops in Europe and South America
3063/18 Russia, US Offer Competing Vision of Cyber Norms to the UN
3064/18 Other News Concerning the Cyberbattlefield
Spycraft, Technology and Armament
3065/18 China planted tiny chips on US computers for cyber espionage
3066/18 Proxy wars and the demise of conventional warfighting
3067/18 How Realistic Fake Video Threatens Democracies
3068/18 New Tool Fights Fake News by Exposing the Websites That Create It
3069/18 ‘Light Footprint’ Operations Keep US Troops in the Dark
3070/18 Fake Telegram Apps Used to Spy on Iranian Users
3071/18 Is fake news here to stay?
3072/18 Other Spycraft News
Intelligence History
3073/18 Moscow names square after British double agent Kim Philby
3074/18 Czechoslovakia ramped up spying on Trump in late 1980s, seeking US intel
3075/18 Norway mourns hero who sabotaged Nazis' nuclear project
3076/18 Igor Gouzenko papers: Tense tale of Russian defector in Ottawa retold in documents from CSIS
3077/18 Die dunklen Seiten des Bundesnachrichtendienstes
3078/18 Der Schwarzmarkt machte den BND groß
3079/18 Dissidenten-Morde: Tod im Exil
3080/18 Österreich und seine Spione: Oberst Redl, die Russen und James Bond
3081/18 Agentenstadt Wien - eine Chronologie brisanter Spionagefälle
3082/18 Bomben im Backstein
3083/18 Other Links Concerning Intelligence History
Hot Docs Online, Conferences & Literature
3084/18 From the bookshelf: ‘Rise and kill first: the secret history of Israel’s targeted assassinations’
3085/18 The Spy and the Traitor review – a gripping tale of escape from the USSR
3086/18 Book Review: My Life as a Spy: Investigations in a Secret Police File by Katherine Verdery
3087/18 Neue Dokumente zu ABLE ARCHER 83
3088/18 New Documents Rewrite ISIS’ Origin Story



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