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Global and local food assessment:

a multidimensional performance-based approach

Glamur is a EU funded research project investigating the local-global perceived polarisation of food chains whose performances need to be comparatively assessed. Glamur will tackle a number of key research questions which represent the main project challenges, such as:
Are local food chains better than global food chains?
Which performance criteria are relevant across a range of contexts?
What information is necessary to drive food related decision making in specific contexts of choice?

+ Glamur in a nutshell

Delphi: gathering expert insights and opinions

Close to 50 experts have been recruited by the Glamur partners for the Delphi panel in each of the countries involved in the project, crosscutting a broad coverage of expertise, field of activity, background and geographic areas. Details

Glamur methodology: an overview

Glamur follows a rigorous methodology investigating deeply the structure and dynamics of various value chains in different geographical, economic and cultural contexts. Details

Pairs of pairs. Comparing food chains in tandem

A crucial step in Glamur is the thorough analysis of products belonging to the 5 product categories studied by the project (grains, wine, fruits and vegetables, pork, dairy). Their comparative performance will be assessed against the following criteria: participatory checklist (literature review and stakeholder positions); life cycle analysis - LCA; economic evaluation; metabolic evaluation (measuring system inputs and outputs). Details


Interact with Glamur

Glamur is more than a research project and is therefore eager to listen to further visions and experiences, from scientific and social backgrounds. Your input and comments are very welcome and waited for! Start now!

Working together on Glamur

A European team carries out a multidisciplinary research. Ten countries host 15 research partners in the Glamur Consortium. Get to know the partners

Introducing the Glamur Editoral Committee

The breadth of outreach, the quality of each communication item and the pertinence of any specific public output is assessed and validated within the Glamur Editorial Committee. Know more

Next meeting

Glamur partners will gather in Rome at the end of February (26th – 28th) for their third project meeting.
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