Sixth newsletter, January 2016

Global and local food assessment:
a multidimensional performance-based approach

GLAMUR Policy Recommendations

The policy implications of GLAMUR’s findings, integrating indications arising from previous GLAMUR research activities, are captured by the Policy Recommendations and Policy Implementation Roadmap report.
The document reports what GLAMUR has learnt, possible scenarios, points of engagement for governance actors and what the project recommends.

GLAMUR’s Main Messages 

GLAMUR's key messages capture and encapsulate the main indications emerging from the project. A leaflet displays these concise conclusions.

Participatory integrated assessment 

GLAMUR has tested the efficacy of different integrated characterizations across different case studies using participatory processes. The pertinent report delivers a thorough reflection not only over the appropriateness of the attributes and indicators used within the project, but also on the quality of the participatory methods applied to perform such quality check.

GLAMUR's booklet: the projectin a nutshell

GLAMUR’s main findings and considerations are summarized in a pamphlet, which reveals the complexity of improving sustainability performance in food chains and explains why the simple ‘global’ and ‘local’ distinctions is not working.
The booklet reports the main project’s achievements for each Work Package.

GLAMUR's Cartoon and Webinar

Two main communication tools helped GLAMUR to broadly disseminate its outcomes.
The GLAMUR‘s cartoon aims to reach a wide audience and to deliver the core of project’s messages.
The GLAMUR ‘Expo 2015’ webinar provided insights on the project and engaged in a dialogue with stakeholders.

GLAMUR at its last mile 

GLAMUR will be over at the end of January 2016. Its findings, reports and recommendations, as well as its dissemination materials, will remain fully available at

Glamur Final Conference
Brussels, 22nd JANUARY

The GLAMUR final conference will present and discuss the project’s recommendations and results.
Brussels, Friday 22nd January 2016, h. 10:00 – Tuscany Region, Rond Point Schuman, 14.

Programme available here.

Thanks to the Tuscany Region for hosting the event.
Glamur final conference


Glamur Partner

The GLAMUR Consortium worked for three years in harmony and close cooperation.
The well-functioning integration of activities and disciplines ensured the GLAMUR quality.

The GLAMUR partners wish to thank all those who contributed to the project activities, providing data, information, feedbacks and suggestions.
The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 311778
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