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 A new source of income for the Choir
Colne Valley Treasurer, Keith Fielding, says he got a phone call out of the blue from his local Co-op - the shop and filling station on Manchester Road at Milnsbridge.  “Do you know,” said Alison Gannon, the Branch Manager, “We have a Local Community Fund?”  “Well one of our customers has recommended the Colne Valley Male Voice Choir as a good cause and I wondered if you would like to apply to it?”
Well, Keith gave it a go expecting very little.  So he was bowled over - and very grateful to Alison and the mystery customer to get an email just before Christmas from the Co-op.

This is what it said......

“We have some good news - we're extending the funding period for the Local Community Fund to 8 April 2017. This means that members can choose your cause and support you for an extra 3 weeks - well into April.  You'll still get the money by the end of April 2017.
Money raised so far
So far Co-op members and carrier bag sales have raised £5,544,235 for local causes across the UK. Your share of funding is currently £1,808.50
“I couldn’t believe it.” says Keith, “This is brilliant. Perhaps we should be pushing every click” 
This is how it works

5% of the money Co-op members spend in the Co-op is ‘dividend’- at least on their own brand merchandise.  That goes back to members and then there’s a further 1% that goes into a Local Community Fund, allocated to local good causes.  In our case, that’s a share in the 1% of the members’ dividend from the Milnsbridge area that will be coming our way for a while. 

Terrific – but it gets better. 
It’s not just for Milnsbridge people.  And, if you are a Co-op member you can nominate Colne Valley Male Voice Choir to receive all the Community Fund money that’s allocated in your name.  It may only be a pound or two but ‘every little helps’ (as less attractive stores might say).
Here’s what you do. Go online and search for ‘Co-op Members Login’. You’ll need the number on your Co-op Membership Card and your email address, if it’s your first time. 
Once registered you’ll see a welcome screen that tells you what your dividend is and the amount that is allocated in your name to the Community. 
By default that cash will be shared by the good causes in your Co-op area.
But you can opt for it to be paid to a particular good cause up to 15 miles away from where your local Co-op is. 
So most readers will be able to choose ‘Find Other Causes’ and search out Colne Valley Male Voice Choir - we’re in, ‘Arts & Culture’ - pick the Choir and then we’ll get a bit of much needed cash. 
When you’ve followed the process through this is the sort of thing you’ll see. 

And you know that a little bit of extra money will be coming our way.

Please do it.

.... and if you are not a member of the Co-op, it’s dead easy to join . 

Ask in store and they’ll give you a form – it only costs a quid.   And you’ll soon be quids in!


Ease those January Blues still more....

You can brighten up a dull January day by enjoying this version of Beethoven's 7th, Second Movement, performed in a Cuban Rumba style, with all instruments created on the piano itself.  VotV recommends it.  Click here or on the image.

More sad news....

Tony Ackroyd passes away

It fell to Choir Secretary, Jenny Baxter to make a third sad announcement, in the space of just a few weeks, of the death of a Choir member.

This time we were shocked it was the sudden death of First Tenor, Tony Ackroyd that occurred on Friday last. (January 6th)
Tony had been with us through the Christmas concert season and was clearly on good form, busy with projects and preparing for a trip to Adelaide, Australia,

He was a jovial and kindly character and he will be missed by all the members who knew him.

It could be said that Tony’s first loyalty - in singing at least - lay over the Pennines with Saddleworth Male Voice Choir but his commitment to Colne Valley Male Voice Choir was very strong, too.  Indeed he was only a month or so away from completing 25 years of membership with us in Slaithwaite.

Active in charity work.... and seeking CVMVC support

Tony was in touch with Voice of the Valley in recent days.  He was busy organising a charity concert and wanting to involve Colne Valley members and the VotV readership in support and wrote that he and his Saddleworth Colleagues will be collaborating with the Marsden Silver Prize Band on this and it will take place at Marsden, St Bartholomew’s on April 8th 2017.  You’ll get tickets now through Stuart Iles or Peter Hatton.

The aim of the concert is to raise money to combat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

“It’s an extremely serious condition.” said Tony just a couple of weeks ago, “A genetic disorder that mostly affects boys. Those born with it lack the capacity to produce a protein necessary for muscle function.  Most boys are in a wheelchair by the time they are teenagers and few survive into their thirties.”

Tony was keen to publicise this event, wanting it to raise maximum funds.  Part of his concern was personal.  His grandson, Edward, (13) is one of those affected. VotV thinks that Colne Valley members and friends will want to do what they can to support Tony’s last initiative.  
The arrangements for Tony's funeral have just been announced: Church Service at Saint Chad's Church, Church Road, Uppermill, OL3 6LW on Friday 20th January 2017, 12.30 pm and afterwards at the Church Inn,  which is next door.

If there is to be any choral contribution in his memory, his colleagues in Saddleworth MVC will organise it.  But, no doubt, as many Colne Valley members, as can make it, will want to be there and will be keen to join in a choral tribute to a lovely man.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            RIP Tony


CVMVC hits the silver screen in Los Angeles

Film Forum is set to kick off its New Year season with a presentation of George Clark’s film, ‘A Distant Echo’ at the historic Grauman’s Egyptian Film Theatre in Hollywood.

The film, of course, features a soundtrack by Marsden’s Tom Challenger and was recorded by Colne Valley Male Voice Choir.

The cinema is the one that first screened, back in 1922, Cecil B. DeMille’s epic, ‘The Ten Commandments’.

“If, a thousand years from now, archaeologists happen to dig beneath the sands of Guadalupe, I hope that they will not rush into print with the amazing news that Egyptian civilization, far from being confined to the valley of the Nile, extended all the way to the Pacific Coast of North America.” - Autobiography of Cecil B. DeMille, 1959

The Guadalupe dunes where DeMille constructed and then buried sets for the original Ten Commandments was the starting point for ‘A Distant Echo’.

‘Ten Commandments’ had its premiere at the Egyptian Theatre, November 4, 1922.

‘A Distant Echo’ will premiere at the Egyptian on 15th January 2017.       

See the trailer here with CVMVC’s ethereal vocalism


John Kilner hides his light under a bushel

VotV reported on new member, John Kilner in a recent issue, welcoming him into membership just before Christmas. The piece included a little bit of information about John: but it seems he was understating his talents!
We now know that John has put himself forward for the X Factor this coming season.
It seems he reached Stage 2 and just before Christmas had an audition for the next stage.  He sang ‘You Raise Me Up’ and Alfie Boe’s ‘Bring Him Home’ at the Leeds Auditions and things went very well.

As we go to publication, John is still to hear whether he’ll get through to the televised stages.

VotV says: Well done, John, for giving it a go and whatever happens – you’re a star !


And another thing...... Thom fesses up

Colne Valley Musical Director, Thom Meredith, talked to the men at rehearsal last week about what he was after from the piece we’ve got in rehearsal, ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’.

“It might be quick.” says Thom, “But it’s got to seem really relaxed and easy. Just revel in those syncopated rhythms.  Go with the flow.  Get that and then you’ve got all the time in the world.

If you want to get the feel of the piece, try watching the ‘Only Men Aloud’ video on youtube.”  (Click here or on the picture.)

He went on to confess, “I know it says on your copies that I arranged the music for male voice choir but to tell the truth I nicked most of the best bits from the ‘Only Men Aloud’ version anyway.”
Yeah right, Thom!  Nothing to it!
So, members should watch the video carefully.  Thom tells VotV he wants us to practise the moves and bring our hats and canes for next week.

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