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Thom was rehearsing,‘Deck the Hall’, for our forthcoming Christmas concerts, when the line, ‘Troll the ancient Christmas carol’ caught his attention.  

Something clearly tickled him for he launched into a mostly incomprehensible diatribe about ‘trolling’ – something he’d come across on the internet that had amused him.   Most of us sat mystified until his brief ramblings were over and we returned to singing.

Well, Voice of the Valley has been researching his curious deviation and it is pleased to present an obscure recording - recently re-popularised on the web - of a Russian bloke, now known as the ‘Tro-lo-lo Guy’
Thom is Tickled


Tro-lo-lo Guy
Click here or on the picture to call him up – you’ll see why Thom was tickled!

Thom also made mention of a tro-lo-lo version of the Lord of The Rings.  

Voice of the Valley is again pleased to bring its readers this gem of social media.  

Click here or on  the picture.

Trolling Saruman
Dennis Nutton: 25 marvellous years 

This month, Dennis Nutton, is celebrating 25 years with the Choir.  Presented by Choir Chaplain, John Radcliffe, with a long-service badge at a recent rehearsal, Dennis told VotV he didn’t really regard it as much of an achievement.

“I came in the same year as Thom Meredith arrived and he is so easy-going and patient, rehearsals and concerts are just no hardship.  The years tick over but the pleasure remains."

“I’d been a first tenor with another choir for a few years beforehand.” said Dennis.  “But let’s say there were ‘artistic differences’ so I’d given it up.   At that time I was a governor at Beech School in Golcar along with Raymond Ellis, and Raymond was always urging me to join Colne Valley.   Also I worked quite a bit with Wilf Hansom – we were both in the plumbing and heating trade – and he too was keen for me to sign up.

So I got persuaded to come along to a rehearsal.  I thought I’d just sit at the back and have a listen but Wilf grabbed me and said ‘you’ll sit here alongside me in the first tenors’ and I’ve never looked back.

It’s just magic when the audience responds to our performance.  When they enjoy it it’s the best feeling.   Our Christmas concert at the Town Hall and the even more relaxed one after in Marsden after are probably the highlights of my Choir year.  Though, I do look back with pride to our victories at Llangollen."

Now troubled a bit by a bad back, Dennis is a sprightly 78, enjoying gardening, golf and grand-children.

Well done Dennis!  We wish him many more happy years performing with the Choir.

Dennis’ Gardening Tip

Take two good bulbs of garlic, skin them and crush them.

Add a pint of boiling water and let it steep for a couple of days.

Then filter and bottle the mixture.

Diluted 10 to 1 this make an excellent spray for your vegetable garden.

Spray it on your carrots and you’ll be free of root fly and other pests.

"I  swear by it," says Gardener Dennis. 
Voice of the Valley Editor in Temporary Re-housing Shocker


It’s true.  It’s the doghouse for the Editor after several editorial errors crept into last month’s edition.

In the piece about ‘Man of the Month’, Philip Baxter, stepping up to conduct the Choir after Thom’s recent accident, VotV had reported that this was the second time Philip had faced a last-minute need to fill in.   He had conducted us at the Festival and Competition in Whitby and it was stated that under his leadership, “We won in every class we competed in”.

“Not so”, say several readers, with a better grasp of the facts than your unfortunate editor. Colne Valley won in three competitions but in the ‘Victoriana’ class, it was the Halifax Young Singers under the very able conductorship of Lynn Hudson, who triumphed with their terrific version of ‘The Long Day Closes’

The Halifax Young Singers are a fine choir and we were not too disappointed to cede first place to them that day at Whitby.  

I don’t think there is any recording of the Halifax Young Singers doing the ‘Long Day’ but here is a performance by a Polish Choir - Kantylena of Lublin - that Thom and Lynn and all lovers of choir music will feel probably does justice to the piece.
Click here or on the picture to hear Kantylena

Lynn and Thom, by the way, are currently enjoying their first trip to New York

Second Editorial Gaffe

I got it wrong again on the date for our Marsden Christmas Concert. This event – as the guests of the Marsden Silver Prize band - takes place not on the Sunday but on Saturday night, December 19th.  

If it’s not in your diary - put it in - It’ll be a great night! 

Saturday not Sunday for Marsden Concert !

Marsh Ladies celebrate 60 years 

Our sister Choir, with whom we occasionally share a stage, is this year celebrating 60 years since its formation in 1955.  The picture shows their Diamond Gala concert.

Long-time supporter of Colne Valley Male Voice Choir and borough organist, Gordon Stewart,  was on hand to compere the concert and add sparkle to the occasion.

A Reader writes …..
Voice of the Valley reader, Andrew Lord of Ipswich, writes with the following suggestion; “I wonder if a piece by Franz Schubert would be good for the Choir.  It’s the Gondolier -  Der Gondelfahrer” 

Here’s a version by a Viennese male voice choir – Wienermaennergesangverein -  
Click here or on the picture to have a listen.

What do you think? Should it be in our repertoire?
And another thing.....

Check this out, it’s fantastic!  

It’s another group from Vienna.  

This time it’s the Wiener Cello Ensemble with a stunningly dextrous version of Ravel’s Bolero.

Click here or on the picture.  ____________________________________________________________________
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