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Open Rehearsal

Rob Rosborough reminded members the other night that on Monday October 3rd we shall be holding our ‘Open Rehearsal’
It’ll be in our usual rehearsal room upstairs at Slaithwaite Conservative Club on Britannia Road.
“Bring a friend, bring a neighbour, bring a work-mate.” urged Rob.  “We could do with a few new men. When people make it through the door.” he said, “They find we’re a friendly bunch - and they find they’re in for a rich musical experience. 
You can’t beat singing in a choir.  It’s good for your mind, for your sense of well-being and it’s good for your body, too. And more than that, it’s good fun!  We might not have special voices as individuals.” he went on. “But, together, we can make a great sound, especially when you have a conductor like Thom Meredith to bring out the best in us.”
We start at 7:30. (It doesn’t matter, by the way, if you don’t have contacts in the Choir, already. Just come along on Monday – or any Monday for that matter. 
You’ll be very welcome. 

Meltham Review 

September 11th saw Colne Valley giving a concert at Meltham’s Parish Church as part of their ‘365 Years of Saint Bartholomew’s’ Celebrations – 365 years of being at the centre of village life in Meltham.

And what a fine concert it was, too!

A good audience enthusiastically received a buoyant performance by the Choir in top form: its songs interspersed with fine solo performances from our funny man and baritone, Raymond Ellis and from our very own keyboard supremo, Keith Swallow

And then, there was our special guest, local soprano, Stephanie Ball charming both Choir and audience alike. Perhaps the highlight of the evening came when she and our very own Thom Meredith combined to sing Mozart’s superb aria, ‘La ci darem la mano’ (See below.)

Meltham Mayor, Pat Maxwell, was on hand, too, to help out with the interval refreshments.

All told, a terrific evening’s entertainment.

Opera’s hottest aria

Don Giovanni has just met the beautiful but naive Zerlina and her hick fiance, Masetto. When Masetto leaves, Giovanni gets Zerlina on her own and attempts to sweet-talk her – the cad!  

He wants to get her back to his place for ‘a bit of the other’. She’s weakening - but before anything can happen her mate, Donna Elvira - probably for the best - comes in and breaks it up.
Thom and Stephanie sang this at Meltham.  It was the highlight of a great evening, in the Editor’s opinion. Dramatically, Stephanie went from the prim to the passionate, from the formal to the fruity as Thom went from the merely gallant to downright randy.  And all the time the singing from both performers was superb and Mozart’s music a delight.

Enjoy it again
To enjoy this sublime aria again, the best youtube version I could find is that sung by the Zurich Opera production of Don Giovanni.  The clip starts with the break-up of the engagement party.   Zerlina finds herself alone with Giovanni.... and he starts turning on the charm.
Fantastic: This version recorded at the Opernhaus Zurich is sung by Rodney Gilfry and Liliana NikiteanuClick here or on the image to enjoy.

More News just in:

Colne Valley’s inestimable Peter Denby and Music Committee Chairman, David Hirst have been in conclave in recent weeks with (probably) the best brass band in the world - Brighouse & Rastrick Band – and a deal has been struck.
Colne Valley and Brighouse will present a joint concert at Huddersfield Town Hall next summer.
These two august bastions of Yorkshire’s cultural life will come together once more for a spectacular evening of band and choral music on Saturday June 10th. 
The programme is yet to be finalised, of course, but listeners can expect a terrific night of entertainment and the supreme musicianship of a band of unparalleled quality.
‘Briggus’ have been our guests at the famous Town Hall Christmas Concert for several years in recent times and they will be back with us on December 11th but the summer concert is a new development and it’ll be a great one.  

Put the date in your diary now!

Just a reminder of how good they are - click here or on the image. 

Philip, Batley Variety Club and the Temperance Seven

Philip Baxter, noting our recent article on Colne Valley’s connection with the Batley Variety Club, tells VotV that there are other links.

It seems Philip, the Choir’s much-admired rehearsal pianist, was part of a four-man dance band some years ago.  He recalls being hired to play in a marquee on Jimmy Corrigan’s lawn. Jimmy, the inspiration behind the Batley Variety Club, was holding a garden party and many of the guests were councillors and council officials. Either he was celebrating getting planning permission for the new club or he was schmoozing the Council in the hope that his applications would be successful. “Either way,” says Philip, “It was the only time I’ve played piano with a bottle of pink champagne on the piano lid”.

And that’s not all ....
There was another do a bit later - this time to celebrate the laying of the foundation stone for the new club.  Once again, Philip’s 4-piece band was on hand, providing the background music, prior to the main entertainment of the evening: The ‘Temperance Seven’.
Readers may remember and enjoy their No4 hit from 1961, '
Home in Pasadena’ 
Click here or on the image

New Song - We rise again

Monday night’s rehearsal saw our first stab at a new song, ‘We rise again’.
The music has been sponsored for the Choir by bass stalwart, Brian Hibbert and his wife, Sue.
To get a feel of how good it’s going to be when we get it performance-ready, click here (or on the picture above) to hear Chor Leoni - Vancouver’s singing lions - give a fine live rendition.
If we can just persuade Thom to take the solo verses, VotV predicts this stirring anthem will be a fantastic addition to our repertoire that will go down a storm with our audiences.

And another thing....

The Choir has been based in Slaithwaite for close on 100 years so we have deep roots in the village and the local community.
So readers might be interested to know that the future of the Civic Hall is under question.  There was a first meeting on Thursday night last to start the process of working out how the hall can continue to be a going concern – perhaps under community ownership in years to come.
VotV is sure that there’ll be plenty of opportunities to make your views clear and to put your ‘two-penn’orth’ in to help secure the hall for the next decades.  Click here or on the poster to open an email link with the facilitators.


And yet another thing.....

Probably the best Monday lunchtime in the world -  well damn good anyway!

That’s the lunchtime organ concerts at Huddersfield’s Town Hall with the frothy sparkle and intoxicating musical skill of long-time Choir supporter and organ wizard - Gordon Stewart - at the hall’s world-famous Father Willis organ’s five keyboards. (I’m including the set he plays with his feet.)

The concert season has just resumed.

Get soup and a sandwich in the courtroom, enjoy a fabulous recital and all for less than a tenner (and that includes the parking).

What could be better?  

His next recital next is on Monday 17th October at 1:00pm 
For fun listen to one of the pieces from last week –
Praeludium in C by Georg Boehm (1661 – 1733)

Click here or on the image.(left)

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