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The Promise of Giving
A Message from Marj 

This beautiful time of year-end Giving is here again.  We’ve known it and lived it in many ways.  I’ve lived and loved Promises in my life…and I’ve witnessed the miracles and manifestations that come with Sacred Promises.

“Give and it will be given unto you…” from Luke 6:38 is a ‘guiding star’ for me in this season of the Magi following the Light of the Star in the sacred story.  

This morning, I heard the song “I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me…” and I felt my heart touched with Love.  As a child, what I knew was Christmas.  Now I have added more into the Vastness, even while still loving that Christmas song.

I keep learning, even as I approach the ‘last act’ of my life!  And it happened again this week.  For the very first time, in all of my years of ministry and teaching the Christmas story, I realized that the Three Magi following the Star in the Christmas story are symbols for the three tiers in our journey of consciousness.  I’d never ‘seen’ this before.

The Gift of Love, I know for me, is the greatest Gift of all.  It has been so profound to see the Journey into Its Vastness.  Called By Love has been part of that over the last seven years.  And now as we go into our 8th year, realizing eight is an infinity symbol, I am anticipating the Birth of the Holy Child in the Vastness of consciousness that is beyond what I’ve ever known before.  

I invite you to say ‘Yes’ to the Love that is Beyond…  This invitation is, in part, for you to give a year-end gift to Called By Love Institute, our 501c3 non-profit, to recognize, support and contribute to its work in the world.  You could do that by clicking here or on on the ‘donate’ image below, or by sending a check to Called by Love Institute, 13681 Newport Avenue, Suite 8, #863, Tustin, CA, 92780.

It occurs to me also, that there is another possibility…  

Give a Gift of Love to yourself, to someone you love, perhaps both, and a gift to Called By Love as well.  I invite you to register for our long anticipated and prophesied event, LOVE AS NEVER BEFORE, which will happen in February 2019. 

What I promise you, if you are willing, is that it will be a Holy Birth…

Thank you for the Gift of your Presence in my life.  We are in such an amazing time of Invitation, a time of shining the Light on the darkness.  Somehow the Universe has brought us together and is showing us the way.

With Deep Gratitude and Love,



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