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A Message from Marj 
First of all, as this is the first Called By Love Institute email of 2019, let me wish you a Very Happy New Year in case you didn’t see my post on facebook!

As we dive in into 2019, there is much to communicate with you in terms of beautiful opportunities to connect live. This email is mostly about our call tomorrow, Wednesday January 9 at 10 am Pacific time and our February in person event. In addition, for those who live in OC, make sure to scroll down to the bottom to also see the invitation for “Invite Spirit to Show You The Way in 2019”, my unique Thursday afternoon series in January in Laguna Hills. 


It is a question one of you asked about our February event!  Why is it different?  We have entered a new and huge shift of energy…  2019 is a Universal 3 Year!  We’ll talk more about that on our call tomorrow.  That’s only one thing!  There are a lot more ways.

‘Love As Never Before’ is different in part because it includes the immense and profound wisdom of Stages, the incredible work of Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta.  I will be adding my own unique parts.   It  puts it all into the framework of Love in a live event that will have new elements and new Synergy.  It will happen because of you, along with all of the beautiful souls who will be there co-creating it.

This work, out of which ‘Love As Never Before’ has emerged is the Call of my entire life and has vastly accelerated over the last seven years.  It is taking me into clarity, commitment and the Calling of the Vastness.

In the 4th Act of my life, I am learning and facilitating through experiencing something beyond what I could have ever imagined.  It has transcended and yet includes all of the previous levels of awareness.  It requires ‘when 2 or 3 are gathered’ in this vibrational energy.  That includes me, as well as you!

It is a whole new level of ‘Let There Be Light’ and invites Radical Trust and Faith for its emerging path to reveal Itself in its highest potentials.  I surrender to It and am not in control of It, yet I am ‘pedaling as fast as I can’ on the back seat of this bicycle built for two!  

I am feeling the Vastness, experiencing it AGAIN in repeating patterns that are ‘vastly’ different with the Driving energy of Love.  Love, the Field of Love, is the object of my existence.  

I know this cannot be unique to me.  I yearn to explore it with you as a Universal Collective emerges that holds us in the receiving and in the giving.  What does that mean?  We will find out, in part, when we come together.

And, that is WHY I want you to be there, on our call tomorrow, and at the live event in February over Valentine’s Week.  All of the details are available when you click on the link:


This has never happened before in a collective with a focus on Love as the primary purpose, at least not for me.  It is about every area of our lives, our relationships, our family, our communities, our country and even our world.  It is about creating in our own lives a New Story.

I yearn for collaboration rather than competition; for honoring rather than discounting and separation; for working together for Good, because we are Called by Love’s purpose in a thousand unique ways, giving our unique gifts.

I yearn for being part of the Synergy that takes everything into Higher and Vaster vibrations.  I want to be part of breakthrough rather than breakdown.  And, I believe that you do too.  Let’s talk about it on the call tomorrow at 10 am Pacific…   

Called by Love Institute Worldwide Call
Wednesday, January 9th at 10 am PST

Event Link:
The recording will be available after the call at the same link.

Join online or directly Dial:  1-425-440-5100 (USA)
and Enter the Conference ID:  042877#

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And let’s be together and co-create it as we gather together in person in the live event, ‘Love As Never Before’ in February.  THE EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION PRICE ends on January 14, so click on the link for all of the information and to register.
Early Bird: Save up to $100 if you register by January 14!
(Scholarships Requests Available)

I invite you to join me as we experience the Field where Miracles happen naturally.  I’ve been quite amazed to think about this and actually SEE miracles in my own life.  We will talk about this, perhaps, on the call.  Maybe you will see those same repeating patterns in your own personal cosmic numbers.

It takes commitment, clarity, creativity and heartfelt soulful intent.  It is about Higher Vision.  I know that it is beyond my individual self, we can’t do it alone.  It includes you…and the collective of the All That Is.

It is co-creating together a New Story in our own lives and in the world.  It is seeking us even with greater yearning than we are seeking it.  

I invite you to say ‘Yes’…

With Deep Love and Gratitude,



SoCal PS:

As indicated in the opening of this email, there is one more beautiful opportunity for those of you who live in Southern California. I will be teaching a unique four week THURSDAY AFTERNOON series at UNITY OF ORANGE COUNTY in Laguna Hills from 1pm to 3pm, on JANUARY 10, 17, 24, 31! It will be offered on Love Donation. And, of course, you are also invited!  See the details on the flyer below or on our website at  In the meantime, I am looking forward to hearing you on the call this Wednesday at 10 am Pacific as mentioned above. 


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