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A Message from Marj

When I was in seminary in 1985, I went through a time of marriage crises in my personal life.  I worked with one of Unity’s most esteemed and beloved teachers, Martha Giudici, for almost a year in helping me find my way through.  

One day Martha said something to me that jolted me and has never left my awareness.  “Nothing can be taken away from you that is yours by right of Consciousness.” 

What did it mean to me then?  How has it unfolded?  What does it mean now?
Let’s take some time and explore that jolting and reassuring statement on our worldwide call tomorrow,
 Wednesday April 3rd at 10 am PDT. Here are the details to join us: 
Called by Love Institute Worldwide Call
Wednesday, April 3rd at 10 am PDT

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Also, take a few moments to really look closely at the picture that is at the top of this reminder email.  See the symbols in it, the rainbow, the clouds, the darkness and the Light.  Experience the rain as well as the landscape.  Know the Sky that is above the clouds.  What does each of the symbols represent in your life now?

The Universe has given me some very powerful teachings this week!  I just worked with Michael Singer on Universal Law, including the Laws of Karma, Will and Love. There is a very powerful relationship to the Chakras, the 12 Powers and ‘Your Soul’s Invisible Codes, those Codes of Co-Creation that are in the gardens at Unity of Tustin. I especially loved the clear Awareness of the Higher Realms and Love.

Adyashanti gave me another gift that was immense.  “To function, we need an orienting Principle in the world.”  Resurrection is when a New Orientating Principle arises.  It requires Intention as an Act of Devotion.

It has been a profound time.  Andrew Harvey profoundly describes an Endless Birth and guides in the ‘how to be with’ the Divine Process.  Practice surrender, through Adoration and Devotion.  Love takes you to a place of Joy.  You will understand everything had to happen.  When you arrive and go through the doorway, you will be able to help others.

The Beloved never leaves us without answers.  When we ‘Ask in my Name, this Consciousness’, we will receive.   The promise is that the Knowing cannot be taken away if we align with It.  Somehow it feels like the Union of Heaven and Earth, the promise from Revelation 21:  “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away…”

Let’s explore and find more revelations together.  I am so looking forward to our call tomorrow.  The time with you is like treasure.

With Deep Gratitude and Love, 


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