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A Message from Marj: 

Questions for the New Year: 
Worldwide call on 
Wednesday January 25, 10amPST
2017 has arrived and our first worldwide call of the New Year is happening!  The New Year has been a time for many people to take time for reviewing and opening into guidance, 
goals and intentions for what is to come.
Are you, like me, finding more questions than answers?  Are you, like me, feeling the interplay of disappointments, surprises, shadow and hope?  Are we experiencing moments of withdrawal simultaneously with moments of urgency?
The times we 
are in become profoundly interesting if we interrelate them to Stages of awareness. 

For me, this is becoming one of my ways of navigating it all!  Here are some of the questions I am asking of myself with regard to my personal life and to the vastness of life in the world of consciousness:
  • What is my/our leading edge? 
  • Are we in the Unknowing of a new territory or are we being called into active involvement in a realm that is becoming clear?
  • How are we supported?  What is our relationship to the Vastness?
  • What is in the foreground of my awareness?  What is backgrounded?  Are goals, intentions or potentialities emerging?  What is my relationship with surrender and non-attachment to outcome
Interestingly, as I do a ‘scan’ of my many selves, I can find myself with different answers that can dance and play.  I find myself experiencing curiosity and wonder in the process!
What is up for you?
I invite you to join us on the call on Wednesday, January 25 at 10amPST. 
One of the ways that we can support ourselves and the Universe is in coming into the Silence and the sharing of Oneness.
Called by Love Institute Worldwide Call
Wednesday, January 25th at 10 am PDT
With Deep Love and Gratitude,


One more gift...

"What would God say through you?"  

One of the beautiful songs James Twyman played for us 
last Friday evening at Unity of Tustin before the screening
of his new movie "A Sound called Unity: The Twelve Powers".

(Click here or on the image above to watch the video)

Remember also that you can still sign-up to receive his daily 
musical lessons of the "The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking" by going
to his website /

In the meantime, as per Marj's message above, we are so looking forward
hearing many of you on our Called by Love Institute call on Wednesday! 
(Details above) 

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