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Heartfelt Songs Shared From Lori Jean's #Gifted Spot

Living with damage to her head from abuse as a toddler, and then finding that gift towards music came to her.

Lori Jean's first full sentence was asking mommy to play a record. With a child sibling band, her music flourished. Ending in summer school during her sophomore year at high school trying to dissect lyrics, it was inevitable the truth to  her connection had to be made.

Lending from her admiration of true-rock artists of Stevie Nicks, Heart, and The Pretenders, and holding strength from Cyndi Lauper-following her own story-she had to find a way of breaking through with her music singing from her heart so true, but humble yet intense her new-born self with the world.

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Top Rumination tracks:

  1. Resurrection Of My Home
  2. Bit Of Happiness
  3. Super Lady

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