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Hello and welcome to ‘In the Loop’, dft’s quarterly bulletin for friends and colleagues worldwide.

In each edition we would not only like to include a round-up of news and developments from digital film technology (dft), but also to give some of our customers the opportunity to share their news and projects too.

If you have something to share, please contact us and we will be delighted to include it!

So what has been happening at dft?

dft and Prasad Corporation have had a very busy few months, attending, participating and supporting numerous events around the globe. Following NAB in April, we were busy with FIAF in Bologne, The Reel Thing, Los Angeles and of course IBC in Amsterdam. If you missed us, then between now and the holidays, we’re also at the October FIAT/IFTA Nina conference in Warsaw, and in November at the AMIA conference in Pittsburgh.

Celebrating our wetgate at Omimago’s ‘Sommerfest’

Thank you to all of our friends and colleagues who joined us at the event, and also, of course to Omnimago, for hosting us all.

Peter Fries, managing director at Omnimago said: “OMNIMAGO’s Sommerfest was a huge success and a fun day for all of us, with our partners at dft. We welcomed more than 60 guests who had travelled from all over Germany and from some of the European archives to our facility in Ingelheim, Germany. Henning Hahn from dft and Korinna Barthel from Omnimago provided an interesting presentation on the use of Scanity and the new WetGate - “WetGate Scanning and Digitization of Konrad Wolf´s MAMA, ICH LEBE (1977)” – which generated a lot of interest and discussion. In all, we celebrated a lovely afternoon with great people, German “Bratwurst” and cool drinks - as well as providing technical insight in our lab and to dft’s flagship Scanity with the new WetGate.”

DFT welcomes Quinto as new representative in Australia and New Zealand

In August, we announced the appointment of Quinto Communications as our new representatives in Australia and New Zealand. Simon Carter said: “We are extremely pleased to be working with Quinto Communications who I have always regarded as a highly professional company at the top of their game. Having worked with Quinto on multiple projects over the past two decades, I know that they can deliver technical expertise and a superb local service for our customers in Australia and New Zealand. It is a pleasure to be working with Quinto and I am looking forward to many future years in partnership with them.”

Prasad wins at the FOCAL International Awards 2016

FOCAL International’s annual awards celebrate the some of the greatest achievements made by audio-visual libraries in a diverse range of categories. This year, we were delighted to discover that several of our customers and their projects had been nominated for awards at FOCAL International’s annual ceremony. In the category ‘Best Archive and Preservation Project’, which was incidentally sponsored by Prasad Corporation, we were even more delighted, when on opening the golden envelope, it was announced that ‘The Memory of Justice’ had been chosen as the winner by the judges, all respected professionals from the international footage community.

Latest Installations

Omnimago, provider of services for motion pictures, has successfully installed and implemented the first Scanity HDR 35mm WetGate system.

Having provided a range of services supporting motion picture film, for over 30 years, Omnimago is at the forefront of their industry. Peter Fries, managing director at Omnimago, said: “Satisfying clients’ needs are very much the focus of what we do, and we can only achieve this through having dedicated people delivering high standards of work, supported by professional, modern equipment. Our Scanity HDR 4K film scanner is at the heart of our operation, and so we were delighted when dft asked us to work with them on their new 35mm WetGate system.”

Customer spotlight

It’s always good to hear about the work that our customers do using dft film scanners. If you’d like us to feature your work, we’d love to include it, so please keep us up to date!

- dft’s Scanity used in the restoration of ‘The Memory of Justice’

‘The Memory of Justice’, created in 1976 by Marcel Ophüls, examines three of the defining tragedies of the Western World in the second half of the 20th century, from the Nuremberg trials through the French-Algerian war to Vietnam, building from a vast range of interviews, from Telford Taylor (Counsel for the Prosecution at Nuremberg, later a harsh critic of US’s escalating involvement in Vietnam) to Nazi architect Albert Speer to Daniel Ellsberg and Joan Baez.

- WetGate scanning and digitisation of ‘Mama, ich lebe’

Konrad Wolf’s 1977 film ‘Mama, ich lebe’, has been digitised for the DEFA Foundation at Omnimago. The project is the first to use dft’s new WetGate technology, in conjunction with dft’s Scanity 4K scanner.

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