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Hello and welcome to ‘In the Loop’, dft’s quarterly bulletin for friends and colleagues worldwide.

In each edition we’d not only like to include a round-up of news and developments from digital film technology (dft), but also to give some of our customers the opportunity to share their news and projects too.

If you have something to share, please contact us and we will be delighted to include it!

It's all about NAB 2015

April for us, was all about NAB. This is our big event of the year, and gives us a focus in which to launch new product developments, check out what else is going on in the industry and, of course, meet our friends and colleagues from around the world. It was lovely to meet those of you who came along, and to showcase some of the work you have been doing with dft technology. For those who missed out, here are our highlights…

This year we were tucked away in the Lower South Hall, sharing a pitch with our colleagues at Prasad Corp. It was a fair walk from the main entrance, so we knew that those who came to visit us were either genuinely interested in what we do (or had lost their way and had need of refreshment and a sit down!)

Our development team worked hard to show a number of new advances this year. These included the unveiling of a number of new features for the Scanity HDR, including the wetgate and new film gate options (16plus) for smaller film formats. Further information about these are included later in the newsletter and white papers supporting these new developments can all be downloaded from our website.

The new wetgate was truly the ‘star of the show’ and was demonstrated live at the show, showing impressive results. In addition to demonstrating this live, we also ran a short film clip, developed by one of our customers showing a wetgate in action.

We also took the opportunity this year to showcase some of the work done by our customers worldwide – including historic, now preserved, footage from some of the world’s largest archives, which sat alongside footage from modern day feature film and commercials. A selection of these projects are included in this newsletter, and can also be found on our website. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send us material to include at NAB

Launching the new wet-gate for Scanity

Scanity’s new wetgate was hailed star of the show by many of our visitors. This new lens gate assembly (for 16mm, 35mm gauges) includes a fluid tank, which the film passes through, filling any surface imperfections with fluid at the point of scan. In addition to delivering superb, crisp pictures at high scanning speeds (faster than other scanners in ‘wet’ mode), users also benefit from Scanity’s renowned safe and gentle film handling – ensuring even the most delicate of film can be scanned for future generations to enjoy.

See the video clip and white paper on our website.

dft at the FOCAL International Awards

In May, dft and Prasad were proud to support customers and colleagues at the 12th FOCAL International Awards at the London Lancaster Hotel. Hosted by the Chief News Correspondent for the BBC, Katie Adie, the awards recognised producers, directors and other creative media professionals for excellence in the use of stock archival footage across all genre and platforms of production.

It was great to see so many of our customers (including the BBC, Eye Film, Prime Focus, Pinewood, ITN and Deluxe), at the event, especially as a number of the projects completed using dft products had been nominated for awards.

  Including more film gauges and formats

In response to customer demand, the team have been working to develop a new lens gate assemblies, so that Scanity can handle a wider range of film gauges and formats, making it more adaptable for managing the variety of film stocks found in archive facilities worldwide. In addition to handling standard formats, Scanity can now handle smaller formats, including S16mm, N16mm, Max 8mm, S8mm, 8mm and 9.5mm.

See the white paper on our website

Latest installations
In May, we were delighted to install a second Scanity at the National Library of Norway. Martin Weiss, explained; “We have had a very good experience with our first Scanity, and as the National Library of Norway plans to digitize all of its film titles, we needed to expand our scanning capability. With our new Scanity HDR, we are looking forward to testing the potential quality improvements that will come when scanning black and white film, and also in using the new wetgate system .”
Customer spotlight
It’s always good to hear about the work that our customers do using dft film scanners. If you’d like us to feature your work, we’d love to include it, so please keep us up to date!
- Cinelicious uses Scanity to complete film ‘Boyhood’

“Probably the most notable project of the past year was Oscar Nominated film BOYHOOD which we provided 4K DI scans from the Scanity. It was a very challenging project… especially the conform and selects scan over 12 years of film.” Paul Korver, Cinelicious.

  - Historic Lumière film comes to life with Scanity

Created by the Lumière brothers over 100 years ago, and discovered by La Musée Suisse de l’Appareil Photographique de Vevey, this short, 20 second film depicts a French family outing. Showing signs of age and decay, this historic film had been shot on 35mm film with only one perforation per frame. Scanity's sprocketless film path and archive option enabled Omnimago to scan the nitrate negative in 2k. The scanned images were stabilized and only lightly restored to remove the effects of heaviest degradation.


We know there are many, many different film gauges and formats sitting in archives around the world, and only a proportion of those are in formats that are handled by film scanners. Please help us by telling us what kinds of material you have – so that we can develop methods to help you get them scanned? Please answer TWO questions – how much film you hold and what formats you have. Thanks!

  Thank you
If you would like to contribute to future editions of the newsletter in the ‘Customer spotlight’, or if you have an idea for a future quick survey, then please contact us and we’ll be delighted to include it!

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