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Hello and welcome to ‘In the Loop’, dft’s quarterly bulletin for friends and colleagues worldwide.

In each edition we would not only like to include a round-up of news and developments from digital film technology (dft), but also to give some of our customers the opportunity to share their news and projects too.

If you have something to share, please contact us and we will be delighted to include it!

So what has been happening at dft?
As usual, it has been a busy few months at dft. We have delivered new technology to customers in America, Egypt and Slovenia, signed a partnership agreement with storage systems provider, Dot Hill, and participated in a couple of industry events. We’ve also been working on a number of new technical developments, which we are hoping to be able to launch later next year – more of all of that later!
Introducing - Aaron Taylor

First of all, we would like to introduce to you our new Managing Director,Aaron Taylor, who joined us in September. Based at head office in Darmstadt, Germany, Aaron will oversee the development, production and distribution of the high-end film scanning technology for which dft is renowned, and will be working with the management team to develop its commercial product range and infrastructure that can be sustained for many years to come.

Aaron joins the company from DITABIS (Digital Biomedical Imaging Systems), where as Managing Director, he was responsible for the development and production of specialist medical and laboratory instrumentation, and prior to that as Chief Technology Officer at consumer electronics firm, TrekStor.

dft partners with Dot Hill
  Over the summer, we partnered with Dot Hill, a leading provider of storage solutions. Their AssuredSAN Ultra48 is one of the few storage arrays that we have found can meet dft’s demanding performance requirements, providing large capacity storage in a small compact footprint.  
New gate adaptors - coming soon!

Previously announced as a concept at NAB 2014 – dft will be introducing new versions of its 16mm LGA gate, with the implementation of new S8mm/8mm/MAX8mm gate adaptors.

These new options will become available during 2015, and are based on the current 16mm LGA gate. Using the standard 16mm lens assembly, pixel pitch is 3 microns, which yields a maximum resolution in S8mm of around 1700 pixels per line and scanning speeds greater than 30fps.

The basic concept can be adapted to other formats, such as 9.5mm, 13mm, 17.5mm, as well as material with non-standard perforation holes, such as mid-perforation or Lumiere.

Latest installations
Since our last newsletter we have delivered new technology to customers in America, Egypt and Slovenia. We would like to extend a warm ‘thank you’ our friends, Rotana, in Egypt for allowing us to share their story with you here.
Rotana uses DFT’s Scanity to restore Egyptian classics
  Rotana, the Arab World’s largest entertainment company, has entered into an agreement with the Prasad Corporation to restore Egyptian classic films. As the key partner in this high-profile project, Prasad Corporation has brought restoration equipment and experts to Rotana’s facilities at Egyptian Media Production City – including the supply of dft’s Scanity.  
  Latest news from AMIA

This year’s AMIA conference was held, for the second time, in the historic city of Savannah, Georgia between the 8 and 11th October. The conference is a unique forum for colleagues from all over the world to meet, share information, work together, and is the world’s largest gathering of motion picture, recorded sound archivists and interested professionals. The objective of the conference is to develop, sustain and support the best practices in audiovisual archiving. dft is a generous sponsor of the event and is also very heavily involved in the organisation - in fact Colleen Simpson of the Los Angeles office is on the AMIA Board of Directors.

This year, the dft booth was in a prime location, close to the main entrance, and we promoted the Scanity HDR alongside the many archive restoration and scanning services offered by Prasad Corporation.

Interest came not only from the USA but from countries as far apart and diverse as Canada and Uruguay.

Customer spotlight
Following our first edition of ‘In the Loop’ a number of you have been in touch to ask whether your material can be included. The answer is ‘yes!’ We’d love to include it, so please keep us up to date!
- Australia’s NFSA restores record of ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’

The NFSA looks back at the work done over the past 12 months, following the installation of the first Scanity in Australia. One of the first projects to be completed was the scanning of the Wirth Family Home Movies collection, which comprised approximately fifty 16mm films recalling eight decades of daily life in the Wirth family’s extensive travelling circus. The circus, known as Australia’s ‘Greatest Show on Earth’, toured Australia (and the world) extensively from 1882 and was disbanded in 1963.

  - dft Scanity used to create Arcade Fire’s ‘Afterlife’

Cinelicious recently provided film scanning, colour services and 4K mastering for Montreal band Arcade Fire and their 7 minute dreamy, moody and captivating film, ‘Afterlife’. The film’s DP, Evan Prosofsky complimented the amazing team at Cinelicious: “A huge partof us achieving that high quality was working with Paul and his amazing team at Cinelicious. They have some of the highest quality film scanners in the world, and being able to scan our film in real time and colour grade as we went was incredibly helpful for meeting our deadline, and a really fun way to work.”

  - Death Valley Days – iconic TV series is restored

Cinelicious is restoring 458 half-hour episodes of Death Valley Days, an iconic TV series which aired from 1952-1970, and is considered an important part of television history, basing every episode on a factual event in American History. During its two decades on the air, the show used a lot of different film formats, so dft’s Scanity was an ideal choice as it offers a broad depth of field and a wide dynamic range.

Cinelicious’ Paul Korver explains “With archival films, you’re often dealing with spliced film; other scanners don’t hold focus over splice bumps, but due to its deeper depth of field, the Scanity’s frames are always in focus.” Scanity’s IR channel helps with Death Valley Days’ colour episodes, addressing dirt and defects on top of the film as well as scratches in the film in a “precise way that’s faster and more efficient ” than other platforms.

Enter for a Focal International award
  The FOCAL International Awards celebrate achievement in the use of footage in all variety of genres, across all media platforms, recognising achievements across the archive footage business. There are 16 award categories, including awards for the best archive/restoration project and the deadline for entries is December 1st 2014. If you feel one of your projects deserves recognition, then why not give it a go?  
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We also asked about your priorities for the coming 12 months. Overwhelmingly, top of the list was to improve image quality, closely followed by higher resolution and then improving personal skills. Faster speeds, managing budgets and juggling different film formats were the least of your worries.

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