Upcoming Conference: Sixth Biennial Conference of the Marcuse Society: 12-15 November 2015, SALISBURY UNIVERSITY, Salisbury, Maryland, USA.
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May 2015  /  No. 12
Critical Highlights

Official Organizational Announcement

In a letter from the Internal Revenue Service dated April 24, 2015, the International Herbert Marcuse Society received official recognition of its federal tax-exempt status. 

This determination means that -- after our long journey (and lots of paperwork) -- we are officially recognized as a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and that our effective date of exemption has been recognized back to November 7, 2013.  
Among other things, this means that:
  • Donors can deduct contributions that they make to the International Herbert Marcuse Society
  • The International Herbert Marcuse Society is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers, and gifts

The IRS letter may be inspected here on the Marcuse Society website.

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Another MARCUSE SOCIETY Conference

Abstracts due:
May 20, 2015

International Herbert Marcuse Society
Sixth Biennial Conference

Praxis and Critique:
Liberation, Pedagogy, and the University

12-15 November 2015

Salisbury University
Salisbury, Maryland, USA


          In recent years, the problems and contradictions intrinsic to capitalist society have resulted in a number of manifest, seemingly permanent, crises. Many researchers, academics, and activists have seized on the urgency of recent coalescing crises—from environmental degradation to economic inequality, political instability to social unraveling, and beyond—in an attempt to ameliorate and analyze the consequences of these dilapidated social relations. The work of Herbert Marcuse aims to radically re-envision social relations via critical theory as a way to formulate a praxis of liberation. However, if we live in a society, as Marcuse puts it, “without negation,” how shall this critical rationality be cultivated?

          The International Herbert Marcuse Society seeks papers for the 2015 biennial conference, “Praxis and Critique: Liberation, Pedagogy, and the University,” that address the broad pedagogical concerns of cultivating emancipatory rationality. Faculty, independent scholars, activists, artists, and others are invited to submit papers. Papers may want to address, but are certainly not limited to, the following problematics:

     What role can and should critical pedagogy play in today’s institutions of higher education? Given Marcuse’s emphasis on praxis, critical pedagogy cannot be limited to classroom space in universities - how can a critical rationality translate into programs of activism, agitation, and organization?

     How is the work of Marcuse, the Frankfurt School, and/or critical theory generally relevant to the current context of political, social, economic, and cultural struggles?

     What is the meaning of praxis and critique today? Do Marcuse’s contemporary interlocutors help us refine, understand, recast, or critique visions of a critical rationality?

     What can we learn from activists and scholars from a wide range of critical theories, dealing with liberation in areas such as critical race theory, intersectionality, LGBTQIA studies, disability studies, and postcolonial theory?

     How does Marcuse’s critical theory provide a lens through which to assess the current condition of advanced industrial society?

          Student participation is also encouraged. The conference organizers are particularly interested in encouraging undergraduate and graduate student participation. To this end, we encourage faculty to teach related or special topics classes in fall 2015 and to bring students of all levels to the conference. Undergraduate students are invited to present papers in special concurrent sessions. Undergraduate and graduate students will also have the opportunity to submit conference papers for publication to special conference editions, including SPECTRA, a graduate student journal housed at Virginia Tech.

Abstracts due: May 20, 2015

          This conference is an interdisciplinary, multimedia engagement with the many dimensions of Herbert Marcuse’s work. So, in addition to the presentation of papers, the Salisbury University Gallery will present two related exhibitions. The first is “Versprechen, dass es anders sein kann” (Promises that it can be different) by painter Antje Wichtrey. Salisbury University Gallery Director, Elizabeth Kauffman, will curate the second exhibition.                          



Special conference events and opportunities:

Opening Keynote by Steven Dandaneau
New Sensibilities, New Universities:
Higher Education, Utopian Energies, and the Prospects for Liberation

Critical Theory Methodology Workshop: What is the Meaning of Critique Today?
Panel participants:
Douglas Kellner, Harry F. Dahms, Steven Dandaneau, Andrew Liu,
and Christina Cammarano

Undergraduate/graduate student workshop
led by Peter-Erwin Jansen,
Editor of the German papers of Herbert Marcuse for the Marcuse Archive,
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University

The Salisbury University Gallery will exhibit
“Versprechen, dass es anders sein kann” (Promises that it can be different)
by painter Antje Wichtrey

For more information, contact the conference organizers:

Dr. Sarah Surak:

Dr. Robert Kirsch:


"Marcuse Today" | Boston Review

Fifty years later, One-Dimensional Man is more prescient than its author could have imagined....

November 17, 2014
"The Financialization of Dreams," Image by Andrew T. Lamas. Citizens Bank, Philadelphia, 2014.

Marcuse Society
2017 Conference

      We are seeking expressions of interest to host the 2017 Marcuse Society conference. If you are interested in hosting this conference at your institution, please contact Andrew Lamas (University of Pennsylvania) at for additional information. 

      The Marcuse Society will announce its decision about the location of the 2017 conference by July 1, 2015.  

A new edition of Herbert Marcuse's One-Dimensional Man has been published in Brasil in Portuguese. Robespierre de Oliveira, a Marcuse scholar in Brasil, and a longtime member of the Marcuse Society, translated Douglas Kellner's "Introduction."


Imaculada Kangussu, a scholar of Marcuse and Critical Theory, and a longtime member of the Marcuse Society, plans to publish in Brasil a special journal volume with articles exploring the relevance of One-Dimensional Man -- upon its recent fiftieth anniversary year.



Guide to the Paul Alexander Baran Papers

The Paul Baran Archives at Stanford University have now been
opened for online access.

Polity, 2015

Christopher F. Zurn

Axel Honneth: 
A Critical Theory of the Social

Columbia, 2014

Andreea Deciu Ritivoi

Intimate Strangers: 
Arendt, Marcuse, Solzhenitsyn, and Said
in American Political Discourse 

Short video by Ritivoi introducing her new book, Intimate Strangers. 
Order via

Verso, 2014

Andrew Feenberg

The Philosophy of Praxis: Marx, Lukács and the Frankfurt School

“Feenberg’s subtle and wide-ranging study of Lukács’ History and Class Consciousness teaches forward to Marcuse and the Frankfurt School and backwards into Marx’s 1844 manuscripts. The book offers a whole new framework in which to grasp the history of Marxist theory, at the same time restor- ing Marcuse’s centrality in it.”
—Fredric Jameson
Order via

We are very pleased to announce that Bert Schultz, a longtime friend of the Marcuse Society, has produced an award-winning film on the SDS at Fordham University during the 1960s. The film has won the 2015 award for BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM and for BEST DIRECTOR at the 2015 Granite State Film Festival. For more information about this important film, visit its website at Fordham SDS
Special Issue


50th Anniversary

of Herbert Marcuse's

One-Dimensional Man


early 2016



Were you one of the 22,000 people worldwide to participate in the voting during the MARX MADNESS tournament?  
  • Herbert Marcuse made it to the ROUND OF 32 and then was beat by Leon Trotsky.  
  • Angela Davis made it all the way to the GANG OF FOUR and then was beaten by Rosa Luxemburg, who was the tournament's ultimate champion. 

Angela Y. Davis


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