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Welcome, Little Jackson!

This month, the world gained a new little rabble rouser for justice with the birth of Jackson Cohen Mills. 

Congratulations to our own Jack Mills, proud new grandfather, and the whole Mills family! 

Men & Boys of Color & the Economy

Advancing work in Oakland, Richmond and beyond.

During recent months, with support from leading funders including, The California Endowment, the Andrus Family Fund, and the Marguerite Casey Foundation, the Insight Center has advanced important new efforts to educate and engage employers around timely opportunities to train, place and advance men and boys of color in good jobs through more targeted workforce development strategies. In particular, the Center has sought to explore opportunities to promote voluntary employer agreements in this space, focusing especially on health care employment in Oakland and Richmond, California.

Our efforts in this space have been ably co-led by Jahmil Lacey, a community health worker and aspiring physician who serves as a member of the Center’s Board of Directors, and David Gray, who serves as chief of staff to the Mayor of Richmond, California. 

Click here to download a PDF report about this important and growing field of work.

HuffPo Highlight

How and Why the Terrorists are Beating Us 

The Insight Center's latest Huffington Post blog piece written by our President and CEO, Henry A.J. Ramos, examines how America has spent more time and money turning on one another and ineffectively fighting enemies it doesn't fully understand than it has committed to unifying and smartly defending its interests.

Read more here.

Working Families Success Network (WFSN)

The Insight Center is honored to be included in this month's Manpower Development Corporation (MDC) Community College Learning Network newsletter, which is distributed to those around the country who are interested in application of the center for working families model to community college settings. 

Our research on retirement and the racial wealth gap is featured in the April 2016 newsletter. MDC is a nonprofit organization that has been publishing research and developing programs focused on expanding opportunity, reducing poverty, and addressing structural inequity for more than 40 years. To learn more, visit their website by clicking here

Insight in the News

Communication is an integral part of Insight's work. We believe that changing the conversation and informing our communities is an essential part of driving real and lasting change. 
San Jose Mercury News published a piece written by Annette Case, Insight Center's senior consultant and project manager of Metrics Matter. 

Her piece titled, "Modern workplace needs modern protection for workers" highlights the outdated 1930s promise we made to employees that needs to be updated to serve the modern mobile economy. She writes, "Modern labor protections and social insurance should be available to all people regardless of their work arrangement." To read the full article, click here

April News: Change is in the Air! 

Dear Friends,
I came to the Insight Center almost three years ago to help right the organization's strategic direction, and to chart a new course for next generation growth and impact. During my time at Insight, I have worked hard with our tremendous team to significantly reorganize and streamline the organization’s operations under a new business model, vastly enhance corporate communications, and broadly diversify our funding sources.
In tandem with these important changes, we have advanced significant new programmatic efforts. We made major strides to unify social welfare and economic justice organizations across the nation around a more common and integrated campaign for Economic Security through our Metrics Matter Initiative. We advanced important research and conversations on opportunities to develop more nuanced and informed policy interventions leading to increased asset building among a wide variety of racial and ethnic populations. And we worked hard to lift up the economic and allied challenges facing young men and boys of color in America, and to advocate closer links between healthcare employers, community workforce advocates and young men of color in select regions. 
In these ways, we have successfully repositioned the Insight Center for renewed growth and impact in our key areas of program interest. While significant challenges still lie ahead, we can report that the Center is projecting a year end budget surplus; and important grants and contracts involving partners like the Marguerite Casey Foundation, The California Endowment, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Maher & Maher, Oregon Community Foundation, and The Foundation for Hispanic Education are in progress or in the offing.   
Having accomplished the goals I came to Insight with, I will be stepping down as the Center’s CEO in May. I am thrilled to announce here that Anne Price, currently Insight’s Managing Program Director and Chief Asset Building Officer, will assume the organizational helm as our new chief executive officer. In a change that is long overdue, Anne will be the first woman ever to serve as the Center’s CEO during its now nearly fifty year journey.
I hope you will join me in celebrating this huge win for the Insight Center and our entire extended family—it’s about time! I could not be more proud and confident that Anne's extensive programmatic and leadership experience will take this organization's work to new heights.
In late summer, I will be joining Equal Voice Action (EVA) as its new Executive Director. EVA is a Seattle-based 501(c)(4) civic education and mobilization network committed to strengthening low- and moderate-income families through legislative and political action, community benefits organizing, and public advocacy.
In a recent email note, the Insight Center’s Board Chair, Bea Stotzer, shared with me her heartfelt congratulations and her strong confidence in Anne Price’s leadership, stating: “Henry, the Board cannot thank you enough; we so appreciate your determination in helping to advance the Insight Center’s field innovation and positioning in your time with us at the helm. I will miss you, of course, but we look forward to partnering in your new role. Because of your stewardship, Insight is very well placed to move forward with strength. And we will surely be well-served by Anne’s national leadership standing, her deep knowledge of our work and history, and her real commitment to seeing forward the vital work that you led as our CEO since 2013.” 
I am very much looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. For all of the incredible experiences I have shared with our Board, our team and our community of purpose, I am eternally grateful. I look forward to continuing to support this great work now and into the future.
Please read on for further updates about our newest research initiatives, opportunities to engage, and free tools and resources that we hope you will use in service to your communities.
With enduring gratitude,

Henry A. J. Ramos
President & CEO
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Latino Young Men and Boys

Understanding and Overcoming Disparity Project

We are excited to share new and engaging content that is now featured on Insight's Latino Young Men and Boys microsite, a virtual center created for public policy discourse and artistic and creative expression established for Latino Young Men and Boys in partnership with Arte Público Press at the University of Houston.

In still too many places where latino young men and boys go, they face largely unresponsive educational and service delivery institutions, discriminatory employers, and intensely hostile law enforcement agencies. There is little doubt that these young people have been subjected to detrimental barriers to success in American society. The eventual manifestations and consequences of these adversities are predictably troubling and tragic: gangbanging, crime, violence, addiction and, in many cases, early death.

The microsite now features content from Latino Young Men and Boys in Search of Justice, the first of two volumes edited by Frank de Jesus Acosta and co-edited by Insight Center CEO Henry A.J. Ramos. Also several Voices from the Field were uploaded to the site:
  • Video clips and interviews from Luna Productions
  • Latino Young Men and Boys Community Artist Profile: A Conversation with Freddy Gutierrez
  • Arte Público Press Author Of The Month: Frank de Jesús Acosta
  • Arte Público Press Author Of The Month: Henry A.J. Ramos
Visit the site by clicking here and stay tuned for more updates as we will be uploading additional content over the course of the upcoming weeks. 
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