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Medium Post

The roots of two American populist revolts.

Don Baylor, director for Insight’s Metrics Matter Initiative, presents a compelling argument about the importance of measuring economic security, and specifically the lack of conversation surrounding economic security in the 2016 presidential elections.

His piece titled, "The roots of two American populist revolts." points out the widespread feeling of economic insecurity and disconnect among Americans, and how it must be countered with uniform measurement to ultimately be used to shape policy.

HuffPo Highlight

Trump's Success Reveals Hypocrisy and Undoing of the Political Right 

The Insight Center's latest Huffington Post blog piece written by our President and CEO, Henry A.J. Ramos, examines how Trump's rise to candidacy reveals a deep-seated hypocrisy and moral decay within America’s modern conservative movement.

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Redefining the Retirement Crisis

As part of our featured content on retirement, supported by Prudential Foundation, we are thrilled to offer exclusive early previews of a series of short videos focused on providing information to help multicultural households better plan for retirement security in these difficult times. 

As part of this national outreach effort the Moneywise with Kelvin Boston public television series has featured experts who are members of the Insight Center's Experts of Color Network

Topic 1: The Racial Wealth Gap

Topic 2: Black Success Matters

Medium Post

We must plan for tomorrow, so our families can live for today.

In association with the final installment of our retirement series, Gabriela Sandoval published a compelling and highly personal Medium opinion piece. Click here to read the full piece.

Insight in the News

Communication is an integral part of Insight's work. We believe that changing the conversation and informing our communities is an essential part of driving real, lasting change. 

New America Media featured the Elder Index, the standard for measuring seniors’ economic security in California. The piece titled, "Study Exposes Health Struggles for ‘Hidden Poor’ California Elders" was written by Paul Kleyman. You can read the full article by clicking here

San Jose Mercury News published a piece titled, "Taking Charge Of Finance Can Help African-Americans Retire," that highlights our research in retirement security for all. The article features our findings, "that single women of color are the biggest group of Americans with either zero or negative net worth." To read the full article, click here

March News 

As we enter the Spring season, the Insight Center has remained busy and productive participating in events and advancing important conversations related to economic security and social justice.

Yesterday, we released the final part in our three part series on retirement security with generous support from the Prudential Foundation. Don't miss Gabriela Sandoval's compelling and highly personal Medium opinion piece that explores the overwhelming struggle for many Americans to make ends meet in their “golden years.” Please read on for more.

In the sidebar, you'll find two op-eds from the Director of our Metrics Matter Initiative and myself that explore the current campaign for the November 2016 presidential election. You will also find exclusive video previews from our series on Redefining the Retirement Crisis that complement our final retirement issue brief. 

We are thrilled to report on the successful event that took place earlier this month in Los Angeles, where we shared stunning insights derived from new NASCC data, analyzed with our partners at the Federal Reserve, Duke, The New School, and UCLA. 

Please read on for further updates about our newest research initiatives, opportunities to engage, and free tools and resources that we hope you will use in service to your communities.

With gratitude.

Henry A. J. Ramos
President & CEO


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Reimagining Retirement

Plan for tomorrow, so our families can live for today.

Yesterday, we released the final report in a three-part series on retirement security, produced with generous support from the Prudential Foundation

The third issue brief, "Retirement Security: We must plan for tomorrow, so our families can live for today," is available now alongside video content, online resources, and planning tools in a dedicated Retirement Security section of the Insight Center's website. 

Authored by Gabriela Sandoval, the Insight Center's Director of Research and Chief Economic Security Officer, this final installment explores the current work of colleagues and partners in the field of retirement security. Each partner is listed, with information about their organization, key work they have conducted in the retirement security field, and links to relevant reports, articles, tools, and resources.

Over the past three months, we have advanced new narratives about the intersection of student debt and retirement security, explored retirement issues in hidden communities (like among mature adults), and also focused on retirement security issues facing entrepreneurs of color. 

Issue I: Special Report on Minority Retirement Issues
Issue II: Report on Minority Retirement Opportunities
Issue III: Report on Next Stage Field Imperatives
The Color of Wealth in Los Angeles was hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco on March 10th and was a huge success. The event included the official release of the new "Color of Wealth in Los Angeles" special report, a joint publication of Duke University, The New School, UCLA, and the Insight Center for Community Economic Development

The Color of Wealth in Los Angeles report utilized new data from the National Asset Scorecard and Communities of Color (NASCC) survey to better understand the economic well-being of people of color in several cities across the United States. 

Click here to view and download the full report. 

Attendees were able to hear high-level findings from the authors of the report, as well as reflections from local leaders and opportunities for building wealth among communities of color in Los Angeles.

Click the links below for a sampling of media hits from the report's initial release:

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