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The Value of Retrofit

Retrofitting older turbines with new and field-proven control technology, including advanced new control algorithms and intelligent SCADA solutions, can effectively increase the turbine’s annual energy production, heighten the availability and provide modern remote access. In combination with renewed access to spare parts, the turbine’s lifetime can be extended with better profitability.
Check out our ready to deploy list, showing you which turbine models Mita-Teknik has already developed Retrofit solutions for. On the list, you will find several very well-known turbine designs, including:
  • Vestas V25-V47 200-660 kW
  • Fuhrländer MD70/77 1.5 MW
  • Nordex N60 & S70/S77 1.3 MW & 1.5 MW 
  • Senvion MD70/77 & MM82 1.5 MW & 2 MW
  • Siemens 1.3 MW
  • Neg-Micon NM48/M1500/M1800 600-750kW  
To view the entire list of available retrofits, please visit our website.
Mita-Teknik is happy to announce that it has received the official SDL certificate for the MD70/77, FL70/77 and S70/77 platforms using the Mita-Teknik WP3100 MK ll controller.

"In close cooperation with our German partners, SeebaWind and GE Power & Water, we have secured the SDL certificate from the German accreditation agency M.O.E."

"The certification means that our WP3100 MK ll Retrofit solution, for the MD70 (1.5 MW) turbine platform, comply with the regulatory requirements for the SDL bonus scheme. The scheme is initiated by the German government to ensure stability in the power grid, and allows owners € 0.7 Cent more per kWh until 2020, if they meet the requirements before the end of 2015." - Kristian Kjærholm, Business Development Director for Retrofit

Mita-Teknik is proud to partner with SeebaWIND Service GmbH and
GE Power & Water.