IC-IMPACTS Newsletter - Feb 2016
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Registration for IC-IMPACTS AGM
& Research Conference Open

Registration is officially open for IC-IMPACTS 2016 AGM and Research Conference. Held on March 10 and 11 in Vancouver, the conference will focus on creating expanded partnerships, accelerating commercialization, and bringing science to society.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Centre’s initiatives across Canada and India register for the IC-IMPACTS AGM and Research Conference below!

IC-IMPACTS Hosting First Nations Infrastructure & Water Priorities Workshop

On Tuesday March 8, 2016, IC-IMPACTS will be hosting a special workshop on creating partnerships with First Nation communities. Held in Vancouver, the workshop will bring First Nation representatives, researchers, government, and industry members together to showcase new models of partnerships, discuss community priorities, and help develop paths forward for increased collaboration.

Creating Developing New pH and Chlorine Sensors for Cleaner Water in Canada & India

Dr. Deen is leading an IC-IMPACTS project where his team is truly innovating in the water monitoring field.  His objective is to change the current paradigm of water monitoring in rural communities in order to reduce health risks and provide cleaner and safer water.

Creating Safer Infrastructure using GFRP Bars

Dr. Shamin Shiekh at the University of Toronto has developed Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer bars as a replacement for steel in reinforced concrete. These bars are 3 times stronger than steel and are resistant to corrosion, making them a safer and more sustainable option.


Next Graduate Student Webinar: MATLAB

Interested in learning more about MATLAB and how it help in your research? Mr. Pankaj Saini will host the next graduate student webinar titled "MATLAB: The Language of Technical Computing on Feb 22, 2016.

Workshop in Diagnosis and Treatment of Drug Resistant Tuberculosis

Dr. Madhukar Pai, IC-IMPACTS researcher and Director of McGill Global Health Programs, will be speaking on February 28, 2016 in Mumbai at special workshop on diagnosing and treating Tuberculosis (TB). TB is the leading infectious disease in India with nearly 2 million cases every year. Advances in detecting TB helps solves one of the greatest public health challenges India is facing today.

Using Drones to Better Monitor Railway Bridges:
An Interview with Dr. Rishi Gupta

Dr. Rishi Gupta from the University of Victoria demonstrated a successful test flight of his drone in Chennai, India earlier this month. These innovative drones are being developed to better monitor structures in Canada and India that are inaccessible and difficult to assess visually.

Apply to the Exciting New Call for Proposals

IC-IMPACTS has three open calls for proposals in various areas of research currently open for researchers to apply to. If you have a project in the areas of portable diagnostics, green building technologies, or are ready to demonstrate or test your technology in the field, visit the Call for Proposals now!

Meet Fuhar Dixit, Chair of the Student Engagement Committee

IC-IMPACTS created a Student Engagement Committee tasked to engage students on all of the Centre’s projects.  Led by Fuhar Dixit, the committee is focused on creating a strong dialogue between students across Canada and India.  If you’re a student on an IC-IMPACTS project, contact Fuhar with your ideas!
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