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"But I already have a mover!"

Recently on the NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers) listserv, Sharon Cofar, owner of A Move Made Easy in South Florida, sensitively described the difference between a mover and a senior move manager.
“Many times they are comparing us to a mover and don’t understand why they have to employ two companies or how we are different.  I tell them that the main difference between a mover doing their job and a Senior Move Manager is that the mover is just about the boxes.
  • We are about the whole transition, about the emotions, feelings, memories, family dynamics, about taking the right amount of things and the right furniture to maximize storage and look attractive without being cluttered and dangerous. 
  • We are about the bathroom floor rug with no backing that we won’t pack because it is a danger. 
  • We are about you not randomly disposing of items to the aides without first asking your children if they want some of these things because they may represent cherished childhood memories. 
  • We are about touching and handling the disposition of all the other stuff you are NOT taking.  
  • We are about the expired medicines or jars of salad dressing that are ten years old and should be tossed and not moved as both could be a danger. 
  • We are about the glass coffee table with the sharp edges that may not be a good idea as you have already fallen three times and you have macular degeneration and the clear table may not be easily seen. 
  • We are about hanging shelves for mementoes because your wall unit would not fit, but you needed some place to display your photos of your loving family. 
  • We are about the TOTAL picture and the TOTAL person and their family.  We are about caring, compassion, efficiency, organization and responsiveness to your needs. 
  • We are about less stress, a single point of contact throughout the move and treating you like family. 
  Now don’t we sound worth it?”
Judith Moves You helps seniors moving within, out of, and into New York City.  In addition, we assist families cleanout homes after the death of a loved one and provide decluttering services for seniors who want to “Age In Place.”

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