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Welcome to DAY 3!

We got a little feedback from Day 2, folks were asking for specific ways to cut back the time they spend in front of a screen-- here are some practical ideas:

1. Shut your alerts off. Do this for all devices. Check your social media, email and other apps on your own time- all of your likes will be there waiting for you.

2. When ever possible, (which is more than you think) keep your phone on "Do Not Disturb" -- there is a chemical addiction that develops when your phone pings and vibrates all the time because your brain receives a little tiny hit of dopamine each time. It seems harmless, but that means less dopamine available for the times your body really needs it, like when you're receiving a hug, or petting a pup, or trying to show up for a friend in need. It also creates an addiction, which can be harmful to everyone's health.

3. As suggested in yesterday's cleanse-- shut your phone down at least one hour before you go to bed, and don't look at it for one hour after your alarm goes off in the morning.

4. Never use your phone while driving. As has been shown in many studies, multi-tasking is not real.

5. Have NO PHONE ZONES for set activities, like driving, or eating, or exercising, or making love, or riding a unicycle and pushing a baby stroller.

If you are trying to justify ALL the reasons you can't use your phone less, maybe that is a sign of addiction?? just sayin'...

We have to identify what is preventing us from being more engaged-- sometimes its time management, sometimes apathy, or fear or even ignorance (as in not knowing-- ignorance is not stupidity).  Once we identify what is holding us back, we can strategically change, making more space for us to be less complicit. Combating and dismantling oppressive structures, especially the behaviors and dynamics they produce, is a difficult and life-long process. We must routinely choose to engage in this work.

As ever if you need to reference a day from the past, row forward by looking back here. :)

Now, actively download and interact!
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