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October 2015

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Has this year gone by already? Am I really seeing Holiday decorations in the stores, or is this an illusion? Goodness - - - Time is going by so fast, and we’re already close to year end… Quickly…. Are you prepared for 2016? Have you begun thinking about updating your Employee Handbook with all of the new laws, and compliance items for 2016? Now is the time to think about your HR budget for 2016. How about increasing your Employee Relations by planning an Employee Engagement Survey for next year? Remember - - - Your employees are your largest expense, and your most valuable assets. Provide them with the opportunity to express their opinions and allow them to get involved in your company at a deeper level. This will promote good employee relations, increased loyalty and reduced turnover. If you need any assistance in preparing for 2016, we’ll be simply a phone call or email away!


ECG and Develey International

Since 2003, ECG has partnered with Develey International to assist clients of all industries in training their employees in “Business Protocol” and “Dining Etiquette”. Ms. Margaret Develey is the Principal/Owner of Develey International and has trained many professionals on these vitally important topics. She has an MBA in business, is certified by the Protocol School of Washington D.C, and has over 25 years of experience in guest service excellence.

Ms. Develay says, "Having worked in the hospitality industry for a few decades, I know the importance of having employees whose social sophistication skills match those of their guests. I understand that employees with a professional presence exude a level of confidence, which in turn educes trust; and trust always affects the Company’s bottom line. Knowing how to shake hands, make a proper introduction or present a business card correctly should be second nature to your employees."

"Being proficient in how to navigate a business dining situation will ensure your employees will not miss an important element of their conversation, but rather seize the opportunity to make a great impression by demonstrating impeccable manners and an honored intellect. Making professional savvy awareness and dining etiquette part of any managers’ training process will ensure that your workforce always represents your company in the highest standards and the best of style."

The Develey International Group
Tel: (661) 263-8822
Fax: (661) 263-8826
Web: www.develeyintl.com
Email: inquiry@develeyintl.com



Client Highlight: SirReel Studios

Since 2013, ECG has been working with SirReel Studios. We began our services by providing ownership with our full human resources set-up, and continue to work with SirReel’s management team in ensuring compliance and human resources best practices. We are their “off-site” HR experts and honored to be working with such a fantastic group of people.

Founded in 1999, owner Mr. Wes Bailey started the Company with merely one single motor home. Since then, the Company has grown and has expanded into multiple locations. Mr. Glen Mitchell, today’s Executive Vice President was one of SirReel’s very first employees.

Located in Burbank, California, SirReel assists in the world of “production”. From production vehicles, supplies and communications, celebrity & talent motor homes to grip rentals and cube trucks, SirReel is the “one stop shop” for all movie and video studios rentals. They have an art department as well as a solar & ECO/Green division. What we particularly like about SirReel, is that they have the ability to handle any size job, but they also keep the personal, service oriented “touch” that we so admire.

Open 7 days a week, they are at your service for all of your production needs.
They can be reached at 888-477-7335, or via email at info@sirreel.com.


Highlights from our blog:

HR consulting: How smaller clients benefit. Smaller employers do not have a professional human resources person on staff, such as an HR Director or an HR Manager. When they get into trouble, they will call an employment attorney to “fix” whatever the issue is… and this is quite costly. Retaining an HR Consultant to make sure they are in compliance initially will help smaller companies save dollars. Read more


HR compliance: The WARN Act. This law protects employees and their families by providing them advance notice in the event of a plant/location closure. Private, for-profit and nonprofit employers are covered under this law as are public entities. However, government entities, including federal, state, and local agencies are required to comply. What you need to know.


Employee onboarding and training. Offer training programs and opportunities for growth available to all employees. Training programs can help employees with career development by teaching them helpful skills and strategies to use at work. Provide all your employees with an equal opportunity to grow and develop at work. Read more.


HR policy: Mandatory supervisor sexual harassment training. Employers with 50 or more employees must offer sexual harassment training to all of their managers and supervisors. Supervisory employees can learn how to handle reports of sexual harassment as well as learn what steps to take to prevent incidences from occurring. Learn more.


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