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August 2014

Greetings from ECG!

We hope you're enjoying the summer months and are staying cool despite the heat! It has been another busy month at ECG, including some work in the community and developing our new employee engagement surveys.

ECG giving back to the community 

This month, ECG joined forces with Community Partners to provide non-profit entities working with another community organization, First 5 LA, an HR strategic session. This afternoon session included tips on behavioral based interviewing, culture change, performance management, and provided the attendees with overall HR guidance and recommendations. 

First 5 LA was established in 1998 in an effort to fund health, safety and early education programs for children prenatal to age 5.  They are a non-profit organization,  funded through Proposition 10.  First 5 LA’s core values are “Families”, “Communities”, “Results”, “Learning” and “Advocacy”. If you would like to get involved with giving back to the community, and helping First 5 LA, or Community Partners, please visit www.first5la.org or www.CommunityPartners.org.

ECG’s Engagement Surveys… Like no other!

Get immediate feedback from employees regarding their opinions on the workplace with our new Employee Engagement Surveys - completed via iPad. We are thrilled to have partnered with AVIUS Insight, a UK based software company, offering highly intuitive and scalable technology.  ECG’s Employee Engagement surveys administers employee input with iPads, to produce immediate survey and feedback results; results that are the key to creating a productive and efficient workforce. Read more about our new offering!

Highlights from our blog:

The value and risks of company picnics. Get to know your employees and their families through teambuilding events. It’s important to create a working environment that is fun and exciting for both employees and management and one way of doing so is to plan entertaining events like a company picnic. Learn more about company picnics.

Training & development: On-boarding & orientation. Make your new employees feel welcome from the first day. Providing your new employees with a comfortable and welcoming introduction from the first day can help them better adjust to the transition. Learn more about the benefits of on-boarding and orientation.

Employee wellness programs. Designed to bring employees together to share the benefits of health and fitness. The benefits of employee wellness programs are becoming more evident and as a result, an increasing number of businesses are incorporating wellness programs within their workplace. Read about the importance of employee wellness programs.

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