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June 2015

Greetings from ECG!

With the summer months now upon us, let’s all remember the OSHA requirement of ensuring that we prevent heat illness.

Especially in Southern California, where our temperatures rise to above 100 degrees...  If you have employees working outside, please make sure that all of your supervisors are trained on how to reduce heat illness.  Provide fresh cool water and shade on a regular or as-needed basis.  If you do not have any written procedures for complying with Cal/OSHA, give us a call, and we can help!


Client Highlight

Pearl Recovery Retreat is an upscale wellness center that enables patients to heal and recover after surgery in a tranquil, luxurious environment.  Pearl offers customized medical attention along with compassionate nursing care.

Located in the beautiful SLS hotel in Beverly Hills, their amenities include luxurious beds, soft ambient lighting, all while promoting relaxing recovery after surgery.  Their dedicated nurses are experts in after care, and concerned for their patients’ well being.

Our Partnership

ECG has been working closely with Pearl Recovery Retreat’s owner, Ms. Isabela Koretz and her staff for the past six years; since 2009. After the initial HR Set Up, ECG has continued to be the Company’s off-site HR Consultants, providing HR guidance to maximize on HR best practices and ensuring compliance with all things “HR” and employment related.

Pearl is located at 465 South LaCienega Boulevard, suite 375 in Los Angeles, California, 90048.  We are proud to be associated with such a wonderful company.  Please take a moment to visit their website at www.PearlRecoveryRetreat.com, or give them a call at (310) 246-5505.


Highlights from our blog:

Preventing HR wage discrimination in the workplace. Wage discrimination is a major issue – do not discriminate against a protected category. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your employees are provided equal pay for equal work. The Equal Pay Act as well as Title VII, the ADEA, and the ADA target wage discrimination in all forms of pay including salary, bonuses, overtime, benefits, etc. Read more


HR record-keeping: Dealing with employees' travel time It’s the law! Hourly employees must be paid at least minimum wage for "travel time." Labor law states that employees who travel for work purposes must be paid at least minimum wage when traveling for business purposes. While the employer can certainly pay the employee’s regular rate of pay for travel purposes, the law requires that the employer pay “at least” minimum wage. What you need to know.


Update your HR Internet and phone use policy at work. Much HR law and policy protect employees’ rights and privacy. Privacy and safety in the workplace is an important matter and certain employee laws protect employees when it comes to personal information and activities. The laws, however, have limited employee rights for internet usage that take place on company computers. Read more.


Safety tip: Prevent heat exhaustion as summer approaches. Managers’ responsibility to keep employees safe from heat exhaustion. With summer already off to a start, we can expect to see high temperatures very soon.  As a manager, implement specific strategies to ensure your employees are not being exposed to heat stress while at work. Learn more.



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