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March 2015

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Update: Benefits & Compensation Surveys

Our annual Southern California Hospitality Industry Benefits & Compensation Survey is now underway. Invitations were sent out on February 2nd – Survey forms have been sent out, and participants’ data is due no later than March 20th. If you would like to participate in the survey, please contact Chantal Mariotti. For more information on our benefits & compensation surveys, please visit our website.

Meet our executive coaches

Could you or one of your team members benefit from guidance in navigating a challenging or complex situation? Perhaps you'd like a trained professional with whom to talk about your career goals and strategy for achieving them? We have two certified executive coaches, Anita Goldin and Clark Souers, on staff to assist when needed. Contact us to schedule a meeting!

Think your company is too small for HR?

Is your company too small to have a professional HR person on staff? Are you unsure how to establish proper HR policies and procedures? We can help! Whether you're hiring your first employee, making sure you are in compliance with the myriad of employment laws, or if you just want the peace of mind of knowing you have an HR professional to call upon if needed, Executive HR Consulting provides HR services for businesses of all sizes.


Highlights from our blog:

Time to update your sexual harassment policy. Harassment is a delicate, but necessary issue that should be addressed in every work environment. With proper training, managers and employees can detect when sexual harassment is taking place in the work environment and have the proper knowledge as to how to address or report such behavior. Update your policy.

How to manage conflict resolution. It is important to train your managers on how to manage conflict! By providing professional coaching in conflict management, managers can better understand how to handle and deal with conflict in a way that is both productive and helpful to resolving the underlying issues. Learn more about conflict resolution.

Updated DLSE forms for hourly hires. All "hourly" new hires must be provided with a signed copy of their DLSE form upon hire. This form is required by the state of California as of January 2012 and is an essential part of the hiring process. Additionally, this form has now been revised to indicate the required “sick time” benefit, which will be effective July 2015. Read more.

Return to work: Doctor's release. The number of employees who take sick leaves increases steadily time of year. Missing employees can affect your business operations, it’s important to ensure your employees are staying home and recovering rather than coming to work and getting the rest of your staff sick. Have them provide you with a doctor’s note for reassurance. Learn more.


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