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April 2015

Greetings from ECG!

Executive HR Consulting Group is celebrating its 12th Anniversary this month! Over the past 12 years, we have helped hundreds of clients fulfill their HR needs. We have managed hiring processes, conducted investigations, coordinated training & development programs, provided compensation intel to the hospitality industry, and more!

We continue to be passionate about our work, and look forward to continuing to serve you. Please contact us whenever you have an HR question or issue, and it will be our pleasure to help. And if you know a company looking for guidance on any HR issue big or small, please share our contact information with them so that we can help them navigate the often tricky waters of HR compliance and best practice. Thank you very much for your continued support!


Highlights from our blog:

Administrative Assistant's Day is coming up! Your employees are your greatest asset; show them you care! Administrative Assistant’s Day is April 22nd, 2015, and it’s important to show your assistants what a valuable part of the business they are. Showing appreciation for their hard work can have a positive effect on their work performance. Read more.


First Aid Kits. Abide by OSHA requirements - Occupational Safety and Health Act. This act is a primary federal law that governs occupational health and safety in the workplace. The goal of this act is to ensure that employers in all industries provide their employees with a working environment that is free from hazards. What you need to know.


Training and Development: Time Management. Good time management is important for both employers and employees. Proper time management can make your entire workforce more productive, thus increasing your bottom line. Learning how to manage time efficiently, however, takes some practice and training. Read more.


Employee or independent contractor? An independent contractor is someone who is independently in business for themselves. The employer does not control the worker but only controls the end results of the work that the independent contractor has been retained to do. Learn more.


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