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February 2016


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and now may be a good time to promote “Employee Relations”!  Some ideas might include offering Valentine Cookies to your staff that day; perhaps bringing in some warm croissants or bagels for everyone…  Maybe even having an office or workplace decorating contest!  Whatever you do, creating an environment of happiness and joy will promote good employee relations which in turn lessens turnover, improves employee morale, and increases business...

Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Repeat Business = Increased Revenues


Client highlight


ECG has had the honor and privilege to work with The Genesis Group since early 2013. As the Company’s outside HR Consultants, we assist ownership with all matters of HR; be it compliance and the law, employee relations; on boarding/new hire orientation and management training just to name a few. It is our great pleasure to highlight The Genesis Group in this month’s ECG Newsletter!

The Genesis Group is a full service Egg Donor and Surrogacy agency, specializing in hard to find Egg Donors. Their mission is to assist the Prospective Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors with every aspect of the in vitro fertilization (“IVF”) process. They understand the complexity and coordination hurdles of the process, as well as the emotional struggles that their clients go through. The Genesis Group works with Prospective Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors from a diverse background. They will coordinate in-state, out-of-state and international Egg Donor/ Surrogate cycles and seek to ease their clients comfortably through the journey into parenthood.

“It is our pleasure to assist everyone, regardless of their background, sexuality, marital status or beliefs. The Genesis Group believes every person has the fundamental right to govern his or her own fertility, as he or she sees fit. As a result, we are here to support that basic right with the services we provide.”

The Genesis Group
47 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, California 91105
Phone: 310-550-6889


Highlights from our blog:

HR best practice: How to verify previous employment. Make sure that you do your “due diligence” before making a job offer. Avoid offering a job applicant a position within your company without doing some prior research. By taking the appropriate steps and verifying their past employment, you can evaluate the prospective employee’s work ethic and skills. Learn more.

HR compliance: Legal regulations for employing minors. The law clearly states that employees must be at least 18 years of age to be employed. Regulated through the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Child Labor Law, certain policies restrict individuals who are younger than 18 from obtaining a job. Learn more.

Establishing a sound employee attendance policy. Have a sound attendance policy included in your employee handbook. Attendance and punctuality are important aspects of work and can determine your employee’s productivity and commitment. By establishing a comprehensive and easy to understand attendance policy, employees know what expectations are required and can be held accountable if these requirements are not met. Read more.

The benefits of conflict resolution meetings. Conflict resolution ensures your employees don’t have to settle their differences alone. Unresolved issues can create tension and hostility in the workplace. With conflict resolution meetings, employees can take part in a structured meeting where they peacefully find a solution to the issues at hand. Learn more.

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