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June 2016

Have we already gone through half of 2016? Is that possible? Goodness time goes by when you’re having fun! Perhaps it is just because we’re all getting a bit older, or perhaps it is because we haven’t seen the time go by catching up and learning about all the new laws and minimum wages going into effect – It’s not easy and is certainly keeping us on our toes!

Make sure you become familiar with and prepare yourself for the new Federal Overtime Rules that become effective later this year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC’s) final rules on GINA (the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act), protected classes and how all these laws apply to your company and to your employee population - And of course, the minimum wage increases, both State and Federal. Goodness - - - My head is spinning!

There are a number of resources you can use to research and be become familiar with all of the things you should do to prepare yourself. Our favorite resource (besides the awesome labor attorneys we work with), include HR California, presented by the California Chamber of Commerce. If you do feel so inclined, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!


Partner highlight


I met Simon Lutterbie during a gathering at the Burbank Chamber of Commerce back in 2013. At the time, Simon needed some assistance setting up his company’s HR function, and I needed some assistance with online marketing. Since then, Simon has assisted us with a full on-line marketing package, and we could not be any happier!

About LTRBe

LTRBe is a Los Angeles based online marketing company, providing their services throughout the United States. They have been in business since 2012 and provide outstanding services and strategic online planning to their customers. Online marketing helps businesses increase their sales and visibility, as more visibility means that there is a higher chance that prospective customers and guests will do business with you.

LTRBe's Services

LTRBe helps you build a strong foundation for your business, and help increase your company’s overall online presence. They offer online marketing, SEO, social media and online communications, including newsletters and special online announcements or promotions. They work with you to create and execute a strong online marketing strategy, customized to fit your needs. They work with you throughout the entire process, managing and maintaining your company’s marketing campaigns.

It is our great pleasure to highlight Simon Lutterbie and LTRBe in our newsletter this month! For more information, please contact Simon directly:

LTRBe, Inc.
124 E Olive Ave.
Burbank, CA, 91505


Highlights from our blog:

Hourly employees and their smartphones: Hidden overtime?. The law requires that all hourly employees be paid for all hours worked. But with today's technology, it is difficult to keep track of those employees who use their smart phones "off work hours" for "work duties;” those hours must be paid! Learn more.


Understanding laws governing privacy in the workplace. Employees have the right to privacy - It is the law! Although difficult at times, there must be a good balance between your employee's rights to privacy and your business needs. Employees should be entitled to a certain level of privacy while at work. Employers must provide their workers with some level of security and privacy. Learn more.


Understanding the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). It's the law! This act prohibits employers from discrimination of any protected class, harassment or retaliation in the workplace. Employers need to create an equal environment for their employees and refrain from discriminating against their gender, age, religion, marital status, etc. Read more.


Brace Yourself - Changes from the Wage & Hour Divison/Department of Labor: How Much Am I Paid?. The US Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division is proposing a federal minimum annual salary increase for Exempt Employees to at least $50,440 for 2016. This is higher than the current salary threshold in California. Learn more.

HR Policy: Time Off Work for Jury Duty. Employers are required to provide time off to employees to attend jury duty. Every once in a while, your employees will be called upon to complete jury duty and this requirement may become a conflict with their work schedules and your operational needs. As employers, it’s important to not discriminate against employees who need time off to attend jury duty. Read more.


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